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Inviting the Magic Wand to Work in Your Life


Many people have a faint idea of how magic should look or feel. During the good old days, magicians would visit schools for performances and we were so thrilled. We all believed in magic without a doubt. What has changed now that we are adults? Most people have lost faith like that of a child to trust that things will eventually work out. Magic can make the mountain of challenges in front of you disappear. Magic is not a fairytale and nature wants to reassure you that it exists and works for you. Believe it, child.  

Look in the right places.

If you are yet to experience magic, it could be that you are looking for it in the wrong places. To clearly define it, magic is the power to influence events by using supernatural forces. The universe is supernatural and it has a bigger role in working magic in your life. What looks impossible on the surface, is very possible with the blessings of the universe.

Remember the story of Cinderella? It inspires hope through magic. One girl took a step of faith to believe in magic and her world changed forever! What she did differently is look at the right place which is the possibility of her attending the ball dance. It was against the wish of her stepmother who denied her permission to attend and took her two biological daughters instead. But when the fairy godmother visited her later, Cinderella’s dream of attending the ball became a reality. She eventually danced with the crown prince.

Attracting magic

Attracting Magic in your Life

The universe bears the good news of magic. When putting up a guest list, you write all the names of the people you would want to attend your function. Remember to invite nature, the magician. You do not want him to be stopped at the gate or frustrated for attending your function (your life).

  1.     Believe.

There should never be second guesses when it comes to belief in magic. There is power in believing that magic works. The supernatural controls the ordinary in all aspects. If you managed to be in control in the spiritual realm, you would have won half the battle. Contrary to popular belief, magic is not evil. It is a shortcut way of manifesting all your desires legally. Your spiritual connection with the universe is proof of your belief in the supernatural and by extension, magic. It is permission for the universe to waive its magic wand over your life.

  1.     Effort.

A believer in magic should be ready to collaborate with nature. There should be an equal investment of effort from your side in making things work. A one-sided effort is a recipe for the failure of magic. It will work on other people who could be as needful as you but not for you because they put effort while you did not. Your effort is seen in your goodwill to be peaceful and not disturb the ecosystem. Your positive energy in the atmosphere is a recipe for magic to work. The air of peace, free from quarrels, helps the universe push some blessings your way because you have been a good child. Don’t all good children deserve to be feted?

  1.     Influence.

A person who can influence the decisions, opinions, and perspectives of other people is very powerful. They wield the power to have other people fight for them without them raising a finger. Nature gifted everyone some level of influence over other people. The difference is that some use their influence more actively and it continues to grow over time while others do nothing and even the little influence they initially had faded away. In your space and capacity, try influencing things to move as you would want them to. Do not force things but influence by lobbying and championing what you would love to see happen. Nature will pick up from there and magically give life to your influence. Other people will see the rationale in your reasoning and follow your lead.

  1.     Lead.

Leaders are magicians. They lead by example and from the front. Magicians take the initiative to take the first bullet by staying at the frontline. It is a shame when their magic fails yet they are standing in the limelight at the front. It is equally glorious when their magic works and they are standing right beside it. This is why the universe is impressed by their daring courage to lead by faith. Magic is bold. Bold is leadership. Leadership is attractive. Your magic as a leader is seen when you show people the path through experiences they never thought they would overcome. Nature crowns this courage dressed in faith with glory.

  1.     Risk-taking.

Nature’s principle on risk and reward is that the higher the risk, the higher the reward. The human body responds to risk by producing high adrenaline to prepare you for fight or flight. This is a magical experience for the body to help you to protect yourself from lurking danger. There are things that you cannot do until your body produces excess adrenaline.

For example, you can run faster over a long distance without getting tired quickly compared to if it were under normal circumstances. Sometimes you can have extraordinary energy to lift heavy baggage or fight when in danger. All these experiences cannot happen when there is little production of adrenaline in the body. Nature appreciates when you take worthy risks. There are some things that you cannot achieve unless you take these calculated risks. You have the power to waive the magic wand of success in your life if you embrace the risks nature brings your way.

magic fairytale book

Magicians seem to have a coded language they use to communicate with the universe when they are working magic. Today, it is no longer a secret and you can also use it to work magic in your life. The mystery school of the universe is home to magic.  

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