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Reflection, Refraction, and The Science of Nature’s Light to Your Spirit

Light is a form of energy that makes it possible to see things. It is one of the oldest forms of energy, besides sound, that has filled the universe for a very long time. Nothing can be hidden when there is light. It puts everything bare for the whole world to see. The light of the universe can do wonders when it shines on your spirit. It will remove any darkness within you and open your eyes to your hidden abilities. This is the science of Nature’s light to your spirit – it heals, transforms, empowers, and nourishes at the same time. The day the Universe’s light falls on you is a day to remember forever. The universe intends that it happen as soon as possible.


Among the major things that can happen to light is reflection. This is the bouncing of light from one surface to another. A ray of light bounces when it hits a smooth polished surface. The bounced ray is the reflected ray and the original ray is the incident ray. At any time, the angle of incident is equal to the angle of reflection. Light energy represents your goodwill. The more of it you have towards nature, the same will be extended back to you (reflected) when you are in your hour of need. You will receive compassion where you expressed compassion and mercy where you were merciful. It is important to understand the properties of nature’s light to your spirit. Reflection of light is used in mirrors. What you see inside the mirror is the same as what is physically put before it. The universe wants you to look at yourself through nature’s mirror. Do you love the person standing in front of you?


The other major property of light is refraction. This is the bending of light when it travels from one medium to another. For example, a pencil immersed in a glass of water will appear broken when it is not. It is because the rays of light changed direction when passing through the different mediums. Refraction of nature’s light in your spirit is an insight to understand the wonders that it can do to your spirit. It can transform you from how people know you on the outside to become a new person after refraction. You are not broken. You are not weird. Neither are you an outcast. You are the opposite of all negative perceptions you have heard about yourself. Other people are not seeing the true object but the refracted one. The true object is the straight pencil, not the broken one.


The property of light waves to bend around corners such that they spread out and illuminate areas where a shadow would be expected is called diffraction. It is one of the wonders of light energy that the universe wants you to leverage when nature’s light shines on your spirit. When light hits an opaque object, it stops traveling further. However, when the object has corners, it spreads out to shine on the darkest parts (where you would not have expected to see light). This magic of light to shine in places it was not supposed to be worthy to be emulated. The universe does not want you to be stopped in your tracks. For this reason, nature’s light shining on you empowers you to be resilient to work your way around corners (either work or personal challenges) and remove shadows in your life. Your spiritual light could be blocked, deliberately, or accidentally. However, the universe wants you to use the science of diffraction and shine your light even in shadows. Nature’s light shining on your spirit is unstoppable.

Interference of light.

It is a common phenomenon that happens everywhere. Light waves from different sources collide with each other when traveling. They have different properties that make them not compatible with each other. However, no ray of light dims the other one because of this interference. When nature’s light shines on your spirit, it may encounter light from other sources and their rays may collide. However, this interference of light will not dim the purpose of nature’s light shining on your spirit. Interferences remain just that – interferences. Nothing more. They do not have the power to alter your appointed destiny in the universe.

The speed of light.

The speed of light is constant at 300,000 km/sec. This makes it the fastest form of energy in the universe. During thunderstorms, lightning is seen first before thunder is heard. Similarly, the speed of nature’s light to your spirit is just as fast. It will give you supersonic speed to win all the battles in your life before even the sound of your success reaches the ears of your opponents. The universe wants you to embrace this divine speed when its light falls on you. You will overtake those ahead of you and claim your rightful place in life’s race when you are in the limelight.

There are things that you should expect when you are in the limelight, the first one being fame. Nature’s light will elevate you to greater heights and this is your first blessing in the universe. You will be granted priority treatment because you are no longer moving with your speed but with that of light.

Another thing that comes with being in the limelight is high demand. Electricity was even invented to create light and continue with daylight freedom! Your presence and services will be needed everywhere because you are moving at the speed of light. Just as light does not discriminate where it shines as long as it is directed there, so does the universe expect the same of you.

Your spiritual mandate shall continue to grow the more you appreciate the significance of the science of Nature’s light to your spirit. The development of your spirit depends on the dominance of light in you. Everything else follows light. This is the science of nature’s light in your spirit.

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