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How to Use the Universe’s Renewable Energy

energy of the Universe

Renewable energy cannot be exhausted. Nature replenishes it simultaneously as you consume it. Nature has given us plenty of renewable sources of energy – solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, hydropower, and bioenergy are on the long list of nature’s gifts to humanity. Similarly, there are spiritual renewable sources of energy just as it is in the physical realm. You cannot deplete this energy no matter how long or heavily you use it.

A spiritual source of renewable energy is the rudder that leads the ship of your life. Do you feel tired of life or have zero motivation? The solution is to get connected to the power grid of the universe’s renewable power. Your energy shall always be on the higher side – there is no low voltage or power outage and the power tariffs are incredibly low!

The choice of energy – whether renewable or not – is heavily influenced by external factors. It could be that you were plugged into non-renewable energy and your spirit gets tired during spiritual marathons. Sometimes you could be weak and even faint. This makes your spirit unable to carry your vision for long and you will need to restart each time. You need unlimited energy to take you through hundreds of kilometers in a marathon as you chase your dreams.

Nature is here to plug you into renewable energy with a hundred percent guarantee of constant supply with no interruption.

The power tariffs of the universe are affordable. This is how you can tap into the universe’s renewable sources of energy:

  1.     Always start each day on a clean plate.


Each day is a gift from the universe and you should receive it with open arms. Do not carry the baggage of yesterday, last week, month, or year into a new day. Each day is unique and has its blessings. You do not put clean food on a dirty plate and neither do you drink from a dirty cup. The dirty utensil will contaminate the food no matter how tasty it is. This is how it is when you start a new day when you are still plugged into non-renewable energy. Disconnect yourself from previous burdens and begin the day with new thoughts of positivity. If something was impossible yesterday, then it shall be possible today because the dynamics have changed. This is what it means to be connected to renewable energy – a supply of new energy each day.

  1.     Avoid friends with negative energy.

Avoid friends with negative energy

One of the laws of power is that you should not associate with the sad and unlucky. Their bad energy is contagious. They will stall your progress even when your intentions are pure. Consider two people, one standing on top of a table and the other on the floor, who can easily pull the other? The one standing on the floor will easily pull down the friend standing on the table. This is a perfect example of how bad energy is contagious. Friends who are still plugged into non-renewable energy will influence you not to tap into the universe’s renewable energy. Have new friends who have seen the light like you and have tapped into the universe’s renewable energy. They will encourage you to continue walking in the light.

  1.     Renew, recycle, and reuse.

renewable energy

Renewable energy is environmentally friendly. It poses no danger of pollution and the best part is that it is easily accessible.

The first step to tap into it is to renew your love for nature. Be an environment champion even when it is an unpopular opinion. The environment is at the heart of nature and taking care of it will make you very significant. It is both the natural world and the people whom the universe has brought into your circle. A clean environment wards off environmental diseases. it equally keeps you connected to the people that the universe has chosen for you.

The second step is to recycle your affection for humanity. Sometimes you may feel hurt beyond healing and you never want to remember the dark chapter in your history. The universe wants you to start your healing journey and recycle the love you once felt. Love heals and restores. It is like reconnecting electricity when there was a blackout. We forget the gloom of the blackout and celebrate the light that has filled the room. The will of the universe is that love lights up the whole world.

The third step is to reuse your connections. We are all connected in one way or the other. Your power lies in your connections – in the people whom the universe has assigned to hold your hand as you pursue your purpose. They are the power buttons that will light your world when turned on. This last step will make you never lack energy now that you are connected to the power grid of the universe’s renewable energy.

  1.     Embrace order.

Communicate with the Universe

The universe thrives on order. The cart never comes before the horse. Order has been the tradition of the universe and it has built strong systems. It is defined by how you do not go for shortcuts regardless of the pressure you may have. The clouds have to form before it rains and the farm is tilled before planting. Order removes confusion and reinforces due process. Nature has systems that make events run seamlessly. The natural flow is automatic and bullies its way through human obstacles. The flow of rivers, for example, is predetermined by the geography of the environment. It is its natural order. Any attempt to change it will not be automatically successful. Personal discipline will enable you to maintain the order of the universe. Renewable energy fuels this discipline. Get plugged into this energy today.

The universe has infinite sources of renewable energy for your body and spirit. You will never lack anything for as long as you are connected to the main power grid. Your energy shall not be depleted day and night and you will be a dependent person.  

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