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Sailing Through Nature’s Sea


Sailing is an ancient mode of transport across the sea. The early man was overwhelmed with the curiosity of wanting to know what the rest of the world holds. Fishing was already on the table and the idea of traveling by sea matured with the introduction of the first sail in Egypt. From that time to date, sailing has evolved to become what it is today – safer and faster. Sailing through nature’s seas is adventurous and offers one of the most insightful exposures. It is the front seat where the real action takes place – the discovery of the unknown.

The seas and oceans cover a larger area of our planet. We are yet to fully explore their mysteries and this is what nature is offering to you – a sail worth remembering. Sailing takes you to the center of the earth which is somewhere in the Pacific. You find yourself surrounded by water as far as your eyes can see. This is the privilege that nature is introducing into your life – a once-in-a-lifetime voyage.

The pride of the sea.

Nothing beats the joy of being on the list of the chosen ones. It affirms that you are special and dear to the universe. You feel more important and this builds your confidence as you stare into what nature has put before your eyes.

pride of the sea

The pride of the sea is contagious and it will infect you as soon as you set off for your first sail. The calmness of the sea, its depth, the life it supports, and its endless horizon will make you envy the aquatic life enjoying all these perks of nature.

The preparation for a sea voyage.

A sea voyage is not impromptu. It is carefully planned and a vessel is booked beforehand for the travel. The traveling date is also earlier reserved. The choice of the vessel depends on the nature of the voyage. A stronger vessel adapted to the deep seas is used for longer travels while a lighter vessel can be used for shorter excursions. Nothing can be taken to chance when preparing to travel across the sea.

Nature has deep oceans, shallow lakes, and permanent and temporary rivers. There are some that you can swim across, others that you cannot except for skilled divers, and some that remain unexplored. A sea voyage across any of them is a worthy experience that nature wants to offer to you. Are you ready to take it?

The nature of the sea.

The nature of the sea is interesting. Sometimes there are strong winds and at other times it is very calm. There are storms in the sea that make it rough and ugly. Strong tides hit the coral reefs at the beach and people run for their safety. The beauty of the beach vanishes and you have to run from the same place where you were sun basking. However, this does not change your mind about the beauty of the sea and the beach. You will find time to go back to the beach to have fun and even go on that sea voyage you have been planning for some time now.

Nature wants you to understand life and the universe as you do the sea. It can be stormy, rough, and ugly but remain beautiful to offer you the fun that you are looking for. Your bad days are some of the stormy days in the sea. There are many more good days ahead like the days when the sea is calm. Brave the stormy days to enjoy the sunny days ahead.

Unchanged plans.

If you are planning for a sea voyage when the news has it that the ocean is stormy, you do not cancel it but reschedule to a time when the weatherman will give you a green light. It is prudent to plan for the days ahead of you and sometimes there are unavoidable interruptions when you do. No matter what it is, the universe wants to let you know that it is just one of the stormy days in the sea and it will not last long. The weather will be back to normal and you can continue with your plans.

Do not call off your wedding because your budget is too big. Neither should you postpone furthering your studies or starting your dream business because you do not have enough funds for it. What counts is that you had and still have intentions to do it. The universe will connect you with someone with the means to make it happen. Keep the dream alive and the storm will pass.

universe and sea

Getting ready for the moment.

What happens when you are already on the sea voyage and an unexpected storm occurs? Nature has your insurance policy and requires your compliance – sailing in the modern ship. This is the ship of faith that the universe needs you to use to sail through the ocean.

The modern ship is created to withstand harsh sea weather and the crew is well trained to handle emergencies. You can safely sail in it even when an unexpected storm happens. It has powerful engines to propel it in the direction that the captain would want to steer it in. No matter the strength of the storm, the captain can still be in charge of the ship. The sailing of the ship no longer depends on the direction of the wind but on the power of its engines.

To manage the storm when crossing through nature’s sea, the engines of your ship should be on and functioning. These engines are your prayers. Nature acknowledges that sometimes life can be stormy. However, your prayers will help you to manage the storm and you remain in control of your life.

The secret of sailing through nature’s sea.

Reflect on your prayer life and your spirituality every time you face challenges. Your spiritual life will manage to take you through all of them. A prayerful life is a healthy spiritual life. The storm in your life will only go away as soon as you tell the universe through prayer about it. 

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