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Manifesting the Right Habits for Creation



It is making something new that did not exist before. Creation is one part of life that many people are struggling with because it has no manual, at least in the meantime. While some people think that creation ended with the universe many years ago, others are co-creators with it. Creation is endless. There will always be a need for it throughout our lives. Nature is designed that we become co-creators with her. Everyone lives in their little world which co-exists in the greater universe. You have the responsibility of creating what you want in your world. This is a responsibility you cannot delegate. The scope of your creative powers is limited by your imagination. You can only reach a target that you have set your eyes on. One more thing, creation is not a shared responsibility with your friends. They have their bit to do in their worlds as you have in yours.

Re-creation NOT Recreation.

There is the question of what your role is on existing creations. You have the mandate to do as you please – do away with them entirely or re-create them to what you desire. The former is a bad idea and the latter works best when you have clear intentions. Before this revelation, you could have found yourself at a place where people used to make decisions for you without your input. They created things in your world that they thought was the best for you but it turns out that they are not. You are not a lame duck. This is the time for you to modify them as you please. Consider the example of someone who started a business out of peer pressure that it was performing well yet it turns out it is not. What creation route can they take? RE-CREATION.

You can turn around your misery into something fruitful. This is the path of re-creation. However, some habits guide creation. Here they are:

  1. The right intent.

You should have the right motive to create what you intend to. You can hide your intentions from everyone else but not the universe. Creation should be done with the intention of posterity. It should not be ill-intentioned to hurt somebody else. “How about the creation of war equipment? Or even learning martial arts? Isn’t it the creation of a destructive lifestyle?” In the words of a wise man, it is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war. Your intention of creation should be clear if you want it to stick.

  1. Words of affirmation.

You should speak life over what you are creating or intending to. You cannot be planning to get a good spouse yet you go around talking ill of the other gender. You should confess that the spouse you are creating for yourself is a good man/woman. Do not describe their gender in harsh unprintable words even if you were hurt before. It is someone else who did it, not the person you are creating as your spouse. This is for anyone who has had a bad dating experience: you have the power to create your partner. As you do it, speak life over them. Set them apart from the previous ones who hurt you. The universe will reward you with the same person you created. Make use of this trick. affirmation

  1. A solid vision.

A good creator already has in mind how they would want their creation to end up. You must conceive the bigger picture before you begin creating. Failing to observe this is like a contractor starting a building without having its architectural plan. Something like putting the cart before the horse. Moreover, you cannot create something that you are clueless about how it will look like in the end. You may end up creating a nightmare for yourself and it may be too late to turn around. A carpenter knows what a table looks like even before he starts working. At the end of his work, he can be confident to tell his client that he now has a table. Creation works in the same manner.

  1. The foresight of challenges.

A good creator can foresee the challenges in his creation and take steps to mitigate them. Creation is not an event but a process that starts from the time the creator conceives the vision to when he actualizes it. Do not be discouraged to pursue your vision of creation because of the challenges ahead. Instead, consider thinking about how you will handle them. You will not waste any time with this approach because of your high level of preparedness.

  1. Do not seek validation.

Seeking validation before creation is complete is toxic to your future. Your progress in creating what you would like to manifest will make other people want to imitate you. Let your work speak for you when the time for manifestation comes. The trick is not to be proud while you are yet to finish your creation. Pride can ruin your chances of manifesting the right thing. Be modest even when people heap praise on you for being a good creator. manifestation

  1. Preparation for survival.

The environment you will put your creation in also matters. Look at the place where you want to manifest your dreams. Will they thrive or be choked to death? Your creation efforts are useless if you have not prepared the right environment for it. Nature considered this wisdom in creation. Look at the slow tortoise who hides in his shell when in danger, the chameleon who camouflages in its environment, the antelope with sharp horns and speed to run from its predator, the powerful kicks of a zebra, the slippery scales of fish, the powerful tail of a crocodile and its tough skin, and many more examples from existing creation. Your creation must be adapted for survival. There is no point in creating something that will soon perish.

The right habits for creation will give you positive feedback. Kingmakers have mastered the art of creating powerful Kings and great policymakers are geniuses at creating working policies. The secret is adapting the right habits for creation. 

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