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Why Does My Manifestation Produce Signs But No Results?

I’ve yet to find a name for it.

It’s a scary, and almost annoying feeling.

Why does it start?

Let’s look at the process that’ll probably feel familiar to you:

You want to manifest a desire.

Maybe it’s a lover, friend, car or a trip to your favorite city.

So you let go of your limiting beliefs.

Recite your affirmations. Pick up journaling. Do all the things you’ve read on manifestation.

And after a few days?

You start to see some signs.

Great! The universe and the angels are hearing you.

You get all excited.

Finally, your desires are coming to you, and they’ll soon become a reality.

So you wait, slowly but positively.

Days turn to weeks. Weeks into months.

Yet nothing’s happened.

And the signs?

Well, they’re still there.

Almost mocking you.

Months pass by.

And the results you’re looking for don’t look like they’ll happen.

So you’re left wondering why you keep seeing signs without anything to show for it.

I know, it’s a feeling that easily turns from excitement to doubt or anger.

Like I said I’m yet to find a name for it because it’s something that affects manifestors from newbies to pros.

But while I rack my brain for the appropriate name to please my ears…

I do have a quick, and easy fix.

Which I’m sure you’re more interested in.

Today in the lines that follow…

I’ll be sharing a few reasons why you keep seeing signs without results.

Along with the right solution for each one.

So sit back, and let’s get started.

You’re getting frustrated.

I’m willing to bet “patience” is among the most occurring words across manifestation.

And for good reasons.

Things take time to manifest.

That’s why a patient manifestor is a powerful one.

Sure, I get it.

When you put in the work, it would be nice to see a few results right away.

So when nothing’s forthcoming, you start wondering how to keep your cool.

While it’s totally logical to feel this way, it’s important you don’t let it get under your skin.

Like it or not, anger is a negative emotion.

And negative emotions are like weeds that choke the life out of your manifestation.

That’s why you’ve got to build your patience muscles.

And get into the habit of trusting things to eventually fall into your lap.

Solution: Keep doing what you’re doing. Focus on positive emotions, and try to stay in a happy mood.

Understand that nature doesn’t hurry but gets everything accomplished…

So having patience will create room for your desires to flourish.

Your wish is really big

Some people are fashionably optimistic.

Big dreamers with gigantic desires.

It’s true.

Nothing’s too big for the Universe to give you.

However, ordering for ice cream delivered to your house will always arrive faster than say, a car.

So, if you’re seeing the signs, be patient.

And trust that the results you seek are on their way.

Another thing about “desire size” is how much effort it takes to get things to work when your desires are quite large.

As I often say: With great work comes great gifts.

Which translates to more time spent on affirmations. Plus, more meditations, and visualizations.

This can also mean adding a few things you might have skipped.

Stuff like journaling, meditation etc.

Sometimes manifestation requires you to take a step back.

Then have a bird’s eye view on things.

It’s how you spot sticky situations, and roadblocks.

So you carve ways to blast through them.

Solution: A little more effort won’t hurt. It will only speed up the process.

If you’re doing affirmations for 20 minutes a day, try scaling up to 30minutes.

Your world won’t fall apart.

Rather, you’ll be adding more gas to your already moving manifestation vehicle.

You think sacred numbers are signs.

That’s right. 111, 444 and the rest aren’t necessarily signs your desires are on the way.

They’re magical numbers the universe uses to communicate with you.

Sure, they hold meanings that could be helpful to you.

But they’re not signs. At least, not as we think of it.

Signs usually have a close relationship with the desires you’re looking for.

While sacred numbers are often random communication channels from the universe.

Here’s an example to help you better understand the difference between them:

Sacred numbers: Seeing 11:11 or 444 in various places.

Sign: Wishing for an ex-lover into your life. Then hearing someone call their name each time you step out.

See how that works?

The Universe isn’t vague when it wants to let you know your desires are on their way.

So it won’t send numbers. Rather, it will give you actual signs related to your wishes.

Solution: Well, this one’s pretty straightforward. If you’ve been manifesting, and all you get are numbers then they’re not signs.

To get your sign, keep applying various manifestation tips or trying something different.

You’re stuck in a sign matrix

Take this 3-second test to find out of you’re stuck in a “sign matrix”

You’re trying to manifest a car or a lover.

So the universe sends a few signs your way.

How do you respond?

Do you…

A) Rejoice about the signs. And lookout for more.

B) Stay happy, and positive knowing your desire is on its way.

If you chose option 1, then you’re living in a sign matrix.

This is where you see one sign.

You get really excited about it so you start looking for more.

That’s a trap.

Sure, it feels good seeing all those signs.

But you shift your focus when you start looking out for more signs rather than the results you want.

Because you’ll start relying on the signs of your lover or new car to be happy.

Instead of visualizing what life would feel like once reality catches up with your desires.

In other words, it’s a simple case of thinking of your desire rather than from it.

Where you get joy in seeking signs rather than trusting your gifts are on their way.

I know, it’s a tricky situation.

But you can get yourself out of it.

Solution: Wanna know what happens when feelings and desires conflict? Feelings always win.

Because they’re a true reflection of what you think.

So if you want a new car, don’t think about the signs of a new car.

Actually feel what it’s like to sit, and drive one in your town or city.

When you see those signs, it’s time to step aside.

At this point, trust the universe to hand your gifts to you. NOT looking for more signs

You give the wrong response.

This could be a whole post on its own.

Because how you respond to a sign could be the difference between seeing your desires becoming a reality in under a week…

Or pushing it away for months.

Sure, your signs appearing puts you in a great spot.

Most people don’t make it that far..

And it’s the universe’s style of saying: “Great work. You’re a good manifestor”.

But your reaction is just as crucial.

The typical response most people have is anything but positive.

Sometimes they’re doubtful or even angry.

Solution: To help you give better responses that won’t affect your manifestation, here’s an example:

Desire: To bring back an ex lover into your life.

Sign: You open your facebook page, and start seeing accounts with their name.

Usual negative response: “This is so annoying. I don’t want this people”

The best response for you: “Yes, He’s/She’s on the way to me. I can’t wait”

See how that works?

The second one comes from a place of gratitude and trust. Which is where your thoughts should be.


I really hope this article took away all the mystery surrounding your manifestation results.

I know how frustrating it is to wait for ages.

But as you just discovered, a few mindset shifts will go a long way in speeding things up.

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