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Scoring The Goal of Victory in Life


Victory is a very important time in life. A win should be celebrated because it took time to create it. Sometimes the universe leads us to win because our good actions have qualified us for this victory. Victory could mean different things to different people depending on their perspective and the circumstance that this win has happened.

You could win because you have not lost. You can also win because you have performed better than the others (even if you are both below average). The third way to win is when you have excelled exceedingly well regardless of the performance of others. These are all forms of victory and bagging either of them is a plus for you.

The dynamics of victory.

The million-dollar question is, “At what point do you count on victory?” The universe has a formula for this. Victory is final only after the referee blows the whistle. In a game of soccer, the referee enforces the rules of the game during the match. Either of the teams can score against the other during the match and they know their standing on the table as the game progresses. When the time is over, the referee blows the whistle to mark the end of the game. This is when either team can claim victory – because they have scored more goals than their competitors in the same match.

Nature is the initiator of victory. It draws the boundary between failure, success, and a tie. The universe validates your victory each time. Nature considers even the small wins.

  1. Growth is victory.

Growth is the ability to grow from one stage to the next. Many of your peers have not made it that far. By grace, you have made it. You have bagged that college degree, started your dream business, secured your dream job, married your soulmate, or have a circle of supportive friends. These are different forms of growth. The universe calls that victory.

Growth is victory

Consider animals in nature. Their different stages of growth in the wild and they have to survive the threat of predators. From the young antelope calves to the defenseless baby zebras. They grow to become adults with the speed to run from danger. This is victory and nature counts it rightfully so. The same is not different for you. Growing up to become a responsible adult is a victory. Bravo!

  1. Mastery is victory.

Mastery is an in-depth understanding of a subject matter. It is the ability to understand it inside and out. A master is revered and respected because of his knowledge. In medicine. We have specialists and consultants who are experts in a single branch of medicine – pediatric, surgery, gynecology, oncology, and many more. These professionals are masters of their profession and this is where their value lies.

The universe wants you to be very good at your specialization. Explore your talents and maximize their potential because this is your path to victory. There is a lot you can achieve and be victorious when you are a master. Stay on the right lane and you will score the goal of victory in your life.

  1. Service is victory.

Service is the ability to attend to the needs of other people and fulfill them. This is at the core of leadership. A servant is often put in the lowest grade in terms of remuneration and social class. However, the universe has hidden victory in servanthood. It takes you closer to giants and royalty and you can see what happens in their world.

Service is a victory because it kills the pride of superiority in you. You learn to attend to others before yourself. This is nature’s way to train you to slay the dragon of pride that has consumed many people. The greatness of a person lies in his ability to serve without prejudice. This sets you up for greater victory beyond your current place.

  1. Discipline is victory.

Discipline is the ability to do the right thing even when no one is watching. It signifies both physical and spiritual maturity because you can separate right from wrong. The discipline of the spirit is necessary for you to emerge victorious. There are several challenges against doing the right thing but you can overcome all of them if you are disciplined.

Nature is disciplined. This can be seen through very basic routines. Has night or daytime ever been extended by an hour? It does not matter whether there were heavy rains and thunderstorms at night or if the night was angelic. Dawn will eventually break and a new day starts right away. This discipline has made nature live millions of years in the universe.

Discipline will take you places you never knew existed. You only have one task – to consistently do the right thing because it is right to do so.

  1. Social capital is victory.

Social capital is building the right network of people in life. It is important to interact and have social relationships with people from different geographical and professional backgrounds. These relationships are an eye-opener to what lies on the other side. Human beings are created to have a social life and there are repercussions when you deny yourself this necessity.

Social capital is victory.

It is increasingly becoming the norm not to have a social life for the sake of careers and businesses. Everyone wants to earn an extra dollar to comfortably afford the cost of living. This is why you will be victorious when you manage to fight off the urge to be alone.

A diverse network opens up more opportunities for you. It also provides you with friends who complete you as a person. Nothing can replace strong social capital.

Life is a gift from above. We are privileged to be alive today and live the way we do. This exposes us to many challenges. We can be victorious and score the goal of victory that will give us a lifeline. The universe wants us to be victorious. This is the goodwill you need to overcome all challenges.

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