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Preparing Your Spirit to Receive an Inheritance from Above

Inheritance refers to assets or items passed down from a parent to a child or from a friend to another upon the death of the original owner. It is mostly according to the wishes of the deceased that a specific person becomes his/her heir. Some of them could not have contributed anything yet remain eligible to receive the inheritance only because it was the wish of the original owner. The deceased had his reasons for listing these specific heirs. 

The legality of an inheritance. 

An inheritance is effective when it meets either or both of these requirements: 

  1. The deceased left a valid last will that mentions the heirs of his wealth. 
  2. The family of the deceased is known and there is no dispute about it. His wealth will be distributed equally among them. 

This explains why it is encouraged in most states that people write their last will while they are still alive. It will reduce questions asked about the eligibility of the heirs.  

Just as people receive inheritance in the physical world, so do our spirits receive theirs from the universe. We are eligible heirs to its great inheritance. All of nature’s wealth, from the Arctic countries (those in the North Pole) to the tropical rainforests, belongs to you as the Universe’s heir. 

How to become a perfect heir. 

There is a suitable character for an heir that is different from those who are not. An Heir is groomed from the beginning on how to perfectly fit into the shoes of his predecessor. He/she is destined to carry on with the deceased’s legacy and even improve on it, not diminish it. Consider how monarchies operate – the crown prince/princess is groomed at an early age to behave like a Royal so that it is easier to assume the position of the next King/Queen when the right time comes. This is exactly how the universe wants to prepare your spirit to receive inheritance from above. You shall be the perfect heir ever seen if you follow his guide. 

1. Understand and appreciate your history. 

Heirs need to know their family history and embrace it. This is because it played an important role in shaping their life to the present state. In monarchs, family history is taught to the children and they grow up learning more about it. They learn about the Kingdom’s alliances, enemies, and what interests to pursue when their turn to rule comes. 

It is equally important to understand and appreciate your spiritual history as you prepare to receive inheritance from above. Your spiritual history will highlight areas to improve on in readiness to fit in the shoes of an heir. It includes your prayer life and conquering or succumbing to temptation. The better you understand it, the more suitable you become to be an heir.  

2. Understand and appreciate the importance of your inheritance

The inheritance of a monarch is very important to their family and the country at large. They are a symbol of unity in the Kingdom. It is beyond the monarch’s family interests. This makes it important that the leadership does not fall into the wrong hands. It should be someone who will uphold the importance of his/her inheritance and even increase its value. 

It is paramount that your spirit embraces the importance of your inheritance in the Universe. You have a special place in nature. You are not a pedestrian but a key stakeholder in the spiritual realm. Life’s hardships do not remove your inheritance in the Universe from the center stage of your life.  

3. Maintain a good character and public image as the heir apparent. 

The character of an heir should be at its best. Nothing should dent it because he is a reflection of the Kingdom’s future. An heir’s public image should be praised because people love what they see in him. More so, he is their hope for the future. 

The character of your spirit should be like that of an heir. The universe expects to always see you on your best behavior, out of trouble, and as a person in charge of your life. This type of leader inspires their confidence. The universe will be comfortable to leave you with the spiritual inheritance of abundance. It will be sure that abundance will not ruin your good reputation.  

4. Devote your life to protect your inheritance and build on it. 

The life of a monarch is dedicated to service. He/she is not a public servant who can resign from their job and a replacement immediately found. From childhood, a monarch is prepped for their life-long service. It is only death that can stop them from working. 

The universe is interested to know your plans after receiving your inheritance. Shall you forget about your service to nature or will you be even more committed now? Your inheritance (in the form of good health or exceptional talents) is what the universe wants you to use to protect nature. Devote your life to protect your inheritance and build your legacy. 

5. Familiarize with the laws governing inheritance and fully observe them. 

There are laws governing the monarch. They rule within a constitutional framework to protect the Kingdom from administration excesses. Further, the legal framework of a monarch gives it legal recognition. Everyone is happy when the monarch confines itself to these rules. 

It is important to familiarize yourself with laws governing spiritual inheritance and be compliant. Your spirit will be peaceful all your days and you can focus on accomplishing your pending personal assignments. You experience divine calmness in your life when the Universe is sure you will observe its laws. The heir who is most compliant inherits the best from the Universe. 

It is important to prepare your spirit to receive inheritance from above. As a child of the Universe, you are entitled to receive good health, healthy relationships, excellent skills, and unmatched talents. This inheritance is most useful when you are well prepared for it.

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