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Luck or Hardwork? – The Mystery of Abundance

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There is a thin line between luck and hard work. Hard work is a purely human effort but luck is determined by nature. The window to be both hard-working and lucky is always open. Still, some people are hardworking but not lucky, and vice versa. Although they look similar, both hard work and luck have their unique blessings. The universe is the custodian of these blessings and we have to unlock them. The blessing of abundance is a card the universe holds closer to its chest. It only reveals to those who find favor before him. This is how you seek divine favor from the universe – complete devotion in body and spirit to its divine will.

The secret card of mystery.

Spirituality often does not work as we would expect in the physical realm. For example, the rule of merit where the most qualified are rewarded does not always apply in spirituality. Even the less qualified one has a chance to redeem himself. The universe gives all of us an equal chance to fill our stores. Nature goes further to conspire for your success. As the loving Father Who He is, He positions you ready to receive the blessings of abundance.

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The mystery of abundance is that at the right time, even the clock will tick without batteries. The heavens and earth will work tirelessly to fill your stores to the brim. Your hard work will stand on one side of the equation and the universe will stand on the other side to balance it. Growing spiritually opens your eyes to new levels of growth. It is like climbing up a ladder. You can only see some things below when you are at the top.

The dynamics of growth.

Come to think of it, doesn’t the ocean ever get empty? Again, who plants the forests in the Amazon? Drought, no matter how severe, has never dried the Pacific. Neither has anyone gone to the tropical rainforests of the Amazon to plant trees and take care of them to maturity. There is a superpower that makes everything run as it should. This is the power at work in your life when you submit to nature. I kid you not, abundance will be your second name.

When abundance knocks at your door, people will be torn between calling you lucky or a hard worker. Trees that you never planted will give you cool shade away from the burning sun. Wells that you never drilled will quench your thirst. When you seek abundance through prayers and devotion to your work, the universe will open doors of abundance for you.

Unlocking the doors of abundance.

  1.     Be fruitful.

It does not come as a surprise that everyone wants to be associated with success. Success attracts more success. It calls out to her neighbors and friends to come to join her because it has found a home in you. Devote yourself to your humble beginnings and make it work. The fruits of your work will speak for you and people will want to know the person behind it. It is like seeds that fall on fertile ground. These seeds come from fruits which is the success of your small beginnings.

  1.     Be patient.

When a seed falls on fertile ground, it is first buried in the soil. During this time, it looks like nothing is happening. When the seed dies after it is buried, it loses its form as a seed. You can barely recognize the beautiful seed it once was. Some people may look down on you because they do not know that something beautiful is buried but it will sprout better than they can ever imagine. Once you pass this test of patience, you have successfully made the first step ahead in unlocking the doors of abundance.

  1.     Be prayerful.

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Prayer is a powerful link between the present and the future. It is some sort of time travel that you use to go to the future and see what lies ahead. The seed buried in the ground is at risk of being eaten by birds and other insects. It’s game over when it is eaten before its time. You protect it through prayer and hasten its germination by watering it. It is like rain that falls on a tilled farm. It gives the buried seed the go-ahead to germinate and come out of the ground.

  1.     Be ready to be in the limelight.

You are about to be in the limelight for having unlocked the doors of abundance. You cannot hide a new seedling after it has germinated and come above the ground. Other people will notice your success, acknowledge your efforts and call you lucky. Little do they know how it took you three full stages before your seeds of hard work could germinate. You should not stop there. Your efforts are still tender and need to be nurtured to maturity. The doors of abundance are yet to be fully opened.

  1.     Live in an enabling environment.

heart of the Universe

Every plant flourishes in specific weather. Some need a lot of rainfall and do well in a cool and wet climate. On the other hand, others do well in hot weather. Likewise, your new seedling needs favorable weather for it to grow. An enabling environment is where you will be surrounded by the right friends and a loving family. They will encourage you when you are in low spirits and warn you of any lurking danger. An enabling environment opens the doors of abundance wider. This is your moment of glory. Do not hold back from meeting new people. The universe sometimes sends Angels into our lives in the form of friends. They will introduce you to businesses you never knew about. You will sit in board rooms and meet with captains of industry on their recommendation. They are the gateway to your blessings.

Whether by luck, hard work, or both, the doors of abundance will open to you if you gain favor from the universe. The mystery of abundance is solved!

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