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Seeking the Universe’s Stamp of Authority

authority stamp

A stamp is evidence of approval or permit to do something. I dare say that a stamp is sometimes accorded greater respect than the one carrying the stamped document. The stamp communicates to the recipient of your documents on your behalf. You only have two jobs – the first is to get your documents stamped and the second one is to present them to the right person. Everything that happens beyond this is beyond your control. Let the stamp speak for you.

A case in point is that a prospective employer will have a hard time hiring you if you present unstamped documents that have no other sign of authenticity. He will doubt your credentials to the last one and you have no one to blame except yourself. This is a sneak peek of the power that an ordinary stamp holds. How much more power does the stamp of the universe hold?

The power of a stamp.

A document bearing the stamp of the white house, for example, is more respected than that from a local company in town. It is the power of the office where the stamp is used that makes it valid. The document from the white house is weightier before the eyes of everybody who sees it because it comes from the highest office on land. Take this as a challenge – who has stamped your papers? The power of the stamp overrides the content of these papers.

 How to seek the stamp of the universe.

Like all high offices, the universe too has a stamp. It is the most supreme stamp that can be stamped in your life. When you gain this stamp, doors open before you, your wishes become a reality, your enemies will want to make peace with you, and your family will be proud of you. We secretly wish to get this stamp and be done with it once and for all. However, can the universe give us its golden stamp freely or do you have to trade it with something else?

stamp of the universe

  1. Maintaining your commitment to nature.

Your commitment to nature is the currency you have to trade for the universe’s golden stamp. You become qualified to get this stamp once you have shown the uttermost commitment to nature. Little things like caring for the small animals on the ground and insects reveal the true nature of your spirit. It also extends to your perception and attitude towards people in a lower social and economic class than yourself. A gentle spirit radiates kindness to the people around him. You are human first before you get any other title. This is what your spirit should show to the world to prove to the universe that you are qualified to receive its stamp of authority.

  1. Being incorruptible.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. You will get ultimate power when the universe gives you its stamp of authority. The concern is whether you will be able to maintain your original character. Will you remain the same humble man or woman after receiving this stamp or will you change to become someone different? The universe will not trust you with its stamp if you cannot be incorruptible. Power does not change you into becoming someone else but reveals your true nature. The universe will save you from yourself until you put your house in order. In addition, nature wants an assurance that you will not lease out your stamp to other people who have not earned it in exchange for a few favors. Your relationship with them is immaterial. It is your integrity that is on trial. Can you conquer temptation or will it overpower you?

  1.  Being consistent.

It is difficult to find consistency everywhere. People change for various reasons and they justify it. Change is good when it is positive. Otherwise, negative change is a threat to your character. It causes mistrust on nature’s part because there is no surety that you can be trusted with its stamp. On the contrary, when you display a consistent attitude, nature trusts you more with its stamp that you will not abuse your privileges. To ultimately get the stamp of authority from the universe, adopt permanent change. Your life will eventually reflect this change and you will, without doubt, receive nature’s stamp in your life. The people around you will be the first ones to speak of the news of your changed lifestyle. Their testimony adds to your case before nature that you are a changed person. Aside from your past, you will eventually get the universe’s stamp if you choose the path of consistency.

Manifestation of nature’s stamp of authority in your life.

Three known ways can confirm that you have finally received nature’s stamp in your life. At this point, your life begins to bear fruits and nobody can deny that nature has chosen you.

universe stamp

  1. Grace.

Grace is undeserved favor before people. You stop struggling with other things when grace comes into your life. The universe will command other people to love you unconditionally. You will be favored everywhere you go without using corrupt means. Your face will radiate acceptance when you walk into every office.  This is proof that you have received the stamp of the universe in your life.

  1. Protection.

A lot of things happen behind your back yet none of it comes to harm you. This is a manifestation of nature’s protection in your life. It exceeds the worldly protection of men with guns. The reason the universe protects you is because you now carry the authority of its stamp. Nothing evil should happen in your life. You are no longer an ordinary person.

  1. Provision.

When you receive its stamp, nature gives provision for your survival. Your sustenance shifts from being your responsibility to the universe. You will no longer fight the battles of the common man because you have this stamp of authority. Doors of provision will open even through people you had never thought of before because you now wield authority you never had previously.

Your focus should always be on how you will eventually get the universe’s stamp of authority. Everything else becomes secondary to it. This is the order of nature. 

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