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Inviting Love and Light – Nature’s Identical Twins


Twins are another wonder of the world. Science has tried to explain how two babies can be born from the same mother in one pregnancy and there is only so much that it can explain. It is very joyous for an expectant woman to safely deliver her child. It is a double joy when she delivers twins. These two innocent bundles of joy are the prayer of many soon-to-be parents. It is now possible through advances in medical technology to see the child while it is still in the womb. You can see if it’s only one child or twins and you can even see their gender when the pregnancy is at a certain stage.

The care of twins.

An expectant mother is very cautious of her health so that she can maintain the pregnancy. She attends an antenatal clinic and pays extra attention to her lifestyle. This is because anything she does will directly affect the unborn child. From the period of pregnancy until delivery and even thereafter, the newborn requires special attention to help them survive the new world.

Nature’s identical twins.

Twins require double the effort you put in when you have only one child. Both of them want you to attend to their needs – feeding, sensory stimulation, love, and affection. It is your duty as a parent to provide all of that as they grow up until they become dependent. The roles of a parent do not stop after the infants grow up. On the contrary, they increase. You have to appreciate the presence of your twin children in your life and that they are responsible to a certain level of their lives.

Nature’s identical twins.

Nature has its identical twins – love and light. Their conception and delivery are almost similar to that of human children. You can conceive twins if there was a special fertilization in your womb. Nature’s twins need a special invitation to come into your life. You invite nature’s identical twins by being accommodative of other people in your life. This is the special fertilization in your womb that the universe is looking for. If you cannot accommodate familiar neighbors, relatives, and friends, how can you accommodate nature’s invisible twins?

Choose to be kind and concerned about the welfare of others and be deliberate about it. This is a sign that you can be a good parent to the twins that you seek from nature. Identical twins are such that you cannot tell one apart from the other. They look very much alike – in physical appearance and character. However, a parent who has watched them closely from their birth can tell the difference. Nature wants to determine your commitment to raising this gift of twins – love and light because they are a blessing that will completely turn around your life.

The twins – Love and light.

As is the case with most identical twins, you will never find one far away from the other. When you see one, the other one is usually not far away. This is also true for love and light. Where there is love, light is usually just beside it, and vice versa.

The universe is bringing a new gift into your life – nature’s identical twins. They hold the answer to all your problems and will attract more spiritual blessings in your life. There is a divine guide on how to accommodate love and light. These sons of the universe only thrive in a pure environment. This is your spiritual life.

The cooperation of love and light.

Love came into the world first before sin. The original intention of the universe is that all of us would exist in love. Hate, envy, jealousy, and malice were all locked out of the world in the beginning. The spiritual doctrine of love is that we should bear each other’s burden as if it were our own and care for our neighbor as we would our siblings. This kind of love has no hidden motives and smells of a lovely fragrance.

The twins – Love and light.

The other identical twin is light. Its role is to light up your life. Your eyes will see beyond the façade that most people show to the world. Light is always present where there is love because you expose your underbelly when you love. It is impossible to hide anything from your loved ones because light shines through you and lays everything bare.

There is love in light and light in love. At the invitation of these nature’s identical twins, your life takes an upwards trajectory. You attract people with whom you share the same spiritual backbone. They will love you back effortlessly and contribute significantly to improving your spiritual and physical health. What is life without the blessing of these twins? You are among the chosen few to have this blessing.

Your spiritual health.

Having good health is important to both our physical and spiritual life. It improves your mood and energy levels are at an all-time high when you are healthy. Your doctor would prescribe every possible medical prescription to nurse you back to health. Nature did exactly that – to bring its identical twins – love and light into your life.

It is thoughts of depression, sadness, and defeat that drive you into depression. The more you think of how you are doomed, the deeper your health deteriorates. The antidote to this poison is nature’s twins – love and light. Love brightens your face and light sprinkles new energy over your spirit. They can lead you to find your lost smile. Their entry into your life will enable you to find your lost laughter. The secret of a long fulfilled life lies in nature’s twins – love and light.

The magic of love and light.

Magicians do extraordinary things. This is what nature’s identical twins do in your life. They have one assignment – to dress up your life in joy. Have you invited them into your life yet? This is one of the few life decisions that you will never regret.

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