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Qualifications of the Universe’s Bar of Saints


A saint is a blameless person. His ways are upright and unquestionable. His integrity is known by his friends and neighbors. They can vouch for his good character at any time. There are a few people that you may know as saints because of your experience with them. Their lifestyle is desirable and you can trade anything to be in their shoes. The universe wants you to know that it is possible to be a saint. You can succeed where others have not and the memory of your good deeds will be remembered forever.


The most common question is how it is possible to be a saint in the world as we know it. How can one maintain purity when he/she is surrounded by fake friends and neighbors? The universe is encouraging your spirit to overcome all temptations and become a saint. You can join the universe’s bar of saints if you fulfill all its requirements. They include:

1. Humility.

This is the ability to be humble and believe that you are not better than other people. Indeed, it could be true, according to your judgment, that you are better than your friends or the people around you in several ways. However, it is the quality of not bragging about it that makes one a saint. A saint does not rub their good side on the faces of other people. He/she is modest and engages other people like equals.

Nature is complete with examples of both proud and humble people. The universe wants to admit more people to its bar of saints. Do not lead people to lose their faith because of your lack of humility which makes others feel inferior. Embrace your strengths gracefully and the universe will enable you to enjoy them for our benefit and that of others. Your ability is a divine gift from above to serve others with humility and recruit them to the universe’s bar of saints.

2. Patience.

It is the ability to wait for a long time for something. Patience is a virtue that the world needs. It is an honor for someone to have it in the world. Those who have in abundance are saints.

Consider how nature practices patience through its creation. The different durations of the gestation periods of animals and the waiting time for plants to yield fruits is the real practice of patience. This patience eventually yields fruits through reproduction. You harvest crops for both subsistence and sale and at the same time their population increases. This cannot be achieved with little or no patience.


Similarly, the universe wants you to practice patience so that you may be fruitful and multiply. Patience is a quality of saints because they fulfill the divine will of the universe in the world. A lot of things could not be as successful as they are today if patience was not exercised. You can join the universe’s bar of saints if you practice patience.

3. Kindness.

Saints consider the needs of other people above theirs. This is kindness. The universe values kindness a lot and rewards those who practice it. Nature expresses kindness to us daily through the many second and third chances that it rewards us. The universe is kind to allow us to redeem ourselves each time we go wrong. Those who express this kindness to other people qualify to join the universe’s bar of saints.

Nobody except the universe is perfect. Granting other people a second chance is a divine step in the right direction. Your kind actions will speak in your favor to join the universe’s bar of saints.

4. Self-control.

It is the ability to control your emotions. The world will be your stage once you master self-control. You will know when to start, pause, or stop because your spirit, not emotions, is in control. Self-control empowers your spirit to rule over your body and make the right life choices. It is a pre-requisite to join the universe’s bar of saints.


Consider how nature acts from a point of knowledge and not impulsive decisions. The world is a better place because of the way the weather self-regulates and the eco-system balances. The ability to practice self-control will improve your quality of life and make you a saint. The impact of a saint is felt through his life choices and self-control makes this happen.

5. Universal love.

Universal love is unconditional love for everyone. It is not restricted by any relationship and is free of charge. Saints are champions of universal love. They love without expecting anything in return. The universe embodies the spirit of sainthood through how it treats everyone equally. The weather does not discriminate against anyone. This is an example of the universal love of nature.


To qualify to join the universe’s bar of saints, the ability to express universal love is a mandatory test. Treat your friends and enemies with human dignity as the universe treats everyone else. This opens an avenue for your spirit to express universal love.  

6. Peacemaking.

Saints are peacemakers throughout their lives. They create a peaceful environment for others and themselves to thrive. Saints are concerned by a peaceful progressive environment and they are at the forefront of creating it. Your presence should be felt through the peace you bring wherever you go.

It is not to say that there are no conflicts in the life of saints but they solve them peacefully. Peace ambassadors attract the light of sainthood. Proof of being a peacemaker automatically qualifies you to enter the universe’s bar of saints.  

7. Submission.

It is the quality of obeying authority. Saints obey the authority of the universe because it is the source of their spiritual success. They understand the value of authority in the universe and its role in maintaining their sainthood. The universe shuns people who disrespect authority. Those who embrace it qualify to join the universe’s bar of saints because their compliance is not in question.

The above-highlighted qualities are qualifications for the universe’s bar of saints. The longer you practice them, the more you qualify to join the bar.

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