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Legalizing your Marriage to Money

The dream.

It is the dream of most people to settle down with the love of their lives. The thought of a happily-ever-after with your partner is attractive. We have heard and even witnessed beautiful success stories of marriages. We have equally heard of unsuccessful ones and it breaks our hearts more when it involves people closer to us. However, we still want to marry and share our lives with our partners, even after we are blessed with young ones.

But when does a marriage become legal? It is when you officiate and register it with the government. You are issued with a certificate that recognizes your marriage between two consenting adults. Thereafter, no one can oppose the legality of your marriage until either of you applies for a divorce.

Randomly asking married couples what made them enter into marriage will reveal a consistent trend – each sees a future in their partner. The sacrifices that the couple can make for one another are amazing. You want to see your partner happy and contribute to their success. Your life is majorly concerned with their well-being. This is how beautiful an ideal marriage is.

Sidebar: If you are married, how is your marriage experience? If you are yet to, do you wish you were?

The dream marriage.

If marriage to a human partner can be that amazing, how much more will it be with a partner that the universe has consented to? It is time you consider legalizing your marriage to money. A legal marriage with money will improve your relationship because you will now be tied to the hip with each other. Money has never been this good. It gets better when you explore the things that it can buy. A holiday in the Bahamas or a safari in Africa to see the big five of the jungle can be made possible with money. Although money is not an end in itself, it is a means to the end.

This is how you make your marriage to money official:

  1.     Know your spouse.

Marriage is a big step in life and before you consent to it, you have to know your partner well enough. Given that it is intended to be an everlasting union, avoid any mistakes while you still can.

Q: Who do you want to marry?

A: Money.

Q: Are you ready for marriage?

A: Yes.

Q: What does your partner (money) love?

A: She loves to be used.

Q: What does your partner (money) hate?

A: She hates to be misused.

This is the tip of the iceberg on how well you know your partner. Take time to study her as you consider how soon you want to legalize your marriage.

  1.     Know the family of your partner.

Just as it is with all marriages, you take time to know the family that your partner has come from.

Parents, siblings, their extended family, and close friends influence many things in the life of your partner. What family is your partner – money – coming from? This is what you need to know:

Money is created by the universe to live in the family of nature until the time when she finds her true love. They can then officially wed with the blessings of the universe. When you know the family of your spouse and they grant their approval for your marriage, there is no doubt that their blessings shall follow you.

  1.     Seek priestly blessings.

How about priestly blessings? The universe has double roles. It is the creator of money and the priest to officiate your legal marriage with her. Choosing to have a priest bless your marriage is one of the best decisions you can make, especially if you are religious.

You can tap ordained priestly blessings by using your money for divine causes. Be part of genuine charity, help the needy, or feed the hungry. You impress the universe by using your hard-earned money to show kindness to people who cannot repay you. The universe will entrust you with more money because of your empathy.

  1.     Protect your union.

It is probably only married couples who will understand the external pressure they face. There is pressure to have kids, to move to a new neighborhood, to gift your partner, and sometimes competition from other couples that you have to keep up with. All these are not meant to weaken your marriage but to make you bond more with each other.

Your marriage with money should not change your character. The universe is keen to see you retain your good initial habits. It will refuse to legalize your marriage if you show the slightest change in your behavior after you have money. The original plan is for money to help you accomplish your dreams, not to hijack them on the way. Like fire, money is a good servant, but a bad master.

  1.     Be faithful in dating even in marriage.

Faithfulness is the key to a successful marriage. In marriage, the end does not justify the means. The method you use to make money matters a lot. An unmanaged desire for money makes people do a lot of things that they are not proud of. The universe is watching you all this while, even to the point where you succumb to ungodly temptations. As a good parent, he will advise money against marrying you. Dishonesty made you miss a bride.

Work for your money in honesty, even if it is not the popular way. The universe shall command his blessings in honest work. When you are honest with the little that you have, you shall be put in charge over many. Any parent will readily give their child in marriage to an honest partner. Be the one whom the universe chooses to accept to legalize his marriage with money.

The original idea of marriage was that it may last forever. You have a new in-law when your union with money is finally legalized. The universe shall give you a constant supply of your needs and your marriage shall have an abundance of what the world is searching for

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