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Preparing Your Spirit for The Afterlife

The afterlife is believed to be life after physical death. It is where your spirit goes to another life after you complete the one on Earth. Life on Earth is preparation for how to handle the other one to come. If you spend this one wisely, preparing for the one to come and enjoying the one you have, then the Universe will be pleased with you. You will avoid a lot of oncoming challenges with enough preparation for the afterlife. The Universe does not want the afterlife to find you unprepared for it. Instead, you need to know everything that awaits you there.  

The spiritual mystery of the afterlife. 

The afterlife has been a mystery for a long time now. Some believe in its existence and others do not. However, the Universe affirms its existence and that your part is already reserved. Solving a mystery needs you to have some information at your fingertips. Here is what you need to know: 

  • Everyone qualifies to enter the afterlife. 
  • Your life on Earth influences the quality of your in the afterlife, whether regular or VIP.  
  • The afterlife is eternal. 
  • You cannot reverse events once you pass into the afterlife. 

In the midst of all this, you can prepare for the afterlife with the comfort that the universe has secured your place in it. This is how you can prepare for it: 

1. Sow eternal seeds. 

Forever is a long time to be on the wrong side. Your life on Earth is enough preparation time to decorate your stay in the afterlife. Your collective actions (both good and bad) will eventually catch up with you in the afterlife. In light of this, the universe advises that you sow seeds of love in the lives of other people so that you can reap the same in the afterlife. When you help the needy, homeless, and less fortunate in the community, you qualify for the same treatment in the afterlife. Be a good farmer who will sow good eternal seeds and at the same time weed his farm to allow his planted seeds to grow healthy. Bad actions are the weeds that you should remove from your life so that you do not receive the same in the afterlife. The good reputation of being a wise farmer who sows good seeds should precede you wherever you go. 

2. Create positive influence wherever you go. 

Influence is the power to sway the outcome of a process or the actions of a person however you would like. Your stay in the afterlife will only be influential if your life on Earth is also influential. The influence will secure your seat at the table of power because of your following. History is complete with examples of how ordinary people rose to power by their influence on the masses. If you want to know what the afterlife looks like, observe how life goes on in your absence. The positive influence you create in your life will follow you in the afterlife. It will become the crown of honor on your head that will shine brighter in the afterlife as appreciation for your good work on Earth.  

3. Build bridges, not walls. 

When the Earth was formed, it was only a big and empty space. It was only the sky, dry land, and sea. Walls have never been in the Universe’s plan. It later became man’s innovation to secure privacy for himself and protection from bad weather. Walls are a barrier to see through. It is a limitation of your vision. You will not think about certain things because they are out of sight (after being blocked by the wall). The universe encourages you to build bridges to cross over to new places safely. Bridges also connect regions that are far away from each other. As preparation for the afterlife, your spirit can build a bridge to connect your present life with the next one. You can do so by strengthening your relationship with Nature. How you conserve the environment and nurture your relationships goes towards building a strong bridge. Failing to build a strong bridge and instead building a wall will make your afterlife rough. This is not the Universe’s plan for you. 

4. Adapt to nature’s culture. 

Nature’s culture is similar to the one in the afterlife. Adapting to it fast is preparation for what you will encounter for eternity. You will not have problems conforming to it. Nature’s culture includes the patience to handle growth and appreciation for diversity. Consider the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to become a beautiful butterfly. It happens within around 14 days or more depending on the species. Better yet, consider the different gestation periods for different animals. Nature’s culture emphasizes patience and it is passed on to the afterlife. Be patient with your progress in life. As your experience grows, so does your growth. With time, you will make more sound decisions and adopt a mature approach to life. This is an achievement in your Earthly life and marks your readiness to survive the afterlife. 

5. Create meaningful connections. 

These are the people you know at various places. Your relationship with them, whether formal or informal, is important in preparing your spirit for the afterlife. These are the same people you will go with into the afterlife and others will come a bit later. You must be familiar with the awkwardness of being in a new place without knowing anyone. It feels lonely and insecure. This is how the afterlife feels like when you do not know anyone there. It is the reason that the universe encourages friendships. You never know whom you will meet in a new place. Social capital is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your life.  

Adequate preparation for the afterlife is important for you to fit in when you finally enter it. This is an eternal life that your spirit yearns for. Today is your time to prepare for it and get a shiny crown.

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