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Please Tend to Your Garden

Where is your garden?

Have you ever dreamt of having a small garden just next to your kitchen? I heard someone jokingly call it “kitchen garden” and something struck me. It’s a kitchen garden because what is grown there directly goes to the kitchen, unlike other gardens whose crops could be grown for sale, maybe. Do you tend to the kitchen garden differently from other gardens? 

Yes, this should be the case because the vegetables grown there are for domestic use. You have no one to blame when you do not tend to it well and the vegetables grow unhealthy. Similarly, where the universe has placed you is your kitchen garden. You have the responsibility to take care of it because you are in charge. You have no one to blame should things go wrong.

Take ownership of your garden.

There is special attention you give to something that you own. Some kind of love and connection exists. You feel attached to it and you prioritize its interests. When you take ownership of your garden, this is exactly what happens – you pay attention to what is grown and how well they do because it is you who will have to put up with unhealthy vegetables in your kitchen.

Now you don’t want that, do you? First of all, you determine what you grow. You decide whether to grow kales, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, cucumber, or cauliflower. This is about a kitchen garden at your home. How much so about the environment you live in? Do you want to breed conflicts, bad blood, fights, unhealthy competition or you would prefer peace and tranquility?

As the owner of the space that nature has blessed you with, you have to be careful what you adopt in your life because it could have very strong effects soon.

Watch what energy you emit to the universe.

You know of the different types of energy – electrical, thermal, chemical, nuclear, motion, and even sound energy. They are produced under different conditions and each has its pros and cons. Coming back to your personal life, reflect on what energy you emit.

Are you responsible for inciting other people to violence or are you a peacemaker? You may not know it but the universe is closely observing the energy you radiate and shall give the same back to you in equal measure. As you watch the energy cycle you find yourself in, here is how you can make the best out of it:

  1.  Renewal of your mind.

Going back to your kitchen garden and how the energy you emit to the universe affects the vegetables you grow, you have to start with the renewal of your spirit. Tending to your garden involves having a clear conscience about the things you have done.

Your mind and spirit should be as pure as possible if you want the universe to help you have the best vegetables in your garden. Think of positive things and consider how you can beautify your garden instead of spoiling those of other people.

  1.  Conflict management.

Among the things that affect the energy cycle in your life as well as your beautiful kitchen garden is how well or not you manage conflicts. There is no way you can entirely avoid them but you can handle them maturely and the universe shall say “bless you, my child.” What greater blessing could be there than this one?

Observe that you are not trapped in a web of revenge. It is like toxins in your garden and your vegetables shall not do well. They will wither no matter how hard you try to water them. The real problem lies with the toxins of revenge. You become blind to any rational thinking and your mind sort of becomes fixed at one point.

Resolve to practice forgiveness and make it your mantra. The universe shall reward you for it. No good deed goes unrewarded and you will be a candidate for an award. What prestige!

  1.  Mind your association.

You are as good or bad as the company you keep. Some friends will impurify your kitchen garden and kill what you have taken long to grow. You do not want that, do you? After preparing your kitchen garden and your vegetables start growing, you naturally watch out for weeds.

They will suffocate your vegetables and compete with them for water and nutrients. It is a case of a big boy bullying his juniors in school. Unless the teacher (who is you) comes to the rescue of the younger boy, then the bullying shall not stop. You own this kitchen garden and nobody shall come to your aid if you don’t do weeding on time.

The universe wants you to do weeding and get rid of the toxic company that suffocates you in your space. This is your responsibility.

  1.  Embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Tending to your garden also means loving it so much enough to take care of it. What better way is there than self-care? As you would add fertilizer to your garden and do some irrigation because you want to enrich the soil, similarly tend to your spirit.

The universe marvels at how much effort we put into inanimate objects while we cannot nourish our spirits. This responsibility lies squarely on your shoulders and is part of the beautification of your kitchen garden. It is natural to take care of what you love.

The universe is screaming at you to channel some love to yourself to be capable of caring for your beautiful kitchen garden. This duty is non-transferable.

  1.  Guard your spirit against defilement.

Would you allow people to dump in your kitchen garden? Of course not! Similarly, guard your spirit from defilement. You are not a dumpsite for impurity, negativity, and bad energy.

As such, do not entertain people who dampen your positive energy or slow you down. They are baggage that will make you miss the target. Considering how no non-sense you would be when kids play in your kitchen garden, apply an equal effort or more when guarding your spirit from defilement. On noticing your spiritual guard, the universe shall strengthen you to stay on the right track.

Eventually, your kitchen garden shall produce the best for you because you deserve it. As you read this blog post, have you made up your mind to tend to your garden? If not, please make haste.

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