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Learning to Count your Blessings in Life

A blessing is being favored for something over other people. It is when you get what you want for half the effort or none at all. The prize in question could be anything that you need at the moment – good health, beautiful relationships, a satisfying job, a new home, a college degree, or a promotion at work. A blessing is when you get any of these without breaking a sweat. Blessings are relative; they differ in quantity and quality from one person to another. What you take for granted is another person’s silent wish.

It begins with you.

Are you blessed? Yes, you are.

There are a lot of things that the universe has put in your life. Your life is the first blessing. Waking up to a new day is a big win even when everything looks like it is falling apart. Look at nature and everything in it. Dew on plants in the morning while it was dry the night before is proof that things can happen overnight in your favor without you asking for it. Do plants deserve the grace of dew in the morning? Probably not; yet they receive it daily. This is a window to see the beauty of how the universe rewards its blessings without discrimination.

Dew on plants is not ordinary. It is a blessing that it does not take for granted. It helps it survive through drought seasons, reduces transpiration, cools the plant, and is sometimes absorbed directly through the leaves by some desert plants. It is a blessing to plants from nature; one that shows up every morning throughout their lifetime.

Similarly, the universe waters us with blessings each day as nature does with dew on plants. These blessings stick on you as dew does to the leaves of plants. The blessings of the universe begin with you. These are some of the blessings that you should count:



Growth is the gradual increase in size and development. It is a universal characteristic of all living things. Growth increases with age and time. It can be healthy or retarded depending on the way you choose it to be. However, nature is present to help you realize the positive growth of your body and spirit. Consider plants in the jungle with nobody to take care of them. They germinate into seedlings and later mature to become big trees. They survive all seasons throughout their lifetime since this is the plan of the universe. Similarly, the plan of the universe is for you to grow regardless of your environment or the challenges that you go through. This is a blessing from above. Embrace it and enjoy the blessing of growth each day. It is a light of hope that you will outgrow any difficulty in life.

A support system.

It refers to the network of people, in this case, who provide you with practical or emotional support in your life. They are an important part of your life since they are instrumental in helping you stay on top of issues. They remind you that you are human through how they relate to your emotional journey. Your support system was present when you were shortlisted for your first interview, got engaged to your soulmate, welcomed your first child, or successfully started your business. The same people were there when you lost your loved one, fell sick, stressed, or became depressed. Such a support system is a package of blessings from above. The universe is watching out for you day and night through these guardian angels in the name of friends and family. You are lucky and blessed.

Good health.

This is an underrated blessing. Some people could give anything to be as healthy as you are yet they are not. The universe has chosen to allow you to enjoy good health and a bonus of mental freedom. Do not take this blessing for granted. You can go about your business without fearing for your life in any way. Nature has plenty of both medical remedies to bad health (natural medicine) and spiritual remedies (spiritual cleansing through meditation). It is a win each time you are not in any kind of pain. It is your chance to be productive and efficient in your line of calling. You appreciate good health more when you lack the same. When you regain it, use it as a tool to win battles and the ultimate war ahead. You can appreciate the blessing of good health by strictly following a healthy meal plan and detoxifying your spirit to detach from old sins. The universe wants you to guard your blessing of health because it will lead you to much more. 


Love is like grease to a wheel. It makes the wheel move easily by reducing friction and the tear and wear it causes. Nature is full of love. It can sit in the driver’s seat or take a back seat. What counts is that it is always present. There is room for so much more in your life because love accommodates it. The warmth of the universe’s love comforts your heart when you are troubled. It improves your self-esteem and builds your self-confidence. The universe wants you to count this as a blessing since not everyone gets to experience it. This divine love encourages you to forgive yourself for any past mistakes as you commit to shaping your future.

Peace of mind.

Peace of mind and heart is the universe’s gift to your spirit. It follows closely behind the gift of love. The gift of peace ranks higher than any material possession. It is by far one of your most valuable assets. You have a reason to be grateful to the universe when you can afford it. Peace gives you a clear head to think straight and work efficiently. This prepares the way for much bigger blessings ahead.  

There are a lot of benefits when you learn to count your blessings in life. Your approach in life becomes one of gratitude and your future will forever be indebted to you.

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