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Learning to Train your Spiritual Muscles

Muscles are a measure of strength and physical fitness. You are only as strong or weak as your muscles. Strong muscles help you to move things around, pump blood through your body, and help you breathe. Muscles are an important part of your body’s physiology and you need them at their best because your survival depends on them. The way muscles work is through reflexes and trained movements. While some muscle movements happen involuntarily, there are others as well that need a lot of training and practice for them to work efficiently.

The muscles and tissues of the food pipe contract and expand during swallowing to push food down to the stomach, the muscles of the heart pump blood to the rest of the body through blood vessels, and those in blood vessels dilate to allow blood to flow through it. These invisible muscles inside the body are not in any way less important because they are invisible. They are as important as the arm muscles that lift heavy objects and the leg muscles that help you run fast.  

Spiritual muscles are as important as body muscles. The universe wants you to care and practice on them so that you may grow spiritually stronger. All the practice you do on your body by going to the gym and doing workouts only benefits the body. The universe wants you to strike a balance between the body and spirit. The spirit is the captain of your destiny. A stronger spirit will guide your body and soul excellently through any challenge that comes your way. Nothing can overpower your spirit when you learn to train your spiritual muscles. The people in your life will witness the benefit of your spiritual strength and it will change all of your lives for the better. There are many reasons why you should train your spiritual muscles. They include: 

1. To build your strength 

Muscles become stronger and more efficient with more practice. For example, you can carry a heavier load or walk a longer distance if you work out consistently. Your strength will make you self-reliable and count on yourself first before anyone else. You need to be strong to work and meet your needs. Many of your needs will be unfulfilled when you are weak. Spiritual strength helps you to fight spiritual battles in your life and fulfill your divine assignment.

To build this strength, you can train your muscles by enrolling in your spiritual gym. This is where you fellowship with other believers and encourage each other with personal testimonies of your lives. Your spiritual muscles get stronger from the newly acquired faith and the victories that the universe gave to your friends. This is the why and how you can build your strength by training your spiritual muscles.  

2. To improve your appearance

Muscles determine your body shape and size. Other people describe you to others based on your outward appearance. You are either tall or short, muscular or feminine, chubby or slender. It is easier for people to know whether or not you work out by looking at your muscles. This is also true with your spirit – spiritual muscles determine your appearance in the universe. Your spiritual appearance will either attract or keep you away from different people in your life. Train your spiritual muscles to look attractive by being friendly. You may unknowingly shut out angels sent by the universe to your life. They are agents of blessings and have all the answers to your prayers. The more friendly you become with your neighbor, the more attractive you get. More angels will come into your life because the universe is aware of your attractiveness.  

3. To prepare you for the unknown

Muscles indicate preparedness to take any challenge head-on. You come across as prepared and ready to win. Training your body muscles prepares you psychologically to have the capacity to handle danger. This is also true when you train your spiritual muscles. Your spirit becomes empowered to handle any danger threatening your survival. Securing your spiritual survival is important because every other part of your life depends on it. Your career ambitions, family, relationships, and personal goals depend on your preparedness to handle the uncertain future.

You can train your spiritual muscles to be prepared to handle the unknown by satisfying your spiritual curiosity. This will make you knowledgeable enough to face the blank future ahead of you. You will discover and solve a lot of spiritual mysteries to satisfy your spiritual curiosity. In the process, your spiritual muscles will have enough practice to make you courageous. You do not have to say anything in the face of the unknown. Let your spiritual muscles be your defense.  

4. To give you peace of mind. 

Trained muscles provide a sense of security in addition to the peace that comes along. Strong people exude self-confidence and are more relaxed even when they are in trouble. Their peace of mind is assured by their muscular strength. They are comfortable that their safety is assured. After all, who will want to poke a bear? This is the comfort that spiritually strong people have. Spiritually strong muscles will save you from constantly looking over your shoulders. It gives you the necessary peace of mind to lead a normal life.

You can train your spirit to have peace of mind by practicing faith. It extends to trust in the saving power of the universe to take care of you. The universe appreciates such blind faith from you to him because, after all, you are a child of the Kingdom. It is time to commit everything in its hands. Quit worrying and have faith. This trains your spiritual muscles to have the ability to have peace of mind even when it is chaotic all around you.  

It is important to learn to train your spiritual muscles for all of the above reasons and more. A strong spirit will lead the body and soul to greater accomplishments. A weak spirit is the root cause of things going south. Fix it today to enjoy a happy ever after.

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