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Inviting the Divine Light of Purity into Your Life

Devine Light

There is more to an invitation. It is not a mere “welcome” but an olive branch to make the guest feel welcome in your residence. An invitation is an honor to the guest and an acceptance of the invitation is an honor to the host. You have the power to choose who to invite and the guest has the power to refuse or accept the invitation. This is why it is a great honor for your invitation to be accepted.  

The universe cannot send its angels into your life unless you invite them. Divinity appreciates the power of free will and choice. It honors the decisions you make concerning your life. Who do you choose to invite today? This is your chance to invite the chief guest – the light of purity. 

The powerful chief guest. 

The divine light of purity is the chief guest the universe would want to use to grace your life. He is a powerful guest who is the envy of many of your peers. Darkness disappears wherever light shines. Nothing can be hidden from nature’s powerful light. The place of light is full of glory. It is an honor when nature’s light shines upon you. This is the kind of glory that the universe would want for his child.  

Insects and pests thrive in the dark world where they breed and execute their attacks on innocent children of light. The solution is to invite the chief guest into your life. There would no longer be breeding grounds for pests and insects when nature’s light shines on your life. The universe assures you that no stone shall be left unturned when you are in the spotlight of nature’s light. Deep secrets of success shall lay bare before your eyes. You only have one duty – embracing this divine light. 

The light of dawn. 

There is a ray of hope when it is almost dawn. The light of dawn is significant to a man who has been in the dark the whole night. Daylight is finally here! Embrace nature’s light as soon as your eyes open. You are about to put blind guesswork behind you and start working on tangible success. How do you embrace nature’s light? By living an incorruptible lifestyle. 


The universe orders your steps in the light of purity. You shall walk in the light one step at a time until you stand on the podium of glory. This is how to live in purity: 

Accept your humanity

It is human to make mistakes. It is what defines your humanity. Nature wants you to own up to your mistakes. Accept them and let them be a learning point. Refusing to accept your flaws is like disowning your origin – humanity. You will be shielding yourself from the light of the universe and consequently be unqualified to stand on the podium of grace. Your heart and spirit will be pure and give room for improvement without you finding a scapegoat. Purity is not being perfect but the ability to work on yourself without laying the blame on someone else’s doorstep.  

Practice forgiveness throughout. 

If the universe were to switch off our oxygen supply each time we sinned, would anyone be left by now? The universe does not keep a record of your wrongs. Similarly, do not keep such a record of your brothers and sisters. Forgive them just as you would want to be forgiven. The universe would always give you a chance to right your wrongs and move on from there. There is no ordained time to forgive. Purity is a continuous life cycle that involves being forgiving constantly. A forgiving lifestyle makes the chief guest – divine light – overstay in your life. What an honor!  

Thinking good toward other people

Just as light always does good, think positively and act so toward other people in your life. Your thoughts and actions reflect the purity of your heart. Evil wishful thinking on others will cast a shadow on your spirit and the light of purity departs from your life. On the contrary, the desire to see other people succeed makes the divine light of purity shine brighter in your life. It reflects the uprightness of your spirit which is ready to embrace the light of dawn. Darkness will no longer have a place in your life when dawn breaks.  

Deliberately building a good relationships with other people

A candle does not go off when it lights another one. It continues to burn with renewed confidence that should it go off, there is another candle that can light it again. This is the mirror of our relationship with other people. Look at nature and the ecosystem. Animals, insects, birds, fish, and plants are all dependent on each other in one way or the other. This interdependence is possible because their relationship is intentional.

For example, bees get nectar from flowers while at the same time, flowers benefit when bees facilitate cross-pollination. Similarly, be intentional in your relationship with other people. It is the path that the universe uses to continuously shine its light on you. Just as iron sharpens iron and together both axes become sharper, so are relationships a gateway of nature’s light. 

relationship with others

How do relationships foster purity? They improve your perspective of spirituality as you create intentional attachments with other people. This new circle of friends and associates holds your hand as you walk to the podium of glory. 

There is a constant light in the universe. The sun rules the day while the moon and stars rule the night. The universe’s plan for you is that your life becomes equally well-lit. The good news is that you can invite and maintain this divine light through the four paths highlighted. Sickness, failure, poverty, unemployment, and bad luck cannot be found in a well-lit room. They thrive in a dark spirit. Inviting the divine light of purity attracts the blessings of light into your life. Is your invitation ready?

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