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Mastering the Game of Lobbying From Nature


Lobbying is the art of influencing someone else to come to your side or support you in any way. It is common in parliaments and official meetings where the majority is needed to pass legislation or endorse a policy respectively. The substance of the policy being passed on the floor is insignificant if the majority endorses it. They will still have their way because this is the pillar of democracy. The minority will have their say but would have already lost to the majority side that lobbied other members successfully to come to their side.

What does lobbying mean for you? It means that you can lose to the majority side regardless of how good your proposals are if you cannot win the game of lobbying. This convincing requires a lot of strategies because how else can you win over an adult who has already made up his/her mind?

Social capital wealth.

Nature has given everybody an equal opportunity to build on their social capital. It is not exclusive to the privileged class in society. Anyone can amass enough social capital to sit at the decision-making table. It is impossible to ignore the voice of someone with a lot of social capital because they can shoot down your proposals whenever they want. This is why social capital means a lot to you. It gives you the power to be rightfully recognized.

Nature also leverages its power of social capital. It has a web of connections everywhere in the world. This is how it maintains its omnipresent nature. When the universe has marked you as a blessing, everything under the sun will conspire to bless you. You will be favored at your workplace, with strangers, powerful people, and even your enemies will seek to reconcile with you. All this is facilitated by the vast social capital of the universe.

Social capital combines money, power, and wealth into one currency that runs the world. You can never go broke with social capital. While it may take you some time to amass one by yourself, there is a faster way of getting it – inheritance. By law, children can inherit the wealth of their parents when they write in their last will & testament. This guarantees that generational wealth passes from one generation to the next.

law of inheritance

The law of inheritance.

The spiritual law of inheritance makes it possible to inherit from a higher authority before their death. You become a dependent and beneficiary of everything they have. To our advantage, we are children of mother nature and therefore have the right of inheritance. The best part of this news is that you can inherit all the social capital wealth from mother nature. Your name can be entered into the list of beneficiaries and your life takes a turn for the best.

Inheriting social capital wealth from mother nature requires lobbying for it. In this case, you are lobbying for the consent of nature to let you into the list of beneficiaries.

The rules of the game of lobbying.

You can easily win the heart of mother nature and inherit her social capital wealth if you play by the rules of the game.

  1. Identify a soft spot.

Everyone has a soft spot, even nature does. You can use it to lobby for the inheritance of social capital wealth. It will touch mother nature and conclude that you qualify to be a beneficiary of her inheritance. Nature’s soft spot lies in humanity. The fact that you are human is an advantage you can leverage on.

Next, make a positive impact on the lives of other people. They should have a good testimony of you even in your absence. Kindness is the tool you need to win over nature’s soft spot. Being kind is a choice you make without reference to your social or economic status. It is said and rightfully so, in a world where you can be anything, be kind.

  1. Present your case.

Let the facts speak on your behalf. You are not entitled to the inheritance of social capital from the universe. It is only a blessing that she gives you for being her child. Children can either carry on the legacy of their parents or squander the remaining bit. To earn nature’s trust, showcase what you intend to do with the power you will get from her social capital wealth. Do you have the capacity to grow it further or it will melt like ice cream in your hands?

Acts like kindness, generosity, and genuine concern for others will strengthen your case. They paint a picture of an upright human being with the right morals to carry on the legacy if given a portion of this inheritance. Child, remember that you are about to become very powerful and influential. Your wealth should be reflected in your humanity.

  1. Keep your word.

Change is inevitable and it is unfortunate if you change for the worst. Nature wants to be able to trust that you are principled. The social capital wealth is too much to entrust to just anyone. In the game of lobbying, trust is the stamp and seal of all the deals you close. Your reputation as a trustworthy person should precede you everywhere you go. A soiled name is as good as lost social capital wealth.

Nature wants you to begin by learning the ropes in the field of trust. The rule of thumb here is that you should never promise something that you are not ready to fulfill. The higher you rise in the ranks of trustworthiness, the more you lobby for your inheritance from mother nature.

inheritance from mother nature.

Learning from the best.

The saying that iron sharpens iron could not be further from the truth. Nature is the lord of lobbying. This is manifest in the control it has over every living thing. You and I are equally subject to her control. Going against her is swimming against a powerful tide. The best option on the table is to learn from the best.

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