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How to Win the Wealth Competition

The world is full of competition – in school, at the workplace, in business, in lifestyle, and everywhere you go. Even the rich compete on who is wealthier than the other. People even go further to compete on issues like who is smarter or taller than the other. We can control some variables in any competition and influence the results in our favor while at the same time, there is nothing we can do about other variables. They remain constant. Victory is valuable and competitors will do anything possible to be victorious. This makes competition a matter of life and death even when there is no need for it.

There is a mad rush in the wealth competition. Everyone wants to be the richer one – with more money, many cars, good houses, and successful businesses. The rich and successful are not backing out of the competition. It is not true that just because they are driving the latest car model, then they will not buy a new one. No, they sure will.

The wealth competition begins in the spirit and gradually manifests in the physical realm. It begins with the desire in your spirit to be successful and fulfill your dreams. With this, you are already on the track waiting for the gun to go off and sprint towards the finish line. This spiritual scene translates in the physical realm with your efforts to make ends meet. Your spirit is not discouraged and you defy all odds to make things happen. This is how you can win the wealth competition:

  1.  Embrace the advantage of an equal platform.

The universe has given all of us an equal platform in wealth competition. We all have 24 hours a day to do everything in our schedule. Nobody has an extra hour or minute regardless of social status. What you do with your time counts a lot. An hour can make a big difference in your life. You can seal that business deal within the hour or make extra sales in your overtime hour. Time is the only resource that we cannot recover once wasted.

The universe has played its part in granting us equal time; our usage makes the whole difference. Competitors use their time practicing for the competition as it draws nearer. Likewise, you should also be accountable for your time. Your small wins will cumulatively put you in the lead in the wealth race. Embrace the equal platform of time and victory shall be yours.

  1.  Motivate yourself.

This is your takeaway package today – as a man thinks so is he. You are largely as successful or failed as your thoughts. It is important to constantly motivate yourself in the face of challenges ahead. There is no room for discouragement, especially in wealth competition. Do not allow negative remarks to strike your spirit. Look at how great sportsmen and women speak during interviews before the competition. They speak highly of themselves and exude confidence in their victory.

The universe wants you to take this mindset of a victor. It is a constant reminder that you are in a competition and you cannot afford to be discouraged. Exude the confidence of a victor and the universe shall push victory closer to your door.

  1.  Surround yourself with good friends.

Every good sportsman needs supportive friends who will hold their hand before, during, and after the competition. They will fully understand your quest to win the wealth competition and cheer you to victory. They will also contribute heavily to your win. You are the average of the people you spend the most time with. Please choose them wisely if you want to win the wealth competition in the first round.

Sometimes the universe uses your friends to point out areas you can improve in business and your personal life because they are closer to you. Use this chance to give the universe tools to guide you to victory – good friends.

  1.  Invest all your effort.

This is the golden rule of the universe – there is no shortcut to wealth. Nature wants you to be ready to work hard for what you want. Wealth shall not come on a silver platter on your table. You will have to make certain sacrifices to get what you want. Forfeit short-term pleasures to build future success. The early mornings and late nights are worth it. Your eyes are fixed on the victory in the wealth competition.

Consider the example of the football world cup. Football teams from the whole world compete for one trophy of pure gold – the world cup. They put all their effort into winning the group stages through to the quarter-finals then to the semi-finals and finally to the finals. The competing teams take nothing to chance. The goal is to win and take the trophy home. This is how your commitment will see you through to victory. The wealth competition has many competitors and you are worthy of victory. Stay committed!

  1.  Clap for others until your time comes.

The law of nature is that you shall reap what you sow. The spirit of competition is to embrace turn-taking. This is the spirit of all healthy competitors. Congratulate other people before you who have been in the race to wealth for some time now. Their experience is valuable to prepare your mind for what lies ahead. The universe will reward your cheerful spirit with grace to win the wealth competition.

A winning spirit embraces reigning champions and associates with them because their current position is your dream come true. You wouldn’t want upcoming champions to hold a grudge against you if you were in their shoes. Clap for others until your turn comes and when it eventually does, you will have the grace to win the wealth competition because you sowed a good seed right from the beginning.

The universe has a lot of goodwill for you to win the wealth competition. Take hints and guidance from nature on how you can be victorious. You can never be wrong. 

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