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Lights, Camera, Action – Living your Wealthy Version

The life of a superstar.

There is this movie superstar that you idolize. Watching them in your favorite show thrills you and you admire every bit of their lifestyle. You may have probably even gone a mile further to follow them on their social media. Why? Because you do not want anything they do to pass you by.

You feel that you are already part of their life even if they do not know you in person. You know whom they are married to, their larger family, their interests, and every detail about their lives is at your fingertips. Your favorite superstar is always financially stable, at least based on what you see from them. They buy this and that, visit any place they want and enjoy the freedom that money provides.’

The life of a superstar is enviable. But guess what? You can also live their kind of lifestyle.

Life on set.

Life on set is amazing! It is perfect! It is scripted and there is someone behind it to ensure that everything happens as planned. This is the film director. He is the make-or-break factor.

He is responsible for the adorable lifestyle of your favorite superstar. All characters in the film also play their part in the success of the film. They fully trust the director to do everything he says. His instruction while filming is the law. The characters in the film have synched their energy with his.

Their spirits communicate with each other and their connection is divine. It becomes easier for them when they finally get in character. They devote themselves to their work so that you may enjoy your favorite show every time.

Who is the movie director in your life?

Do you already have a movie director in your life? If not, you must get one. He is the universe. His role as the director of your life is not replaceable. With his help, you can live the lifestyle of your favorite superstar. You can only live the perfect, flawless, and desirable life of your favorite superstar if you have the right person for the job of director in your life. No one is more suitable for it than the universe. 

The rules of living your wealthy version.

After hiring the universe as your director, you are now set for greatness. Welcome to life on set where everything is possible. You finally get to dine at the same table as your favorite superstar. Here is a walk through this new life:

  1. Know the script beforehand.

The best actors always ensure that they are briefed by the director on the script early enough. They familiarize themselves with their part in the script and memorize their lines by heart. Rehearsal time is when you show off your skills. It is not the time to try to get your lines right.

With the universe as your director, you equally need to familiarize yourself with the script. The script is the will of the universe in your life. It will guide you in living your purpose and realizing your dreams. You will learn how to confine yourself to the boundaries of the will of the universe. Your director – the universe – will then take you to the next step of living your life on set.

  1. Know other characters in the script.

Other characters in the script play a big role in making the lead actor shine. They bring out the best in him by complementing his role in the film. Yes, every actor in the script is equally important. Your favorite superstar “shines” because of the other supportive actors in the script.

writing a letter

The universe has hired many other supportive characters in His will over your life. They are strategically placed to hold your hand when lonely and pat your shoulder when discouraged. Such good people in your life do not just happen to be there. They are the work of your director – the universe. Do not take them for granted. Appreciate them in their different capacities and your director might just add some more!

3. Familiarize yourself with the setting of the script.

Apart from allocating different actors their different roles in the script, the director ensures that they are familiar with the setting of the film. All the characters should know where they will act their roles and familiarize themselves with that environment. They even do rehearsals in the very environment where they will eventually stage their film. The idea of a familiar environment boosts their confidence and the final film becomes a masterpiece.

Are you familiar with your environment? There is more to becoming a rich, famous, and renowned actor. You should know the opportunities and threats in your environment that will either make or break your success. This will empower you to take advantage of arising chances of success and you will eventually come out on top. Behold the newest millionaire in town!

4. Give it your best.

Get over the thought that there will be another chance to take a second stab. Actors go on stage to give their best, not to try. They have the chance to make as many trials as they wish during rehearsals, but not when on set. The best shot is on camera. For once, actors leave their lives aside and get into character when it’s time for action.

Unlike life on set, real life has no rehearsals. It is a one-time show with no opportunity for rehearsals except that the universe gives you uncountable chances to learn. Summon all the courage within you to do the right thing and perfect it. Doors of opportunity will open for you. The world is now your stage, champion.

There is never a dull moment in the life of your favorite superstar. But who is behind all the magic? The movie director. You now have the same in your life. He is the wealth switch you have been looking for all along. The universe holds the master key to the lavish lifestyle on set. 

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