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What is the 369 manifestation method as seen on TikTok?

“If you know the magnificence of the 3,6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”
-Nikola Tesla.

According to the philosophical system, your mind is the force that holds the capacity to manifest anything into existence – as long as it is safe for you, for others, and the planet.

There are plenty of ways to start manifesting your desires, from using the law of attraction to creating vision boards. One of the methods getting a fair share of attention (apparently, it works for people who have used them) is the 369 method.

What is the 369 Manifestation Method?

You probably have not heard what it is or where it has come from.

The 369 method, in its basic form, involves writing down what you’d like to manifest three times in the morning, six during the day, and nine times before you go to bed.

This method originated from TikTok with videos of many people who have tried it claiming it has helped them manifest their dream cars, houses, financial breakthroughs, and the likes.

It’s currently under the hashtag ‘369method’ amassing over 165 million views as at the time this article is written (aside from other supporting hashtags totaling approximately 80 million views).

But are these random numbers?

Let’s find out.

What’s the history behind the figures?

Though there is no concrete evidence behind the originality of this technique, a vast number of people believe it can be traced down to Nikola Tesla (yeah, the guy Elon Musk named Tesla Productions after).

The Serbian-American inventor and owner of the popular Tesla coil are well known for his spiritual enlightenment. He thought that three, six, and nine were divine numbers and had spiritual significance in terms of the power of the universe and human nature.

The reason Tesla called these divine numbers is because of the role they play in our numerical system. When studying circles (360 degrees, which is 3 + 6 = 9), he discovered that no matter how many times you divide a circle, you’ll still arrive at either 3, 6, or 9. He felt those numbers held great importance in humans, nature, and the universe.

Numbers aside, the 369 works in conjunction with the law of attraction which states that we attract what we focus on and give our attention to.

By focusing on what you want and being consistent in positive emotions and thoughts, you can magnet your desires into reality.

Your brain receives positive messages when you wake up in the morning, in the middle of the day when you are most productive, and at night when your subconscious mind becomes awake.

The significance of the numbers

Here’s the significance of every number in the sequence:

  • 3 represents our direct link to the universe and our self-expression.
  • 6 represents our inner strength.
  • 9 represents our rebirth i.e, letting go of negativity.

Tesla quoted, “If you want to discover the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” These are the three ingredients we use when manifesting.

So how does the 369 manifestation work? How can you use this fast-rising method?

How the 369 Manifestation works

Before getting started, you’ll want to figure out what exactly it is you want to manifest. It could be a raise, a loving partner, a new house, or anything.

Grab a pen and a journal. You’ll be needing that for the next 21 days. Writing what you want on a physical note can be fr more effective than jotting it on your laptop (speaking from personal experience).

We are going to begin the process by keeping in mind that one manifestation takes at least seventeen seconds to write down (probably two to three sentences long).

Why 17 seconds? Is this some random number?

Another theory about why this method work involves a renowned inspirational speaker and Author, Abraham Hicks, also known as Esther Hicks. He believed that writing down a manifestation for at least 17 seconds long gives your brain the capacity to create the energy and emotions around the thought.

If you focus on happiness for 17 seconds, we create more of that energy. This makes it faster to manifest what you desire.

This technique has helped lots of people welcome financial miracles, new jobs, promotions – the universe does not have a limit.

What do you want to manifest? Whatever it is, you want to start it with gratitude. For example:

“I am so thankful for the universe aligning me with a scholarship to study (insert details), bringing it with happiness, joy, and excitement into my life.”

The key is to use words that amplify the emotions you want to feel.

Here’s what you want to do from here:

  • Take your journal every morning as soon as you wake up. Write your manifestation you have crafted three times.
  • The next step is midway through the day. Write down your manifestation as above six times.
  • In the evening before you go to bed, write your manifestation, but this time 9 times.

As your pen scripts your desire onto your journal, the key is to feel as if you have already received it. Imagine yourself getting what you want. How are you feeling? Release it and let the universe do the magic.

However, you should not hold onto your manifestation so you don’t sound desperate. By utilizing the power of the 369 method with Hicks’ 17 seconds alignment, it would work for you as it has for millions of people.

Tips for the 369 Manifestation Method

    • Do not hold on to your manifestation. The how and when is not your concern. Trust in divine timing and let the universe do the magic. When the universe notices that your energy is ready to receive, it will be yours.
    • Be consistent for this to truly work. Set aside your time for each process and treat it as a priority. Trust me, you won’t regret being consistent.
    • Speak in the present tense always. Use words such as “I will” or “I want”. Trust that you will get it at the right time.
    • If you feel negative or self-doubt, take out time to access these emotions to find out the reason behind them. Try not to hold on to it for long. Rather focus on positive things that will align your energy to what you desire.
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