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Learning the Skill of Riding on Nature’s Wind of Influence

Rides of Universe

Influence has always been under-rated. But what is influence? It is the ability to affect another person’s character, behavior, or decisions. Nobody is insulated from influence from all sides. An influencer is very powerful. They run the world because their word is as good as law. Their mass following will go with them to the end of the world. If they vouch for a product, it will soon be out of stock due to its high demand.

Similarly, if they critique it, its sales will stagnate. In this age where information spreads faster than the wind, you do not want to step on the toes of influencers. Becoming an influencer is prestigious since it puts you on top of things. Your seat is always reserved at the table because your contribution is invaluable. 

Having any influence over someone is one way of showing your power in the universe. Sometimes you are unaware of your influence on someone. Your secret admirers have been monitoring your lifestyle for a long time now and you have impressed them. You have a low-key influence on their life.

You are a tower of perfection before their eyes and it cannot be right if you say it’s wrong or vice versa. There is a lot at stake if you do not learn how to ride on nature’s wind of influence on this matter. 

The secret of influence in the universe. 

Nature is complete with the history of past and current influencers. They left a mark in the universe and are celebrated to date. Some had the privilege to serve their countries as national leaders and others were behind the curtains in the corridors of power. These agents of influence kept secrets of the game of influence up their sleeves. For a long time now, it has been a well-kept secret from the rest of the world. This is one of the ways influencers have managed to maintain their power. 


The lid is open so that you can now know these secrets and maybe join the elite club of influencers if you so wish. The secrets range from keen observations to comprehensive conclusions to harsh realities and comforting assurances. Managing influence is a skill that needs to be tamed and set on the right path for you to realize meaningful benefits. The world is your stage, take it away. 

Influence is like wind. 

The wind is mysterious. It cannot be seen or touched but we can only see its effects. When it is windy, trees sway and dust is blown up. In extreme cases, strong winds can blow away roofs or uproot trees. What a tragedy! Similarly, the wind blows heavy clouds from one place to another where it later rains. The rain is a blessing.  

Influence, like wind, is mysterious. Something trivial can influence bigger blessings. Honoring a person in a lower rank than yourself can open doors for bigger roles in your life. Nature puts your life under a microscope. It observes everything going on in it and mysteriously pushes your influence to new heights the way the wind pushes heavy clouds to a new place.

It is the little positive actions that cumulatively put you on the rooftop of success. Nature teaches that influence and wind are unpredictable. Choose where the wind of influence will blow you by putting on your best manners throughout. Your character is a parachute that will lead you to a smooth landing when the wind blows in your life. 

Influence is like rain. 

Rain is a blessing. Some people wish to have rain in their area but it has not been possible. Drought sets in due to lack of rain and famine settles in the community. However, the fortunes of the community change when it rains. Farms are prepared for the season and the community prepares for a bountiful harvest. Rain changes fortunes. 

Influence is like rain. It waters your farm of potential and you can expect a bounty harvest. Your little-known business can become international when it is influenced by a big wig and you can secure a job with a multi-national company if an influential person recommends you to it (of course if you are qualified).

Nature teaches that you should ride on positive influence from other people and allow their rain of influence to fall on your farm (life). The rain of influence is a blessing and the people who pushed the clouds of rain above your head are anointed by the universe for that purpose. Embrace their influence. 

Sun and Rain

Influence is like the sun. 

The sun, like rain, is a blessing. It will rise each morning and set in the evening without fail. The sun has a lot of uses – from solar energy to food preservation to being a source of vitamin D, the sun is a very important part of our life. Come to think of it, how would it look like if the sun failed to show up for a week? The moon would switch off because its source of light is missing. For the record, the sun has always shown up even on cloudy or rainy days; you did not see it because it was completely covered with heavy clouds. 

Influence is like the sun in the way it faithfully appears daily. There is always an influence to do one thing or the other. If it is not your spouse influencing you to settle on a new home, it is your child influencing you to buy their favorite toy, or your parents influencing your career choice. The constant influence from various quarters about your life is nature’s way of pushing you to something. Pay attention to them because you may get a lifetime opportunity because of how nature, through other people, influenced your choices.  

Riding on positive influence to your life’s mission is a skill that nature wants you to perfect. Grab the opportunity tightly when nature’s wind of influence blows in your favor. There is nothing that you cannot achieve when your goals align with nature’s influence.

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