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Secrets of Building an Everlasting Relationship

A happily ever after.

There is an excitement that comes with the thought of a forever with your loved one. The unexplainable sensation that runs down your spine when you think of sleeping and waking up next to the love of your life forever. 

Away with the stories of failure that you may have heard or read. You may think that sometimes happiness is not cast in stone but the truth of the matter is that it is the only guarantee that the universe gives you for being loyal. You can make the relationship with your special someone work out and awaken the dream of a happily ever after.

A perfect relationship.

Is there anything like a perfect relationship? Yes, there is though there is a warning here – do not approach this subject casually. Many people who have sought to build a perfect relationship have been unsuccessful largely because they did not pay attention to the cardinal laws of the universe.

Consider building an everlasting relationship like following the perfect recipe for a tasty meal. You should not skip a step because the meal may not turn out as tasty as the recipe anticipated. The point is to stay on track and use no shortcuts no matter how tempting they could be.

Roll up your sleeves for what is ahead.

  1.  Assemble the right ingredients.

What always appears at the top of any recipe is the ingredients for the meal you want to cook. Similarly, there are things you should have if you want to build an everlasting relationship. There is no one-fit-it-all formula but there is a consensus on what they are.

T.T.C – Trust, transparency, and commitment. It is finally out!

You must have these with the person you are relating with. There could be other factors that bring you together but again without these ingredients, your relationship is shaky.

Trust keeps away insecurities. When you trust your partner, you believe that they can never do anything to intentionally hurt you or jeopardize your relationship. It is the faith that you have put in them that matters the most.

Transparency is like cooking oil in your recipe. It lubricates the wheels of your relationship. Where difficulties emerge, it is how transparent you are with each other that will determine the course of the relationship.

Commitment is the icing on the cake. A relationship is beyond what you feel for each other. The question is whether you are committed to making it work between you. You should be ready to make compromises for the sake of your relationship with your loved one.

That somebody loves you is not a guarantee that the relationship will last forever. The only surety is whether both of you are in it for the long run and whether you want to see it work even when the tides are against you.

  1.  Light up the fire.

Although you may have all the ingredients, how can you cook without fire? What starts most relationships is the love they feel for each other. It is like a magnet that brings them together.

Do you remember when you first fell in love? As for myself, I do remember. I can say it is the most beautiful feeling I have ever experienced. You become blind to a lot of things and your sole focus is on this special someone.

Fire cooks a meal. It makes the raw ingredients edible. This is exactly what love does in a relationship. It helps you overlook the failures and negativity of your partner. All you see is how perfect they are for you.

Love can grow and it can as well die. When it exits your relationship, then that could mean the end of it (but it shouldn’t come to this point). Do not focus on bigger things.

Sometimes it is the smaller things that matter the most. It could be remembering your partner’s birthday, or your anniversary, gifting them unexpectedly, complementing them whenever you meet, and making them feel special.

Nature has plenty of ways of showing its love for us. No wonder we never fall out of love with it. When you follow its example, it could be the perfect thing that has ever happened to you.

  1.  Take your time.

Do you always want things to happen instantly? Well, you may need to change this if you are looking forward to building an everlasting relationship with this special someone.

Do you know what they say about Rome? Rome was not built in one day.

Every relationship is a work in progress although they may be in different stages. It takes time to build an everlasting relationship and you have to be patient to walk through every step in this journey if you want to realize it. It is a meal whose recipe you have to follow religiously without skipping anything or finding some way around it.

  1.  Taste your meal before serving.

Temptations will always be a part of your life and you have to accept this fact and move forward with building this heaven of a relationship you treasure so much. As you cook, there is a time you will taste your food to see whether there is the right amount of salt, or if it is ready to be served.

A good cook will ensure that they taste the food first (just a little) so that they can be sure what they are serving. You cannot afford to serve bad food to your guests, can you?

Similarly, ‘taste’ your relationship. You do this by gauging the trials your partner and you pass through and their response toward them. Do they throw in the towel or they will still fight for what you share?

You add salt to food when it’s lacking or little. You do not throw away the food. The same applies to relationships. You have to spice things up with your partner even when they are almost giving up. Give them a reason to live and live another day to fight for your relationship.

A tasty meal.

What are the comments of the people who eat your food?


“Wow! Are you the one who cooked this?”

When you hear this, you know that you have hit the jackpot. Thereafter, you cannot hide your great cooking skills.

Similarly, an everlasting relationship cannot be hidden. Everyone will see it and will come to you to ask for your advice about this or that. This is the ultimate indication that you have finally managed to build an everlasting relationship. 

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