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How Your Shadows Can Show You The Light

Imagine you could flip the darkest part of yourself into something astonishing. How good would your life be?

If you could wake up each morning knowing that the shadows in your world aren’t out to get you. But they can actually work in your favour.

Right now though, that might seem a bit far fetched.

You may be struggling with some darkness. Or burying your shadows deep in your mind, only for them to control you.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Because the secrets to manifesting your desires can lie in your shadows. Those fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back can become a platform for your light to shine on

That’s why I’m inviting you to take a step back, and find the light within the darkness.

What Are Your Shadows?

Put simply, they are fears or limiting beliefs that we fight to accept. We push them back into our minds, out of reach from our consciousness.

Most times, they arise from your childhood. Or moments of weakness in your past. And they form layers of insecurities that block our desires from manifesting.

By refusing to accept their presence, they grow stronger. And slowly “own” us rather than vice versa.

For example, you might have deep, hidden concerns about your appearance. Maybe you got bullied for it as a child. But facing this reality can be challenging – much less accepting it. So you push it back, refusing to acknowledge its existence.

The problem with this approach is that push backs don’t mean disappearance. So those concerns are still there. Lurking as shadows, forming a dark blanket over your desires, and preventing them from coming to light

But when you decide to embrace them, you stand a good chance in poking holes for your light to shine through.

Why your shadows can help you.

I love to see shadows as pointers. Most times they’re the underlying reason why we struggle to manifest our desires.

Think about it, you’ll find it tougher to attract your desires if your subconscious is still plagued with lack of self worth.

If you’ve ever felt like your manifestations don’t work, you’d need a moment of inward reflection. Shadows are areas in our lives that lack self love or acceptance.

We stand a great chance of seeing the light in ourselves when we become aware of the dark areas within us. This way the light can guide us into our lands of prosperity.

Finding your light with simple steps.

Ever wondered why top performers seem to burst into greater success after slugging it out in their dark moments? I’ll tell you. Because your lowest points are an opportunity to face your fears.

To challenge your limiting beliefs so you can see the right path to walk on. This section will help you forge new areas where your light can shine through.

Step 1- Acknowledging your shadows.

We’d like to think that we’ve got the smallest amount of darkness possible. Or that we’ve got none at all. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

We’re all imperfect creatures navigating through the fairly turbulent waters of life. Along the way we pick up scars in the form of fears, and insecurities. You have to accept this reality. This is how you’ll be able to control it, rather than letting it control you.

Step 2- Trace their roots.

Shadows are caused when something obstructs the light in our lives. Casting a darkness of doubts or fears on important areas.

Your duty is to find out what that something is to find out what that something is. Learn to pay attention to when you feel embarrassed, ashamed or in pain. Any moment that triggers these feelings inside you should be your point of self reflection.

Ask yourself: Why do I feel this way? What in my past could be preventing me from expressing myself? To remove a tree, it’s always a great idea to tackle it from its roots.

Insecurities are problems that have roots that run deep into our subconscious. Self reflection is how you find out what these roots are so you can cut them. This is not an excuse to dwell on the past though. But to connect with your past, and make peace with it.

Step 3- Affirmations.

When in doubt, go with affirmations. They’re one of my favorite tools in a manifestor’s tool box. Because they offer you a new sense of direction; away from the darkness, towards the light.

You can easily reframe your fears or anxieties with a simple affirmation. A terrible belief like “I’m not enough” can easily become “I’m capable of succeeding” Low self esteem issues can be flipped into “I’m confident in my own skin”

See how that works? Repeating this over and over again trains your mind to believe it. And once your mind believes, the results you seek will follow.

Final Thoughts.

Whatever we’re not aware of, can end up controlling us. That’s why bringing our shadows to consciousness is a big part of finding our light.

Your shadows are merely weaknesses waiting to be strengthened.  Fear waiting to be turned to confidence. And hate waiting to be dissolved in self-love.

You can either let them cloud your desires or a carve path where your light can shine through.

I’m pretty sure you know which one sounds better so it’s up to make the right choice.

To your success!

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