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Learning Abundance – the Language of Angels

There are many languages on Earth. People from all walks of life communicate in different languages in their communities and tribes. As a child, you are most likely to speak the first language you hear the people around you speak. It could be your parents, guardians, relatives, or caretakers. You will grow up speaking that language and adopting the culture of your environment until your adulthood. It is then that you will realize that there are other languages and cultures besides your native one.

You can learn other languages and adopt different cultures out of choice or circumstances can push you to it. Regardless of whatever it is, you will eventually learn to accommodate both languages and practice both cultures, each at a time. Monolinguals (those who speak only one language) are envious of bilinguals (those who speak two languages) and bilinguals are envious of polyglots (those who speak many languages). Everyone wants to be like the one who is ahead of them and the cycle is endless.

The art of learning a new language is at the center of survival. This is true even in the spiritual realm. It is not enough to know only the language of men. You must also learn the language of Angels. This is the language of abundance. The language of men is as different as day and night, and as far from each other as the heavens and the earth. When one speaks an impossibility in one language, another speaks of possibility in another language.

The world of Angels is beautiful and this is the reason why you should speak their language – the language of abundance!

This is a guide to learning the language of Angels:

  1.     Enter the Angelic world.

The best place to learn a language is in its native place. A native English village is the best place to learn the English language. The locals do not know any other language apart from English and they will use it to communicate with you. This will push you to the edge to learn each word and communicate with them in their native language. Enter the Angelic world to learn the language of abundance effectively.

How do you enter the Angelic world? Embrace your spirituality and pay attention to communication in the spiritual realm because your spirit completes you as a person. The spirit is abundant even when there is scarcity in the physical realm at the same time. Refuse to focus on what your eyes can see at the moment – hunger, disease, poverty, unemployment, and conflict. The Angelic world has none of these. There is a bountiful harvest, divine health, wealth, and everlasting peace in the Angelic world.

The universe is granting you unconditional entry into the spiritual world. This is the best place to learn the language of abundance.

  1.     Embrace apprenticeship learning.

Apprenticeship is the art of learning as you watch. You can learn a lot in practice from the best in the field of interest. Books and journals do not have it all. There is equally a time for practice. There are people brought by the universe into your life who speak the language of Angels fluently. Meeting them was not a coincidence but a divine plan that you get to meet other people who were once in your position.

Learn from them about their journey in learning the new language of abundance. How did they start and how are they here? This will encourage you that it is possible to cross over to the other side of abundance. You are not the first learner of the language of abundance; your persistence is what will earn you the spot among a few who speak it fluently. Sometimes success is contagious and you only have to meet a few successful people for you to join their ranks.

Do you know what they say about iron? Iron sharpens iron. It takes a native of abundance to induct you into the community. Fly out of your cage. The universe is waiting for you.

  1.     Practice speaking the language of abundance.

Upon entering the Angelic world, there is a possible language barrier between yourself and the natives there. We see it each time someone visits a new place, wherever it could be. Unless there is a common language understood by both the natives and the foreigners, the language barrier will show its ugly face and break down communication. It is almost impossible to learn a new language within a day (Rome was not built in one day either) but there is something that you can do about it – practice! It makes perfect.

Even in the middle of the chaos, speak the language of abundance. You are enough. The right person for the job you have is you. Your family and friends are blessed to have you. You are a few meters away from your breakthrough. Develop a habit of acting like you have it all. Not in arrogance or pride but through humility because of the favor that you have before the universe to learn the language of Angels. Let your presence fill the rooms and halls you walk into – that you do not complain about your needs but live in an abundance of contentment day and night.

Furthermore, leave a permanent impression on the lives of the people you meet. This level of practice and effort will eventually make you perfect in the language of abundance. You are a step closer to speaking it fluently.

Back to the analogy of a child. We do not judge a two-year-old if they do not know how to speak. On the contrary, they excite us that they are seriously trying to communicate no matter how broken their language is. We clap and lift them in the air for managing to construct one sensible sentence. Goodness! This is the same case as you learn the language of abundance. The universe is the adult and we are His children. He will congratulate you on your progress even when you speak only one sentence fluently. Do not be afraid to speak with the Angels in their language. Let your life be filled with abundance. 

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