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Improving the Man/Woman in the Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? The year is 2023 and you want to ask this question to the mirror. As fate would have it, all is fair in love and war. The mirror on the wall will tell you who is the fairest of them all. We are proud when we get positive feedback.

In the famous story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs, the Queen consulted the magic mirror every morning and it will tell her the same answer – “…You, O Queen, is the fairest in the land.” One morning, when the Queen consulted the magic mirror, she did not get the answer she was expecting. The magic mirror answered, “Snow White, O Queen, is the fairest in the land.” We all know how the story later unfolded.

The Universe is your magic mirror. Being the fairest in the land is a status that you have to maintain. Like the Queen in the story of Snow White, you could have been the fairest one in the previous years. The question is whether the magic mirror (the universe) shall give you the same answer as it did last year. Snow White was a humble maidservant yet the magic mirror acknowledged her above the Queen. You too can be the fairest in the land – the mirror can recognize you.

The consistency factor.

Consistency is the missing piece of the puzzle. How consistent are you in doing good? The universe keeps a record of all your good deeds. Be consistent in what you are dedicated to doing because it is your nature. Do not give in no matter how much you may be lured to break your cycle of consistency.

A story is once told of an old man who was helping a kitten that was stuck in a ditch. But the kitten was scratching the old man’s hand, even wanting to bite him. The old man did not give up but continued trying to free the beautiful kitten.

man and a cat

A young man was passing by and saw how the old man was struggling to free the kitten but it instead scratched him with its nails. He pitied the old man and asked him to leave the kitten alone because it did not want to be helped. “Why would you tolerate getting scratched and bitten by the kitten when you are only helping him? Leave him alone to die…”

The old man looked at the young man and told him that it is the nature of cats to scratch and bite when it’s aggressive. It does not know that it is being helped. Similarly, it is his nature to help. The old man maintained that he shall not give up his nature for the kitten’s nature.

When you are consistent like the old man in your nature, the magic mirror on the wall shall still tell you that you are still the fairest in the land. Consistency rewards handsomely.

You versus You.

Although we have seen many years come and go, we are pregnant with expectations about the new year at hand. It is perfectly okay to have goals that you want to achieve during the year but we go wrong when we start comparing ourselves with our peers. You meet your former classmate driving his car when you are on your way to take the train and you get disappointed. Or you meet your college mate with his beautiful family while you are still single and your heart breaks into a million pieces. This new year, the universe wants to assure you that your only competition is yourself.

Consider the example of the solar system – the sun and the eight planets. Each of the eight planets is set in its orbit as they revolve around the sun. They do not collide; neither do they compete against each other. Our planet Earth just completed one revolution and we are excited about it. It’s beautiful when we audit ourselves and start a new revolution with our planet while aligning ourselves with the original intention of the universe.

solar system

Repeat this affirmation: I am enough. My uniqueness is my ability. I am competing against no one.

The new success.

This new year is an opportunity the universe is giving you to define success differently. Take the golden pen from the universe and write your unique success. If you were good last year, you can be better this year. Here is a chance to improve on what you have already built.

You do not have to go to the moon for you to be a better person. The magic mirror on the wall can see beyond what the naked eye does not. You can define success differently by slowly building on what you have already accomplished. The little things that most people overlook are what make you a better person.

The Olympics is a good teacher in improving the man/woman in the mirror. Winning is not a do-or-die affair but breaking previous records is a big deal. You are not a winner when you set a new record. You are a champion!

Work in progress.

You are a work in progress and the universe recognizes this. Today is brighter than yesterday and tomorrow is more promising than today. The universe recognizes the person in the mirror as a construction site (ha ha ha) and you will get the benefit of the doubt for that.

Take every stride with glory and do not feel sorry for not being complete – you shall eventually be complete, anyway. The promise of work in progress is greater and the magic mirror sees deep into the intentions of your spirit.

Reflect on the goals you want to achieve this new year. Be proud of your baby steps. You will leave an elephant’s footprints.

Freedom at last!

There is joy in freedom. This is exactly what this new year is offering you. Freedom to be true to yourself. You can do the things you enjoy instead of tolerating routines. The man/woman in the mirror is a beacon of hope and the universe has given you the power to create him/her. 

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