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How to Win Nature’s Heart and Soul for Survival

nature's love

Winning nature’s heart and soul is like wooing a woman. It requires a lot of attention and you cannot afford to mess up the first opportunity she gives you. There could be many suitors who would want a woman’s hand in marriage but she is the only one who can choose whoever her heart wants. Your job as a suitor is to look for ways to win her heart. You cannot intimidate her to choose you. Neither can you force her to love you. You must love her genuinely and convince her of the same to win her heart.  

True love cannot be bought or bribed. It is genuinely earned and expressed from the depth of the heart. You can speak about it but most importantly, it is communicated from your spirit to hers. Eventually, the spirit of your prospect acknowledges your love for her and accepts you into her life. This is how you find your way into her heart and soul to eventually marry her.  

You could love a lady to the moon and back to even promise her the whole world but still not succeed in winning her heart and soul. It is not always about how much you love someone but rather about the authenticity of your love and the compatibility of your spirits. Everything else flows automatically once you check these two boxes. 

This is the same guide to winning the heart and soul of nature. You must succeed because the success of your entire life is tied to your relationship with the universe. Couples who are in love do a lot of things for each other in the name of love. The acts of service to each other fuel the flame of love in their relationship. Even when outsiders do not see the value of the ‘love investment’ that couples do, they do not give up on each other because their spirits are tied to each other in love. The love they share is a lifetime commitment that they have dedicated their whole life to honoring.  

You should dedicate your life to winning nature’s heart and soul if you want to win everything else in life. Your love affair with nature, if successful, is the beginning of endless wins in your life. Nothing else will be too difficult for you to conquer. 

 soul of nature

This is how you can win nature’s heart and soul for your survival: 

Be a provider. 

A provider is a person who can sustain both material and emotional needs. They have a source of income that they can use to solve material needs. They are also emotionally present in the lives of people they love to reassure them of their concerns. True providers meet these two obligations effortlessly because they are committed to their love. 

Provision is one of the ways of confessing love. It is a sign of commitment to a relationship. Like in any relationship, you can win the heart of nature when you prove to be a reliable provider. You can show your love for nature by being a champion for conservation. The emotional attachment to loving nature is an assurance that you have its best interests at heart. The Universe will open doors of opportunities for your survival once you prove your love for her. 

Keep your word. 

Fulfilling promises is a mark of true love. It indicates your commitment to the person you love. You do not lie to them and neither do you give empty promises that you do not intend to fulfill. Failing to keep your word is a red flag and nature will not open up her heart to you. On the contrary, fulfilled promises endorse your character. 

Nature embraces people who are committed to keeping their word. It makes you reliable in a world where most people are not. In return, nature will keep its promise to uphold your survival in the universe. This is nature’s principle of reaping where you sowed.  

Fulfill your duty of care. 

Everybody in a healthy relationship owes their partner the duty of care. Take care of him/her and express genuine concern about their life. It has nothing to do with provision because nobody completely lacks everything. You can use what you have to care for your special person. 

Nature recognizes the duty of care as an indication of love. Take care of nature through every little effort. It could be tending to a small farm in your compound, helping a wounded bird in the woods, or feeding birds that have strayed to your place. Nature considers these little acts of kindness as proof of love towards creation and itself. Extend the duty of care to your neighbor and family.  

Be peaceful. 

Everybody loves a peaceful partner. They are not violent even when you disagree over a matter. They love peace to the point of prioritizing you over being right. It does not matter that they are right or wrong but that your relationship is peaceful. 

A peaceful person has already won half of nature’s affection. She has no space for violence because it destroys the enabling environment for success. All creation knows its role and sticks to its lane. The co-existence in creation magnifies how much nature treasures peace. There is nothing that cannot thrive in peace. A peaceful spirit is like a tree where birds come to patch under its beautiful shade. Be the peace that nature is looking for. 

peaceful nature

Play the role of a protector. 

An ideal partner is someone who will protect you. Your safety is a priority that should not be overlooked. You cannot help but fall in love with your protector. You are a treasure that he/she does not want to lose.  

You can win nature’s heart and soul when you play the role of a protector. She has many enemies who will not waste time to hurt and pollute it. You will win her heart when you are the opposite of her enemies – her protector. Over time, you become nature’s favorite and a point of attraction for all her blessings.  

Winning nature’s heart and soul is easy if you set your heart and ambition to it. The beautiful part is that when nature loves you, there is no turning back. It is your lifetime ticket out of depression, poverty, sickness, and failure. This is the time to prove your love for nature.

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