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Lessons from the Universe’s Oldest Resources


If there is one thing that comes with age, then it is experience. It is not learned in the classroom and you cannot fake it. As days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years, you continuously gain experience that you will later find useful.  

Experience attracts the wisdom to navigate through life safely. Your best bet is to associate with experienced people and learn the ABC of life. As it is, they are the gatekeepers of wisdom. The universe holds a lot for us. You are in the last will of the Universe as a beneficiary of everything that it holds. Nature is the custodian of its wealth of experience.  

The world is your inheritance and Nature has the wisdom of experience to help you optimize it. Water is one of the universe’s oldest resources. Its properties are an eye-opener to the secrets it holds. There is more to water than what you can see. These are its lessons: 

1. Colorless and clear. 

This is the first property of water that makes it different from other liquids. Water is not blue as many think the ocean is. Neither is it brown like dirty muddy water. It is colorless; to mean without color. This characteristic of water helps to distinguish pure and impure water. You can see the bottom of the container through clean pure water. 

Colorless and clear water

There is wisdom in having a water-like lifestyle – colorless and clear. Your intentions should be transparent and the universe will answer all your prayers because you asked in good faith. Equally, your enemies will not be able to predict your next step because they only see their reflection in the water. 

2. Tasteless. 

Water is neither sweet, sour, nor bitter. This makes it appropriate for drinking by people and animals. It has consistently remained relevant since its creation. There is someone drinking water right now and you will probably take a glass shortly after reading this. This is what the universe is telling you – your value is not in your taste but in your importance. 

Consistently work on your impact on the lives of people and your appearance will not matter. Your physical appearance matters only to the point where you are decent. Beyond this, you can be tasteless but remain significant like water. Tasteless water can still quench your thirst. People will always need you in their lives because of your importance.  

3. Odorless. 

Clean water does not have any smell. It is amazing how we still like it the way it is. It is the impurities in water that make it have a smell, whether good or bad. Even people who are affected by smell because of medical conditions will still drink water because their bodies need it.  

A smell (either good or bad) will attract the attention of other people and you cannot go unnoticed. Adapt to the silence of water and pass by places unnoticed. Only leave behind footprints of your influence. Your enemies cannot capture you because you move around silently. This is the power of being odorless. 

4. Universal solvent. 

Water can dissolve a lot of substances except a handful. This makes it most preferred to other solvents because of its other friendly properties. Water does not change the properties of the other solvents but instead amplifies them. For example, when water is mixed with paint, it will be ready for use instantly. Another example is how water is mixed with ‘ready to drink’ commercial juice.  

How universal are you? Nature is imploring you to adopt the universality of water. Blend in every crowd and expand your wealth of experience. Nothing is too difficult for a universal student of nature. You will always find a way to work things out. This will make you the most sought-after professional in your field and your value will increase gradually. 

5. Fluid. 

Water is a fluid like other liquids and gases. They have the unique characteristic of having no fixed shape and can flow easily. Water takes the shape of anything that it is put in. Water in a cup has the shape of a cup but when put in a bottle, it takes the shape of a bottle. This makes it easier to carry wherever you would want. You do not have to ‘force’ it to fit into the vessel that you have. 

Your survival depends heavily on your flexibility. Nature teaches us to be flexible like water. Bend forward, backward, or even sideways when it is necessary. The world is changing daily and your options will constantly reduce if you are not fluid. It is acceptable to have personal standards but while at it, work towards being accommodative of others. 

Water is a natural

6. Natural. 

Water is a natural resource. There have been attempts to manufacture water in the laboratory but it has not been very successful. Unlike artificial water, natural water is chemical-free and is a bonus to the human body. Water flows from the mountains where there is heavy rainfall or when the ice at the peak melts. They form tributaries that eventually come together to form a major river that later drains into lakes or the ocean.

In between this journey that water travels, a lot of people benefit from the value of this natural resource. People are employed through fishing, some vend water to homes, and hydropower can be tapped from the water too.  

The universe emphasizes the need to be natural so that you can tap into the value addition chain. There is a lot of untapped potential when you preserve your natural state. You save your spirit from imminent contamination by the world. 

More than half of the world is covered by water. Oceans separate the continents and the only way to move from one continent to the other is either by sea or air. Therefore, there is zero possibility that the world would one day have a water shortage.

The template of survival like the universe’s oldest resource is already on the table. Like water, you can also survive whatever comes your way. Adapt to the water lifestyle. 

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