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Learning the Mysteries of Nature

Nature is a laboratory where a lot of experiments happen. There are specimens, reagents, and chemicals for experiments. There are also qualified technicians to guide you through new or complex experiments. They are knowledgeable on matters where you are completely green. They are also ready to take you through everything you need to know in nature’s laboratory. You can follow and repeat the experiments that other people have done or you can perform new ones. It depends on the advice that nature’s lab technician will give you. This is where your science skills will be sharpened and you come out a completely transformed person.

Nature’s laboratory is where the science of the universe happens. Both daily and one-time life events that happen in your life are products of nature’s laboratory. This is the mystery of nature – unlike other places, you have an opportunity to take charge of your life and command it in the direction you want it to take. The only condition is that you should be present in nature’s laboratory. The science of divinity is amazing in the way nature allows mortal people, with their flaws and imperfections, to be in the same room with gods. Moreso, have a conversation with supernatural powers about your life and how to improve it. This is a big step in growing the relationship between man and the supernatural.

The routine at nature’s laboratory.

Your life’s transformation depends on everything you do inside this sacred place. Yes, you read right… Nature’s laboratory is a sacred place. It is where your future is birthed and your star is wiped clean so that it can shine brighter. The universe wants you to observe the rituals in this sacred place and honor its traditions. It will open up your understanding of divinity and lead you to act rightly in all spheres. The universe wants you to follow this routine in the Holy of Holies for you to learn and adapt to the mysteries of nature.

  1.   Dress appropriately.


You should always observe the acceptable dress code at the lab. The common one is that you should wear covered shoes when you are inside the lab. It is to protect you from accidents (in case of any). You should also observe the same when you are inside nature’s laboratory. Appropriate dressing is having the right character that does not corrupt your spirit. Like covered shoes, the universe will protect you from harm. The right character is like a warrior’s shield. Your spirit needs it to survive spiritual battles.

  1. Stand at your workstation in the lab.

Everybody has their workstation in the lab. The discipline here is that you should go to your station and carry out your experiments from there. Moving around to other people’s stations is misconduct. Nature’s lab technicians have ensured that you have everything you need in your station – talents, gifts, destiny connectors, and a support system of loving friends. Manage the resources you have wisely and nature shall reward you. Your spirit shall receive divine guidance to successfully handle life. You can solve the mystery of life as your spirit matures and gets the capacity to handle greater responsibilities.

  1. Know how to use the lab apparatus.

There is a lot of equipment in a laboratory. You will need to use some in the course of your experiments. Each one of them has its intended use and it is wrong to use them wrongly. Not only will you increase the risk of breaking them, but you also risk getting the wrong results. In case you do not know yet how to use some apparatus, ask the lab technicians and they will help you gladly. The same principle applies in nature’s laboratory. Understand how to use the apparatus in your workstation. They are talents, gifts, and unique abilities that nature has blessed you with. You can monetize your talents and live a satisfied life with zero regrets. It is possible to live a stress-free life doing the thing you love the most and earning from it.

  1. Stick to the procedure for your experiment.

Every experiment has its unique procedure that you must use to get accurate results. You need to stick to the provided procedure to the last step. Do not look at your neighbors’ and forget about yours. Neither should you copy their procedure and use it in your experiment. Call in the lab technician whenever you are in doubt and they will happily help you out. Nature has appointed a different path for everyone. Do not do things because other people are doing them. Stick to nature’s plan for you – the purpose of your life – and commit to it. Every other blessing will eventually follow. The mystery of nature in this respect is how everybody has different destinies; even blood brothers. Your glory is waiting for you if you make it to the end of your experiment.

  1. Make correct observations.

You should make correct observations at the end of the experiment. Do not write down what you want to see. Instead, write down the observations that you have made even if you do not like them. These observations are the true picture of the subject matter of the experiment. This is what will make you a great scientist. Similarly, nature wants you to make correct observations after your experiment. This is the reality of the matter on the ground. The mystery of nature is that it will not put everything in plain sight before you. It is often hidden slightly below the table. You have to look closely. Nature is counting on you to make correct observations.

  1. Implement the conclusions of the experiment.

The right conclusions come from correct observations. This marks the completion of the experiment. It defines whether or not you have achieved the goal of the experiment you did. After a conclusion, you go ahead to implement it fully. Nature also wants you to implement conclusions from your observations. You will learn to align your life events and plans at the right time and involve the right people. You will avoid a lot of regrets when you take this path. The mystery of nature is that you can do the right thing if you have experienced it before. This is how wisdom increases.

The universe wants you to learn the mysteries of nature in its laboratory. This is your divine gift.

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