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How to Use the Currency of Innocence


Trade has evolved over the years to become what it is today. It became necessary for communities to trade because they lacked what their neighbors had and vice-versa. This led to the emergence of barter trade where people would exchange their commodities with others. It further evolved to the introduction of markets where people would meet at a common place on specific days to trade. It was not easy but necessary for survival. Human needs were increasing with each passing day and there was no way you could find a perfect match with whom you would do barter trade. One thing led to another and finally, currency was introduced.

Money has now become very necessary in trade. It now comes in different forms – hard cash, digital money (transacted through mobile and internet banking), and cryptocurrency. The universe is very much aware of the evolution of trade because it happened before its eyes.

The universal currency.

There is a local currency whose use is restricted to a geographical location and there is a universal currency (also known as international currency) that can be used beyond borders. More so, the universal currency is more valuable and has a higher purchasing power than the local currency. A perfect example of a universal currency is the united states dollar. It has dominated international trade for longer than other currencies.

Nature has watched the evolution of trade and the need for a universal currency. How awesome would it be if you had unlimited access to this universal currency? It is possible to have it and control your usage freely. Financial freedom is finally here. This universal currency is innocence.

new currency

Contrary to what many people think, innocence is a powerful currency camouflaged in weakness. Those who wield it have the power to buy anything they would wish. Innocence is neither weakness, foolishness nor ignorance.

The duck test.

How does innocence feel, appear, or experience? The universe has hidden perfect innocence in the life of a child. He is an incorruptible soul who does not know any evil. A child is naïve, loving, selfless, and always willing to learn. The innocence in their eyes, their blank face, and their open hearts make children vulnerable. But it still doesn’t take their beauty away. The life of a child is an empty book waiting to be written on. This is the currency of innocence.  

What does nature have to say about the nature of innocence? It says so through a duck test – if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it is probably a duck. Innocence is dressed in the clothes of a child. You can get the universal currency of trade by living your life like a child. This is how to trade in innocence:

  1.     Innocence buys favor.

To be pure is spotless and without blame. It means that there is no mark of dirt to taint an otherwise clean slate. Pure people attract good intentions from the universe because they have sowed good seeds. Karma rewards your purity with the power to attract the best from the universe – equally pure friends and blessings of goodwill. Good karma works on the power of innocence.

You can trade your innocence for unmerited favor from strangers. People you have never met before can step up for your sake because of your innocence. You are a good human being who deserves the best and not some half-baked love. The universe is giving you a chance to earn favor from the high and mighty through innocence.

  1.     Innocence buys discipline.

Discipline is training yourself to do the right thing even when it is not convenient for you. It is difficult to do the right thing especially when it does not align with your interests. A disciplined person is innocent because he will always do the right thing regardless of the consequences. Nature operates in discipline and order. Discipline is the modus operandi of the universe. You become part of the universe through your discipline.

Nature acknowledges that you will perform your duties because you are disciplined to do so without fail. The universe is giving you the chance to discharge your mandate through discipline bought by your innocence.

  1.     Innocence buys wealth and power.

Money and wealth control the world. Having either or both of them gives you the right to sit at the decision-making table. The universe acknowledges the role of money and wealth in your life and is giving you the right to make a choice today. A glance at the world economy and you will see how everything has been commercialized. What did not cost a dime about a decade ago now costs a fortune. This is why it is important to evolve with the world’s diversity.

The currency of innocence has a higher purchasing power to buy you the privileges that those with money and wealth enjoy. How so? You automatically become trustworthy by being innocent. You can be trusted to close business deals, own property, and even be in a leadership position because you will not misuse it.

Wealth is equally a source of power. Many opportunistic people will misuse the authority of leadership for self-gain but innocent people are not among them. Their innocence preserves them from such sin.

Innocence is like a gold reserve. The more you have of it, the wealthier and more powerful you become.

power of innocence

The purchasing power of innocence.

The purchasing power of any currency is the ability to buy a lot of things with a small amount of money. Innocence has a higher purchasing power than any other international currency. Trading in the universe can be done through different currencies like power, innocence, experience, and influence. Among all these, innocence has a higher purchasing power because the universe considers it a mark of purity.

You are the universe’s innocent child who gets whatever he/she wants. You have to use your currency of innocence as a priority above all the rest. The universe guarantees it shall answer all your prayers made in innocence.

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