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Learning The Art of Reading your Spiritual Calendar


A calendar is a chart showing days, weeks, and months of a specific year. It can be used to organize a personal diary, events in a year, or schedule appointments. A calendar is very useful in and out of the office. Apart from ensuring that you do not miss out on anything important, it helps you to keep your life in order. There is a lot of time to carefully plan everything in your calendar in advance.

The spiritual calendar is similar to the office calendar. Both are important work tools for the success of the user. A well-organized calendar will lead you not to miss deadlines whereas a spiritual calendar will lead you to observe important dates in your spiritual life. They have a parallel similarity. If you learn how to read your office calendar correctly, you can do so with your spiritual calendar more efficiently. Here are a few tips on how to read your calendar correctly:

1. Understand the general overview of the calendar.

There are a lot of things on the calendar and each one of them has its unique meaning. Days of the week, dates, names of months, and highlighted holidays to be observed during the year can be found on the calendar. The general overview of the calendar can be seen at a glance and everything in it is significant. Each day on the office calendar counts.

The same applies to the spiritual calendar. The universe wants you to understand its overview just as well as if not more than your office calendar. The upcoming events, anniversaries, appointments, and the number of months in the year are important in your spiritual calendar. Important dates like your spiritual birthday are a time to flash back at the far you have come since redemption and be thankful to the universe for the gift of salvation.


Mark the dates of repentance (to show remorse for your sins), fasting (to humble yourself), prayer vigils, and meditation walks on your calendar. You cannot do so until you understand the general overview of your calendar which you already have. This is the first step in reading your spiritual calendar.

2. Familiarize yourself with the calendar of the previous year.

There is a calendar for each year and they are not the same. The events are different and if they are still the same, then the day and date have changed. However, revising the calendar of the previous year is important as you plan for the year ahead. It will help you to improve your preparations for the specific events recurring in the following year.

In addition, everyone has different spiritual calendars in the universe. The date for your spiritual visitation shall also vary from one person to another and from one year to the next. Your spiritual calendar also requires to be updated for the upcoming year. It will point out areas of improvement. You need to be more forgiving, repentant, and grateful compared to the previous year. When your spiritual life improves this New Year, it shall reflect in your physical life too. This is an important part of reading your spiritual calendar.

3. Understand the different calendar tools available.

There are many tools available for an office calendar. Tasks, events, notes, and reminders are some of the most common ones. These tools help you to maximize the potential of the calendar. Little knowledge or having none at all about how to use these tools will lead you to underutilize the potential of the calendar to make your life easier. You will miss out on a lot of things.

Use the task function to create a to-do list that you will mark against each time you complete a task. The events part is to schedule any event worthy of your attention so that it does not pass you by. The notes part is to help you write important things on a specific date. Understanding all these opens your eyes and mind to understand that the calendar is not for only checking the day and date.


Your spiritual calendar has similar tools. The mind is its task tool. It conceives the activities that you want to do and carries them out effectively. The heart is the reminder tool. It keeps a record of important things in your life that you should not forget. The more you believe something, the harder it is to forget. The body is the notepad tool of your spiritual calendar. It executes important notes from the spiritual calendar the way your spirit has written. The coordination of the mind, heart, and body is important to maximize the potential of the spiritual calendar.

4. Filter the objectives of your calendar.

Reading a calendar is not just looking at it. You do so with specific objectives in mind. It could be to check the day of the week of the current or future date, to know what week of the year a date lies, to confirm the number of days of a month, or to check for upcoming holidays. A glance at the calendar answers some of the questions you had in your mind. This also applies to your spiritual calendar. 

The universe wants you to formulate objectives that you are seeking answers for when you look at your spiritual calendar. Are you pursuing meditation, prayer time, study time, or friendship? Your spiritual calendar will have an answer for you. Your spirit already knows what to look for in your spiritual calendar and it will get it. It is easier to meet your objectives when you filter them on your calendar or you will otherwise be confused by the many things displayed at once on your calendar.

5. Take note of special days in your calendar.

Important days are highlighted on the office calendar so that it does not skip your attention. It could be an anniversary, a national or international holiday. You must remember it and align your activities for that specific day. There are also special days on your spiritual calendar.


The universe wants you to respect them as you do with special days in the office calendar. Dedication days and the Sabbath are the most common special days in your spiritual calendar. Honoring them attracts spiritual blessings.

The art of reading your spiritual calendar is a necessary skill to remain relevant. It opens your eyes to the significance of spiritual landmark days and dates.

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