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How to Swim with the Ocean Tides to the Shores


Swimming is an important life skill. A time will come when you need to swim, be it at the swimming pool, ocean, lake, or river. You risk drowning or being washed downstream if you cannot swim to the shores. Swimming exposes you to aquatic life. It takes you away from your comfort zone and places you in a new environment. The universe then observes how you will adapt for survival in your new zone. Will you be quick to press your survival buttons?  

Nature will not judge you based on your ability to swim. On the contrary, swimming is an endorsement from nature that you can survive in new territories. Some forms of life like fish die once they are taken out of their habitat – water. Likewise, human beings may die if they are thrown into the middle of the sea. Extreme exposure to a different environment poses a danger to most forms of life. However, there is a different class of animals, the amphibians, who can survive both on land and in water. This adaptation enables them to survive both extreme environments.  

Similarly, the universe wishes that you survive whatever you are going through. Life challenges are tides in the ocean that will either push you to the shores or drown you in the deep waters. The impact of ocean tides on you depends on how you will work to overcome them. 


Since a drowning man will clutch at a straw, nature is giving you a straw to hold onto. It is the same ocean tides. The secret is to swim with the ocean tides to the shores of paradise. This is the trick behind the magic of surviving through change. 

1. Assess the direction and strength of the tides. 

Ocean tides move in a particular direction at any point in time. Their strength also varies depending on the wind in the sea. Strong winds create strong tides and the sea becomes rough. A rough sea makes fishing difficult and can disturb water transport. On the other hand, a calm sea has a lot of benefits. It is an answered prayer to many people.  

Nature has jurisdiction over the sea and its principles apply. Both the sea and yourself are part of it and you should coexist peacefully. You have a responsibility to know what you are dealing with when life challenges increase like a swelling sea. The first principle of nature is to define the problem. Now that you already know it, what are your options?  

2. Consider your options and their consequences. 

A drowning man in the middle of the sea has limited options especially when he does not know how to swim. The ocean tides threaten to carry you anywhere they go to and you have to do something very fast to rescue yourself. You have two options – one is to dive inside the water and the second one is to rise above the tide. 

You have two options when life throws lemons at you; either make lemonade or squeeze lemon juice. A glass of lemonade and lemon juice are on the table for you to choose. Nature appreciates your independence of judgment to make a wise choice. Your choice should enable you to swim to the shores as soon as possible. How fast can you do it? 

3. How far are you from the shores? 

Getting to the shore safely is good news because the sea will give you dry land – your familiar environment. The shores of the beach offer hope that you can overcome challenges because you are in familiar territory. How far/close are you to the shores? 

The light of dawn gives renewed hope that you shall soon overcome life’s challenges. The universe does not want you to lose sight of hope. Your eyes should be fixed on the hope that normalcy will soon return to your life. Nature wants you to ride on the ocean tides to swim ashore.  

4. Swim for survival. 

Swimming is a reflex action for survival. Your body wants to save itself from its near-death experience by swimming to safety. You will do your best not to drown regardless of whether or not you know how to swim. Your survival is at stake and your plan to save yourself is justifiable. You will not be quickly fatigued because of the adrenaline spike. 

Understandably, one will do anything to survive any life-threatening challenge they face. Nature appreciates your efforts to swim to safety by gifting you the gift of reflex actions. The ocean tides may be twice stronger than you but your reflex swimming will save you from drowning. 

5. Discover the water secret. 

The water secret will unlock any impasse in your life right now. Nature is the custodian of this secret. You have an opportunity to get it from him if you ask nicely. The water secret is that you cannot block a water channel. It will force its way through. 

shore and sea

The same applies to ocean tides. There is no point to swim against them because they will sweep you away effortlessly and you may drown. Swim with the ocean tides to the shores. It may take a while but you will eventually be there. The goal is to be home safe and dry. The ocean tides give you exactly that. 

The light of hope. 

The universe is at the forefront of giving us hope whenever there is darkness in our life. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your eyes focused on the small ray of light you can see. The light will increase as you get closer to the end of the tunnel.  

The ocean tides will eventually bring you to the shore. Your eyes should be focused on it and every swimming effort you put will pay off. Nature has given us the promise of eternal happiness if we keep our hope alive. 

The joy of seeing the full light of dawn or finally reaching the shores of the ocean is immeasurable. Child, you shall overcome.  

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