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Making Meaningful Spiritual Connections

spiritual connection

What are they?

The term spiritual connection sounds foreign but is not entirely something new. It refers to a good relationship between your spirit and the universe. Matter of fact, this is the most important relationship you can nurture. Before I highlight the importance of spiritual connections, consider this relatable example.

A qualified electrician does wiring for your newly built house and sets up all the necessary connections – the switches to lights as well as the lights themselves, sockets, the main switch, the lampshade, and other electric outputs you know. However, even after all this work, you will still be in the dark until you are connected to the power grid.

Thereafter, you can enjoy the electricity in your house – cook, charge your devices, heat your bathing water in the shower, use your washing machine, and do so much more. It is the beginning of a new life.

The beginning of a new life.

Just as being connected to the power grid means you can finally light up your house, so does making meaningful spiritual connections mean. They light up your life and you get to enjoy exclusive benefits. Consider spiritual connections like essential service providers. Examples of essential service providers include:

  1.     Health workers.
  2.     Security officers.
  3.     Administration and coordination officers.
  4.     Financial institutions.
  5.     Distributors and retailers of petroleum and oil products.
  6.     Food dealers

Similarly, spiritual connections are important for the nourishment of our spirit without which we cannot survive. Here is a whole list of them and why you should have them in your life as soon as possible.

  1. A spiritual authority figure.

It could be your
Pastor, Minister, Reverend, Bishop, or Apostle for Christians. The Buddhists have the Lama, and the Hindus have the Swami as their religious teacher. Muslims too have their Imam. These leaders wield a lot of power than most people think. It does not mean that they can stop the sun or create a highway in the middle of the ocean.

To begin with, you listen to their teaching every worship day. More so, you have submitted to their authority and allowed them to teach you spiritual ways which you are naïve about. Your spiritual leader can help you fight spiritual battles for this is their principal duty.

Spiritual leaders are more knowledgeable than you are in spiritual matters and you should walk in their shadow for guidance and protection. Make a point of having one if you don’t have any because you will have no one to turn to in your darkest hour. If you already have one, be keen on following their teachings for the best results.

  1.  Destiny connectors.

They are men and women whom the universe has given the responsibility of connecting you with your destiny. Your destiny is intertwined with theirs and it is in your best interest that you connect with them as soon as you can.

Truth is that much time is wasted in between because you may have not already identified them. For one, you could either be deliberately blind to the obvious signs that they are the chosen ones. The universe owes nobody an explanation on anything. Somehow, nature conspires to bring these people into your life to connect you with your destiny.

Pay close attention to connecting with them and following their lead. On their account, you will meet great people, find aid in quotas you never dreamt of, and even visit places you have never imagined. Do you have any destiny connector in your life?

  1.  Parents and guardians.

How many people do you know who have a broken relationship with their parents or guardians? How does life treat them? Parents and guardians have the responsibility of holding your hand from when you are little to your adulthood. They introduce you to the world, provide for your needs, and protect you from harm.

They have a weightier responsibility for you and they are held accountable for it. Your spirit knows them as the primary caregiver and this cannot be simply wished away. The spiritual connection you have with them even in your adulthood life tells a lot about the type of person you are.

Do not despise them even if they are lowly people. You could not have come into being were it not for them. The universe respects them for this reason. Connect with them and they shall speak a blessing in your life. Their blessings to you for doing them good shall defend you in your dark days. In all fairness, nature shall spare you its wrath for neglecting them.

  1.  Mentors and teachers.

This pair is very important in your life. Every ambitious person does not lack both of them. They are important because they hold your hand throughout even when things get tough. Mentors are the people you look up to with the hope of one day becoming like them while teachers guide you in following your dream.

Establishing a spiritual connection with them will make you a part of them and you can do so much more compared to being alone. You cannot underestimate the influence a mentor has on a mentee. This makes it important to connect with the right one because you will eventually manifest the right thing.

You can buy your mentor and/or teacher a gift as a token of appreciation. It shows that you still remember them and value them for their role in your life.

  1.  Advisors.

The decision on whether or not to act on a piece of advice is yours. No one will question you about it and you will bear the costs for the same. The roles of mentors and teachers are slightly different from that of advisors.

Advisors are exclusively there to tell you the right thing to do. They point out the right and wrong in what you have learned from your teachers.

Please connect with these people if you want to make good use of their advice. A spiritual connection binds you more than a dry commitment does.

The importance of spiritual connections cannot be underestimated. You get to score a point in your spirituality and this win is manifested in your daily life. Hey there, what meaningful connections have you made so far? 

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