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Learning Spiritual Languages

There are hundreds if not thousands of languages globally. Some people speak more than one; several official languages and their native one while other people know only one. Bilingual and multilingual people have communication leverage over those who speak their native language only. Understanding, speaking, and writing a language fluently enables you to interact with people who speak this language. They will feel more inclined to you, love you, and go out of their way for your sake. They feel as if you belong to them, even if you truly do not. The advantage of speaking different languages is that it is a passage that the universe uses to channel blessings your way.

To make communication easier and more effective, governments worldwide and even the United Nations itself has made some languages official. Everyone should know them inside and out, or at least attempt to. Official communication will be delivered using it. Banks, NGOs, private companies, and courts of law use the official language in the course of their work. You are expected to know it, and if not, you can learn it. Most people, however, know their country’s official languages. They are citizens of that country, aren’t they?

Similarly, the universe and nature have several official languages that you should know if you want to communicate effectively. For effective communication, both of you should be on the same page. You are of the universe, a citizen of nature. Do you know its official language? It is time to learn the five spiritual languages:

  1.     Offerings and sacrifices.

This is the little-known spiritual language of the universe. To begin with, offerings and sacrifices are different sides of the same coin. An offering is a gift given from abundance. You can gift familiar people or even strangers. You can even gift nature through acts of kindness. You can take care of the environment by planting trees, not throwing litter anywhere, or recycling waste.

On the other hand, a sacrifice is a painful offering. You have to think over it carefully before deciding to give a sacrifice. Unlike an offering, it is not from abundance. It comes from scarcity but you still give it out even when you need it more. Sacrifice is a love language. Who does not like to be loved? The universe appreciates your love language more and you shall be rewarded.

As is typical of communication, you speak and are spoken to. When you give offerings and sacrifices, the universe ‘gives back’ to you in the same measure. Sometimes you are given back an overflow. Some spiritual doors will only open when you speak the spiritual language of love – offerings, and sacrifices.

  1.     Thanksgiving.

“Thank you” is a very powerful statement. It can build a new relationship, repair a broken one, or save another on its deathbed. It is the magic pill you need to take to restore order where there has been none. There is little education on how you should speak to an all-powerful person in the room. What would you tell the president of your country if he was sited across from you in the room? What language would you speak to the universe if he was to accept anything you asked of him?

The spiritual language of communication with power is thanksgiving. Thank the universe for the blessings of the day, week, month, and year. Despite the shortcomings, you have made it quite far that other people have not managed to. Sincere thanksgiving opens more doors of opportunities that would have otherwise remained closed. You will gain favor with the universe when you speak this spiritual language. He appreciates your thankfulness.

  1.     Prayers.

Praying is an act of faith. We pray because we recognize that there is a superior being. Again, we pray because we acknowledge that we need help from somewhere else – the universe. We have faith that the universe shall answer our prayers because of our good relationship. Sometimes we are faced with difficult circumstances that are beyond our ability. There is only one true savior when you are between a rock and a hard place – the universe.

Speak the spiritual language of prayer when your faith is put to the test. It will move the universe to answer you speedily because you have put your trust in him. No father would want his child to watch him fail to come to their rescue. Prayer moves mountains and crosses the deep oceans.

The language of prayer identifies you as the child of the universe who is born of the spirit. It is your badge of honor that you should wear proudly.

  1.  Submission.

Submission is surrendering yourself to the authority of the universe. It means you have given yourself up to be led by someone you trust. The language of trust is learned over time and those who speak it fluently are the greatest beneficiaries. The universe does not betray its friends and allies. He equally returns the trust you invest in him.

The universe has seen it all; the sunny and rainy days combined. You will be properly guided when you accept his leadership. He can only lead you when you speak the spiritual language of submission.

Consider the language of submission like an insurance policy that you take to be indemnified against all sorts of risks. There is no risk under the leadership of the universe. Grab your popcorn, sit back, and relax.

  1.     Positivity.

The power of optimism grows gradually as you practice it. Six and nine could be the same number depending on what end you are looking at the printed number from. Be positive about results, processes, and relationships. Speak life over each of the difficulties you are facing and watch the universe fight battles for you. The language of positivity glorifies possibility. “I can. You can. We can. It will work.” The language of possibility brings your dreams closer to you. It is like fishing in the river with a hook and line. The bait attracts fish and there is a 100% guarantee that you will fish some.

Spiritual languages are the pillars of communication with the universe. Learn these five languages and watch your spirituality transform your physical life. 

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