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How to Win the Hide and Seek Game with Money

The hide and seek game is children’s favorite. We played it with our peers and sometimes ‘forced’ our parents to play it with us. The childish giggles, the laughter, and the joy of finally finding out where your playmate was hiding are the most memorable moments of the game.

Who enjoyed the game the most? Is it the one in hiding or the seeker? Each of them had different roles in the game. The one hiding is supposed to hide in a discreet place where he’ll not be easily noticed. He is supposed to be very discreet and not make any sounds that will give him away.

On the other hand, the seeker is supposed to be searching for the hiding colleague and smoke him out of hiding. The goal is to discover where he has been hiding all along. The catch of the game is that it is risky to hide at the same spot more than once because the seeker will easily get you again in the next round. The first/last person (depending on your agreed rules) to be smoked out of their hiding shall be the seeker in the next game.

While it may look like an ordinary game at face value, there is more than meets the eye. The universe was teaching us basic life skills from our childhood. We will need the skills of this game in our adulthood, only the variables have now changed. You are the seeker and the one in hiding is money, good health, healthy relationships, divine favor, and wealth.

How soon will you be able to smoke them out of their hiding? There are millions of other people who are seekers in this hide-and-seek game with the universe. Who among you shall be the first one to get money?

Lights, camera, and action!

Nature continually gives us tips on how we can win the hide-and-seek game with money. This is how to:

  1.  Think outside the box.

 The hide-and-seek game teaches broad thinking. Where has X hidden? Where did X hide last time? Are these two events related in any way? Where will I hide if I were X? These are some of the questions that you seek answers to when playing hide and seek. As you answer these questions correctly, you begin to have a rough idea of where X could have hidden. You will eventually smoke him out of his hiding. This is the same case with money – you need to think outside the box if you want to win the hide-and-seek game with it.

The universe is full of opportunities to get the money that you are yet to discover. The difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich have discovered how to win the hide-and-seek game with money. Money hides in opportunities that you would otherwise overlook – small business ideas and humble beginnings. While most people would ordinarily think inside the box and look into it, the universe wants you to think outside the box – invest in small businesses and you will eventually win this hide-and-seek game with money.

  1.     Follow footsteps.

Footsteps show you where someone is headed to. You can follow them behind and they will lead you right to where they are hiding. This is one of the tricks you can use when you want to know where someone has hidden. No matter how far or secretive they hide, their footsteps will give them away – except if there are none. Similarly, you can follow in the footsteps of money to eventually find it. It does not matter whether you are in your twenties, thirties, or late forties. You will get money if you work on the tricks of finding it and eventually win the hide-and-seek game.

There are many income-generating activities in the universe that you are yet to explore. Other people before you took this route and are now wealthy. You will eventually reach them if you walk in their footsteps. Even the small jobs that many people despise generate constant income – farming, small-scale businesses, and public transport will also lead you to where money is hiding. Whose footsteps do you choose to follow today?

  1.     Observe money patterns.

Patterns are repetitive. You can predict the next sequence of the pattern after studying it carefully. There are favorite spots where those you play hide and seek with love to hide. These spots will be the first place where you will look for in the next round of the game. You will most probably find them right there hiding as usual. Likewise, there are favorite spots where money hides as you play the hide-and-seek game with it.

You will always win the game when you figure out these places. Some of the places where money hides are in the service industry. Nature appreciates what you do to improve the lives of others a lot. There will always be a demand for your services especially if your services touch the lives of many people. Align your strategies of looking for money with the market demands of the universe. The clouds will gather above your head and there will be a heavy downpour of money in your life.

  1.     Follow your intuition.

The universe speaks directly to your spirit many times. It comes across as a strong conviction or belief about doing something. Do not ignore this still small voice when you hear it. The same happens when you are playing the hide-and-seek game. You may feel strongly that someone is hiding in a dark corner somewhere. Take your torch and shine light in that corner because most probably someone is hiding there. What is your spirit telling you in your search for money? Do you feel that you should start a particular business? Or do you strongly feel that you should apply for a job in your dream company? Please do without second thoughts because that could be the dark corner where money is hiding.

Nature offers divine guidance to us when playing the hide-and-seek game with money. This is our advantage over those who are yet to understand this divine help. Money cannot hide from you forever. The time to find it is now.

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