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Laws of Natural Justice

Avenues to justice.

The high injustice in the world makes people look for every means possible to get it. Sometimes people seek justice through unimaginable means yet they somehow seek to justify it. The judiciary arm of government is responsible for the administration of justice. It is the last hope for civilians who have been denied justice. The courts have jurisdiction to rule on issues presented before them. The truth is that access to justice through the courts is expensive in many countries. How many cases against the rich and mighty have been dismissed on account of lack of evidence? They buy their way and the poor are left to suffer in silence hoping that nature shall avenge for them.

I recently came across a ruling by the High court on a matter involving robbery. A man had been sentenced to life imprisonment for robbing a foreign national of his mobile phone worth $300. There was sufficient evidence to warrant this judgment. But how come there is hardly a conviction against civil servants misappropriating funds even up to $1,000? Again, we return to the question of evidence presented in court. It could have been unsatisfactory, even if they are indeed guilty, to warrant their conviction. You can evade the justice system in your country but not natural justice. It shall eventually catch up with you. Nothing is hidden before the eyes of nature and in due time, your actions shall catch up with you.

Here are five laws of natural justice:

1. The law of the harvest.

Harvesting is the last stage in farming. It is preceded by tilling the land, planting, weeding, and irrigation. A bountiful harvest is only guaranteed if you were keen on the whole planting process with the constant being fertile soils and favorable weather. Again, it is common sense that you cannot reap what you did not sow. If you planted carrots, you will reap the same. So it is if you planted any other crop. There is some sort of magic in harvesting – multiplication of what you planted. It is the basic reason for farming in the first place. This is exactly how the universe’s law of harvest works in the justice system.

You will harvest, in abundance, the theft and dishonesty you sowed among your brothers. Nature has a way of paying you multiple times exactly what you did to other people. The universe is a fertile soil that gives in abundance what is planted in it. The same is true if you sowed good seed. Your actions will come back to benefit you. There is no single action that is lost into space. The universe conceives your words, thoughts, and actions. A day is coming when you shall harvest in plenty.

2. The law of a double-edged sword.

Probably a sword is not the best example to give when it comes to matters about justice. But it is the most relevant example at the moment. Here is why: a double-edged sword cuts on both sides. You should be careful as you use it because it could also cut you. Justice is like a weighing scale that must balance on both sides. Justice to you must also be justice to the other person. It is never one-sided. The scales of justice must balance.

The universe serves justice on a balanced scale. Some people cry foul that they have been sidelined yet it is not true. Their opponent on the other side deserved justice too. Justice is sacred. It cannot be stained by favoritism because it will cease to be just. Always bear this in mind as you pursue justice – justice has two sides.

3. The law of secret cards.

There is no secret card when it comes to justice. It becomes blackmail. Justice has no secrecy. Everything is explainable and you can follow through on how a particular decision was arrived at. People do a lot of things in the name of justice but time exposes them for who they are – blackmailers. There is a habit of putting someone in a tight spot that they may return you a favor they owe you. Once you find yourself doing this, you are pursuing something else but not justice. You will be exposed for who you are and your plans to defeat justice shall be scattered.
You must always come to the table of justice with clean hands. You can be sure that you will get exactly what you deserve.

Natural justice is raw. It does not need anything to be added to it to look appealing. There is only one weapon of securing justice from the universe – be truthful to yourself and everyone you meet. It will set you free and serve you with exactly what you deserve.

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4. The law of timing and obstruction of justice.

The law of the timing of justice from the universe states that justice delayed is justice denied. Timing is very important in the administration of justice. Not only should justice be done but it should also be seen to be done. Natural justice operates within these parameters.

You cannot cancel the administration of justice when it is due time. You will face the full wrath of nature. Consider the example of running water. What happens when you block its path? The water will find an alternative route or force through the blockade you have put. This is why it is advisable not to build houses on the path of water or else you will be a victim of floods when they happen. You will solely be to blame.

Similarly, never block the administration of justice. The more you do it, the more you increase the chances of it blowing back on your face. Be a supporter of the law and not a fugitive. Facilitate justice throughout.
Justice is governed by principles that shield it from turning it as a weapon against other people. These are the four main pillars of justice upon which it thrives.

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