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Lessons from Nature’s Smart Worker(s)

nature's worker

There is always something new to learn for everyone. Nature has infinite knowledge about everything under the sun and even beyond. This is so much knowledge for you to consume. The more you understand how nature works, the more you become wiser. Everything in nature is constantly evolving and the prize is yours if you keep up with it.

There are elements in nature that have learned to keep up the pace. They are now a role model on how to be on top of the game. The generations that followed after them have carried on with their culture and they continue to be role models. They are nature’s smart workers. If the universe was a company, they will always win the prize of the best employee of the year because they are productive, efficient, and organized in their communities. Nature will forever be indebted to them.

Birds, ants, and bees are some of nature’s smart workers. They go beyond expectation to prove that they are worthy in the ecosystem. You must already know by now that you cannot downplay their contribution. They devote their lives to building and protecting their survival and that of their upcoming generations.

bee and nature

These are takeaway lessons from them:

1. They preserve their environments.

Nature’s smart workers are very conscious of their environments. They appreciate and maintain their habitats. Consider birds who go out of their way to build nests to live in. They use grass, leaves, twigs, and mud to build their homes. These building materials are eco-friendly and still create a warm home for the birds. It is amazing how birds make their nests. They are small in size but have the consciousness of acknowledging and protecting their environments.

Nature wants us to follow the example of the birds – to deliberately take care of our environment. You have the responsibility of taking care of the Earth. You do not have to cut trees to create a home for yourself. This betrays your intentions as inconsiderate of the future that nature gives all of us. Be like the birds, one of nature’s smart workers, who are conscious of the environment their children will find.

2. They appreciate their strengths.

Nature’s smart workers are gifted differently. The strength of birds is in their wings, of fish is in their fins, and of ants in their legs. They use their strengths to survive and create a haven in their habitats. Their abilities are meant to serve them and others too. This makes nature proud of them.

Everyone has their strengths that vary from one person to the other. They are gifts from above that are meant to serve and adapt you to your environment. Do not use them to endanger the survival of other people because you are accountable to the universe. Build a reputation for yourself that the world will remember you for because of the impact you leave on the lives of many people. 

3. They recognize authority.

Respect for authority is a virtue that every smart person should have. Nestlings, Antlings, and the brood respect the authority in their communities. Rebellion is unheard of among them. Their parents and adults take on the responsibility of raising the young ones because they are still naïve and inexperienced.

The universe wants you to follow the example of nature’s smart workers. Authority provides you with spiritual cover to fulfill your purpose in life. You recognize authority through small acts like paying your taxes and following your estate by-laws. This is what smart people do.

4. They read the time and seasons.

Before civilization, people could tell the time and predict seasons based on birds’ movements and animals’ behavior. Starlings, pigeons, and crows fly in groups at sunrise and sunset. It could be that they are returning to their roosting sites or finding warmth during cold winter nights. Daytime birds understand that the night is the time to ‘go home’ and rest. They interpret time and seasons correctly.

Nature wants you to adopt this habit of its smartest workers. Everything under the sun has an appointed time to manifest. Do not rush things or skip stages for whatever reasons. Trust the natural process to take you there and you will not regret it. Take the remote of your life from whoever is calling the shots and press play or pause according to the prevailing time and seasons. You will not miss the opportunities that the universe has set your way because you were at the right place and at the right time.

5. They work in unity.

Unity is the language of the universe. Ants work together to store food in their anthill stores. You may have seen a piece of bread being carried by a group of uncountable ants to their home. You may also have experienced first-hand what happens when you step on them or when you invade a bee’s hive. They unite to bite or sting this intruder who is endangering their lives. They are united to protect themselves and to work for their kingdom.


The universe wants you to join its smart workers in unity. There is nothing impossible in unity. Your mind is focused and you can concentrate your efforts on the task at hand. A community that stays in unity can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

6. They care for each other.

Care is a language of love. The universe wants you to take care of others as you do to yourself. Ants do not leave their colleagues behind when they are hurt. If it is any consolation, they carry him to their home.

Nature wants you to speak the language of love by caring for other people. Offer a reliable shoulder to lean on to a brother or sister. Your encouragement will heal another spirit and the universe will be indebted to you. A time is coming when you shall be repaid in full for your kindness especially when you need it the most.

Nature’s smart workers have answers that you have been looking for long enough. Their lifestyles and cultures testify to this. Go get your answers, champion!

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