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Preparing your Wealth Checklist


Do you have a wealth checklist?

It is a list of all the blessings of wealth you want the universe to put in your basket. Consider it like a shopping list. The only difference is that while a shopping list is limited by a budget, a wealth checklist is not limited by any budget. The universe can afford everything on your list because everything belongs to it. Again, you prepare a wealth checklist for the same reasons you do a shopping list – you do not want to leave anything behind.

Purposes of a wealth checklist.

  1. It directs your focus to it.

I remember the games I played as a child and enjoy the flashback memories I have when I see other kids playing them. We used a convex glass, also called a converging mirror, to burn paper using the sun’s rays. (Of course, we did not know it was a convex glass at the time. We just called it a mirror). Now the glass focused the sun rays on a single place where we put papers and after some time the paper would burn. We enjoyed doing it over and over again and it was the fun of childhood.

PS: What are some of the games you played as a child?

A wealth checklist works like the glass we used in our childhood games. It converges your focus on it as you try to figure out things. All your efforts are directed towards getting what is on it. Without it, there is no single focal point and it would take you twice as long to achieve anything on your list.

wealth checklist

For the sake of tapping into your focus, create your wealth checklist already.

  1. It enables you to look at the bigger picture.

Do you remember solving Algebra in mathematics? The basics of this unit – beginning from primary school – is collecting like terms together. All the similar variables are grouped and operated jointly – added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided. This is the principle of mathematics.

Was algebra your favorite unit in mathematics?

Having a wealth checklist helps you achieve exactly that. This is looking at the bigger picture; something that you should not miss. It is when you can look at all your plans at one glance. You know the like terms in your list and you put collective effort towards achieving them. Grouped goals are easier to achieve.

  1. It makes planning easier.

You know what they say about planning – a good plan is a job half done. Sharpening your planning skills takes you closer to ticking off every item on your wealth checklist. It gives you an overview of the resources you have against the goals you have set.

The universe is a master planner. It becomes efficient when you submit a well-planned wealth checklist to Him.

The best wealth checklist.

What does your checklist contain? Wealth, riches, good health, spiritual nourishment, peace, long life… the list is endless. There are many other things to consider if you want your list to be given priority.

  1. Using your wealth for personal development.

It is the dream of everyone to live in a good house, have a decent education, eat a balanced meal, and access health care when they fall sick. Use the money the universe blesses you with to pay for these expenses and even a step further to improve your living standard. The universe is like a mother proud of her progressive child. It is pointless to have money that you cannot buy food with or go to the hospital when you fall sick. Do not be mean to yourself. How can the universe trust you to take care of others when you cannot take care of yourself?

  1. Using your wealth to serve.

Your wealth list should be a selfless one. What will you do with the money the universe blesses you with? It is okay to use your wealth for personal and family use. While at it, do not be selfish not to stretch out a helping hand to those in need. Some of the blessings you receive are for the sake of those you help. The universe knows that other people will benefit through your generosity. For this reason, he keeps blessing you.

  1. Using your wealth to leave a meaningful impact.

Foundations and trusts are very important institutions. They are channels through which wealthy people use to give aid to their communities and beyond. It pays for the fees of needy children, finances community projects, and improves the welfare of people. The impact of foundations in societies is long-lasting. Apart from service, the gratitude of the community goes to the universe (even without them knowing it). When the universe opens its tap of blessings, the man or woman behind the foundation shall receive his/her share.

  1. Have plans for your wealth.

It is prudent to have plans for your wealth or even have ongoing projects. Do not store up money waiting for the perfect time to spend. Consider the example of filling a bottle with tap water. Do you fill an already-full bottle? Of course not. You only fill the empty ones. This is true with money. Always have a money cycle that will encourage the universe to replenish what has already been used. The universe is like a donor. Donors want to see their money put to good use and they have no problem giving more funding.

money planning

PS: What do you plan to do with your money? Or do you already have an ongoing project?

Submission of your wealth checklist.

After drawing up your wealth checklist, you take it to someone who can activate it – the universe. While at it, the universe examines if you are worth the investment. Start developing desirable behavior if you want your wealth checklist to be financed.

Do you remember attending your first job interview? You dressed perfectly, were punctual, and you put on your best behavior. This is exactly the character you need to adopt.

Let’s prepare your wealth checklist, shall we? 

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