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Mastering the Art of Winning Spiritual Trophies


A trophy is a prize for winning a competition. It is what each competitor fights tooth and nail to win. All eyes are on the trophy during the competition and on who will walk away with it thereafter. The value of the trophy is beyond the prize itself. It is in the honor of being the one to win it. There are trophies to be won in sports (both individual and team sports), the art and entertainment industry, and academics. This is the spirit of competition everywhere.  

Similarly, there are a lot of trophies that your spirit can win in the universe. They are a mark of competence in the universe across diverse competitive areas. You earn a badge of honor when you win spiritual trophies. It further puts you on the map to win many other trophies in the world. If you have competed and won in the universe, how much more can you do in the world? The world will identify you as an expert in the different areas that you excel in. You will be honored to dine and wine with great people because of your value. What put you on the map in the first place is how you managed to win spiritual trophies. Doing so continuously is an art and a life science at the same time and the universe is keen for you to perfect it. 

Like in any competition, it is important to know the trophies to be won. Spiritual trophies include good health, manifestation of your desires, contentment, peace, and love. This is how you can win them: 

1. Appreciate the shared ecosystem. 

You live in an ecosystem that you share with a lot of nature’s creation. Your interaction with each other and the environment is important. The universe wants you to appreciate the role that other people and the rest of creation play. You do not have to burden yourself with doing everything when you can share that burden with other people. Your body will be relieved by the timely break. The importance of a shared ecosystem in the universe comes out clearly at this time.

Most importantly, the universe will appreciate you for being kind to let others also create a name for themselves. This is called delegation in leadership and management. Nature teaches it more eloquently in our life cycle. There are particular duties and responsibilities for specific demographics of a population, both in the wild and in civilized societies. For example, it is the primary responsibility of the lioness to hunt and that of the male lion to protect the pride. It does not mean that they cannot perform these roles interchangeably. They can and it sometimes happens.

However, the hunting prowess of the lioness is unmatched and it burns inside her to provide for her cubs. This is the work of nature and understandably so, the male lion does not stop her. The same is true in the spiritual realm – you win a trophy each time you appreciate the shared ecosystem. There is enough space for everyone. Your candle does not light brightly by dimming other people’s.  

2. Embrace nature’s magic pill of time

Time is constantly moving. It is not a respecter of personalities. It transforms, upgrades, equalizes, or degrades in equal measure. A toddler today will crawl, walk, and run as time passes. A beautiful flower in the garden today will be plucked and put in a vase tomorrow. A caterpillar today will become a beautiful butterfly tomorrow. A hurt heart today will be healed tomorrow. Time is nature’s magic pill that can turn around your fortunes within no time. You can win the spiritual trophy of a manifestation of your desires by embracing nature’s time.

In your time of darkness and when you cross rivers of temptations, the only magic that can make it go away is time. The sun will shine again in your life and the waters subside. Allowing time to take its course is what team effort is to sports like football – a very necessary requirement to win. It is possible to tick everything on your checklist if you embrace nature’s time. Give every deadline you put some little extra time and watch the magic. 

3. Always give what you want to receive. 

Giving to receive is an old gospel and it could not be further from the truth. The universe desires to have generous winners. Abundance is the trophy that it gives them because they are considerate. When you give what you are holding, it creates room for you to receive more. The universe further understands that what you are holding is precious because why would you hold on to it in the first place?

Nevertheless, it still wants you to give it out. Nature has put peace in your heart and surrounded you with peaceful neighbors. Share the same with everyone the universe brings your way and you will receive the same back in good measure. Observe the lifestyles of some of the happy people you know and you will discover that their contentment in life is a spiritual trophy that they won from the universe. Do not feel bad when you sometimes lack material gifts to share with others. By simply having the intention to, the universe shall replenish your stocks that you may not lack thereafter.  

4. Sometimes being consistent is better than being good. 

Consistency is doing the same thing repeatedly and tirelessly. It shows an effort to improve however small it may be. This is a personality trait that the universe is watching out for in you. Your consistency in doing good should exceed the countable times that you are good. The universe trusts your reliable nature and will reward you with the spiritual trophy of contentment. A consistent lifestyle will lead you to achieve contentment and much more beyond it. You have no ulterior motives to succeed except to keep on doing what you are doing. 

Mastering the art of winning spiritual trophies is a lifetime commitment that is rewarding and satisfying at the same time. Your winning streak is limitless.

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