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Setting Up your Password Manager with the Universe

A password manager is a computer program that allows a user to manage their login credentials for multiple websites and apps. It helps improve cyber security and prevent unauthorized access to your personal online space. Previously, you would end up resetting your password each time you wanted to access your social media accounts and website portals. It was hectic until a password manager came to the rescue of millions of internet users. The idea of a password manager comes from the universe. It has a master password manager where your spirit can store all its passwords safely.

Your interaction with your environment is akin to the cyber experience that we get online except that it is real this time, not virtual. You interact differently with different groups of people – family, workmates, neighbors, or whoever the universe brings into your space. For this reason, you cannot mix these interactions because all these groups of people know a different version of you and it must remain so for the relationship to continue. Your family knows you as a sibling, parent, or spouse. The universe has gifted that version of you to them and it suits them just fine. On their part, your workmates know you as a skilled and talented colleague who does not let down the team. This is different from how your family thinks of you.

Your password manager in the universe helps you to build your profile across the different groups of people you interact with. This further helps you to get the best out of them and the chain of interdependence continues further. A well-set-up password manager in the universe is an important part of spiritual and personal growth. The universe wants to guide you to set it up correctly.

1. Familiarize yourself with all your accounts.

A good netizen is familiar with all his/her online accounts. You should know what your favorite sites offer and the trending topics in them. Further, your engagement in online discussions enlightens you more about the social world and the power of social networking. The universe wants you to be aware of all the different groups of people that you are bound to meet in life. Treat them as you do your accounts and manage them effectively. Trending topics on one social account are different from the others and you also handle them that way. In setting up your password manager in the universe, nature is closely observing your familiarity with the accounts whose passwords you are keeping safe. This New Year is a time to improve your social skills and maximize the effectiveness of the universe’s password manager.

2. Use different passwords in your online cyberspace.

Good cyber practice is to use different passwords for different accounts. It is not advisable to use number patterns as passwords or your date of birth for that matter. This will give hackers an easy time to illegally access your online space. Similarly, as you set up your password manager in the universe, the universe expects you to store a variety of password combinations. The quality of interactions that you have with different people in your life should be as different and as far apart as possible. For the same reason that the universe brings different kinds of people at different times in your life, so should you maintain their relationship with different approaches. You will outlive the lifespan of ordinary relationships when you use this approach to set up your password manager with the Universe.

3. Set up two-factor authentication.

This is an important step to help verify your identity before giving you full control of an online account. The second layer of security is an added advantage to the owner of the online account. The Universe wants you to activate two-factor authentication when setting up your password manager with it. It involves taking nature’s advice before entering into any relationship. Some people you meet in life are meant to be with you forever while others are to suit you for a specific time and their role ends there. The universe wants you to identify this beforehand and classify your relationships accordingly. The people you let into your life play a big role in your success. The universe appreciates this as much and advices on the two-layer security when setting up your password manager with it. Vet your relationships wisely.

4. Be wary of public Wi-Fi.

Public Wi-Fi is unsafe to carry out your cyber activities. It has no security mechanisms to prevent hacking and stealing of personal information. Using it to access your website portal and social accounts sets you up as a potential victim. It is highly recommended that you use a network connection that you trust to do your activities. This is also true when setting up your password manager with the Universe. Public Wi-Fi threatens your online security even in the universe. Sometimes even without intending to, you may share your personal information among people with evil intentions. This is how you access and use public Wi-Fi in the universe. The universe advises that the safest way to set up your password manager is to trust people who have earned your trust. These are the same people whom nature will use to promote you to a higher glory when the time comes. They are your private internet connection. Use them.

5. Make sure your devices are secure.

The security of your devices is very important when doing your cyber activities online. You can secure your devices by upgrading them through software updates and security patches. This is part of the routine of a security-conscious netizen. Similarly, you need to secure your devices when setting up your password manager with the Universe. The device that you should secure is your spirit. Guard your spirit from being compromised through uncontrolled ambitions that threaten your morality. This will keep your password manager and online activities in the universe safe. Take all the necessary measures to maintain the purity of your spirit and your password manager in the universe shall be safe.

It is important to take charge of your security, both online and offline. Your password manager in the universe is your ticket out of the danger zone. This is why you need to set it up carefully in the universe and maintain its security daily.

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