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Planting Flowers in Your Garden

universe and flowers

Flowers are a very important part of the environment. Come to think of it, how would the earth look like without flowers? It is fulfilling to see beautiful flowers blossoming in your compound or along walkways. Florists have now gone a notch higher to growing portable flowers in beautiful vases to decorate houses and offices. More people are now embracing flowers unlike before when it was shunned and labeled a ‘female affair’. There are even male florists today!

It would be surprising if you do not have a single flower in your compound or garden. Your space would look dull. Flowers brighten the place and lighten the mood. It’s never a dull day when you have such beautiful plants around. Flowers are a gift of nature to you. They are a constant reminder that you deserve the finest things.

A thousand reasons why you need flowers in your garden.

Flowers are no longer supplementary or second-hand needs. They are now part of the basic needs you need for survival. Flowers are symbolic of good deeds. Kind acts are flowers and the garden is your life. Just as the garden looks dull without flowers so would life be unbearable if everyone was mean. Nature wants you to add to the number of kind people. This is why you need flowers in your garden:

  1. Flowers produce nectar.

Nectar is a sweet fluid that flowers produce after pollination. You can look at it as a reward to insects like bees who have facilitated pollination. Bees are agents of pollination and they help transfer pollen grains from one flower to another. Poor insects, unknowingly do all this good as they look for nectar in the flowers. Nectar is one of the ingredients of honey and bees move from one flower to another to look for their magic ingredient. Little do they know that the nectar they get is a reward for their service of pollination.

flowers in your garden

Similarly, kindness is rewarded handsomely by the universe. Every good deed is repaid by another. They compound and are credited into your account with interest. You deserve all the blessings that are coming your way because you planted the seed of kindness in the lives of other people.

  1. Nectar from flowers attracts bees.

There is a lot of good that bees do beyond the flowers. Apart from being agents of pollination, bees are an important part of the ecosystem. They bring meaning to the beauty of the flowers. It is their work as agents of pollination that lead to fertilization in flowers of other plants and eventually the formation of new ones. The elimination of bees is a condemnation of the bloodline of all flowers because they are the chief agents of pollination.

Also, bees are symbolic of the people that the universe has brought into your life. Their role is to make you productive by matching you to other equally fertile people. These connections make you fruitful and expose you to the world of business as a sharp business person. Maintain the people who play the bee role in your life because the universe uses them as a gateway to connecting you to the rest of the world.

  1.  Bees produce honey.

Natural honey is very sweet and nutritious. It has no additives, preservatives, food color, or industrial sugar. It is in its natural form and used medically as a treatment to treat coughs and burns. It also promotes the healing of wounds. We often refer to our loved ones as honey because we cannot replace their value in our lives. When bees make honey in their hives, they guard it fiercely. This is why honey harvesters must wear full protective gear before they approach the bees’ barracks which is their hive.

Similarly, bees in our lives are very productive. They produce honey by heavily influencing our success. The fruits of our labor that we currently enjoy are courtesy of their dedication to be part of our lives. Nature is seeking your permission to allow them to sweeten your life. Once you let them into your life, they will guard your success jealously because they have been involved in the whole journey hitherto. Nature uses these people to warn you of danger lurking ahead and to keep you safe.

  1.  Honey brings commercial gain.

Honey can be sold and be a source of income. Recently, the number of honey farmers has increased and is continuing to. Apiculture (commonly known as beekeeping) contributes to the economy of countries and societies that have embraced it as a commercial venture. Apart from selling honey, bees can be used to commercially facilitate pollination within a specific area. Bee wax is also another product for sale.

bees and flowers

Also, we can use our honey (talents and abilities) for commercial gain. Through the flowers in your garden and the bees coming to your flowers, you will eventually have honey as an end product. The honey symbolizes your newly discovered talents and abilities that the universe has gifted you. Without this whole bee chain, you would not have discovered them. At least not just yet. Courtesy of nature, you now have an opportunity to commercialize your talent and make a living out of it.

Talents have employed so many people globally. It leads you to settle on work that you love. You will be one of the very few people who are engaged in the type of work and industry that they have always wanted. Satisfaction at work makes you very productive and this is how you make a name for yourself.

The universe is encouraging you to plant flowers in your garden. Life has a lot to offer you from an early age that will seal your happiness forever. You will be a model of the type of person parents would want their kids to emulate. Your star will shine brightly because you have the blessings of the universe to be a giant in your space. This is the time to plant flowers; sow a good seed and nature shall forever remind you of it. 

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