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Pulling Heavens Down – The Universe’s Guide to Happiness

Heaven is a place in the afterlife where it is believed all good-doers will go. It is full of abundance, happiness, and overflowing with love. It assures you of eternal rest and freedom. We hope that we will go to heaven someday and experience VIP treatment. The kind of experience that will make you forget any bad memories. Heaven is the place where both the rich and poor want to go because there are no social classes there. The universe is granting you the freedom to ‘pull the heavens down.’ It wants to empower you to live your dream life on Earth despite the rising challenges.  

The heavenly experience. 

It is believed that heaven is in the sky. This is where God, His Angels, and the saints live. It is a city of gold, lights, fresh air, and beautiful scenery. Heaven is a land flowing with milk and honey. It has the best fruits the land has to offer and its rivers overflow with sparkling clean water. The heavenly experience is magical. There is no disappointment, discouragement, or pain. It is pure joy to be in heaven and you can give anything to enter it.  

The universe wants you to walk through the doors of heaven majestically because you deserve to be there and experience the best it has to offer. This is a life-changing experience. This is how you can have the heavenly experience today rather than later: 

1. Set and achieve ‘smaller’ goals. 

Sometimes we set bigger goals hoping to achieve all of them within a short time because of our “sharp” focus. It is fine to be very determined and while at it, be realistic. No matter the smaller milestones you achieve in between, you will not celebrate them because your eyes are fixed on a bigger prize. You will be waiting for a heavenly experience that will take longer to have while you can create your heaven on Earth by setting and achieving smaller goals.

This is what the universe wants you to do to achieve ultimate happiness – celebrate every step on your way to winning big. It will add to your bucket of happiness that you have hit all your targets within the timelines that you had set for yourself. You can even go the extra mile by writing your goals in your notebook and checking them off each time you conquer one. Your happiness will build up slowly and overflow the day you would have checked off everything.  

2. Live within your means. 

We have varying strengths and this is our uniqueness. It is disappointing when you cannot afford the things that you want in life, especially if they matter a lot. The inability to afford them can make you sad and drive you into depression. Happiness will become something foreign. The universe wants to change this in your life by teaching you how to live within your means. Buy items that you can afford without depending on other people’s support. It is good that they help you out but they are not obligated to.

Look at how the universe has conditioned nature to live within its means. This is the reason it is full of happiness. It is manifested in the carefree attitude of little children. They use the toys their parents have bought for them or improvise new ones when playing with their peers. They have no pressure to catch up because they believe that what their parents have provided is the best. It is also a reflection of what heaven looks like. Self-acceptance is the door that will open to the heavenly happiness that you want.  

3. Strike work-life balance. 

One of the characteristics of needs is that they are insatiable. Just when you think that you have finally gotten what you wanted in life, something else comes up. This is perfectly normal as nature is also continuously evolving to a newer version each day. However, in the quest to keep up with this evolution, your happiness may be lost along the way. This is why it is important to strike a work-life balance. The nature of your job may blind you from seeing the other good things that life has to offer. It could completely absorb you until you lose touch with what is happening outside there.

The universe is teaching about this necessary work-life balance to bring your heaven to Earth. It is fine to be busy but not at the expense of drowning in debt or depression because you are busy working yourself out. Nature itself changes the weather across the year. It is not always summer and neither is it always winter. This balance is important for the well-being of the ecosystem. The universe has put your happiness across different places. A bit here and another bit there will pull the heavens down and you will experience unlimited happiness.  

4. Build your Rome slowly. 

Rome is the capital city of Italy. It is also its biggest city. Progress is often compared to Rome because it was not built in one day. It took a lot of time for it to become the city it is presently. Sometimes you may feel the need to rush over things because it is some sort of emergency that you succeed. This will deny you happiness because you will not celebrate your present wins. The deep and overflowing joy in heaven did not happen to be there overnight. This is the nature of happiness in life. It grows over time until it becomes what you have wished for your whole life. Behold you will have pulled your heaven to Earth! 

A PhD is an academic degree of the rank of Doctor of Philosophy. It is a prestigious award to earn. Anyone who earns it is happy because it makes him/her an academic giant. Pulling the heavens down (PHD) is what it truly is – the climax of happiness. It will lead you to live heavenly on Earth.

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