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Signals from the Universe for Answered Prayers


The long wait.

Are you familiar with the long wait for unanswered prayers? Time seems to have stopped momentarily and in your eyes, the universe has already conspired to reject your prayers. We believe that our prayers shall be answered when we pray sincerely. This is true. The power of prayer is undeniable. We are witnesses of the impossible happening and those rejected finally being favored. It is the universe’s miracle. Or how else shall we explain it?

The waiting duration is characterized by deep anxiety and worrying about whether our prayers shall be answered or it shall be another statistic of unanswered prayers. We are most fragile at this stage and can believe almost anyone who promises to work a miracle for us.

What are you praying for?

  1.       Good health.
  2.       Long life.
  3.       Money.
  4.       Wealth.
  5.       Abundance.
  6.       Happiness.

If your prayer item is not on this list, what could it be, my friend?

There is one surety – the universe faithfully answers all prayers done in good faith. He has to work out the impossible and restore your lost glory and happiness. When answers delay, most people are tempted to go astray in search of other alternatives. Regrettably, they may resort to taking matters into their hands. For you, chosen son/daughter, patiently wait for answers.

The joy of answered prayers.

Words fail me to paint the picture of the joy of answered prayers, especially when you were almost giving up. It is as if heaven has come down on earth and divinity has personally attended to your prayer requests. Your hope is fueled once more and it raises your faith to believe greater things. Welcome to the world of faith and possibilities!

During the waiting stage, some signals happen to indicate that the universe is just about to answer your prayers. Most of the time we are buried deep in worrying that we do not notice these subtle signs of hope. These are some of them:

  1. Inner peace.

The waiting stage is an anxious one. You will, however, notice that when you are closer to receiving answers, the universe fills your heart with divine peace. You cannot explain where it comes from but this is not a concern at the moment, you only want to enjoy this peace. It is such a beautiful experience worth every minute.


This is a sign that the universe has, in fact, already answered your prayers, you are only waiting for its manifestation. You now need to stop being overly concerned and focus on where the universe is leading you– thanksgiving. It is time to turn your prayers to thanksgiving for what is almost manifesting. You are not getting ahead of yourself but recognizing the work of the universe.

  1. Increased persecution.

It is normal to face increased persecution especially when you are close to receiving answers to your prayers. When you expect things to be calmer, the sea gets rougher. Again you are tossed back to anxiety and worry about the unknown. Some people even lose the faith in the process.

This is a sign that you are almost receiving positive answers to your prayers but you are being pushed further away from them. It is not a time to give everything up but now, more than ever, you need to remain firm in your faith. This is the true meaning of the saying that it is darkest before dawn. Just when the light of day is about to show up, darkness increases tenfold. It does not hold up for long because eventually, the sun will rise.

  1. Divine coordination.

Have you ever been in a situation where everything seems to be coordinating for or against you? Now, when the universe is almost answering your prayers, everything will work in your favor. This is divinity pulling the strings from behind the curtains. Strangers will show you kindness and favor and will locate you in unlikely places. Everything you plan will work out just the way you had intended and it will look too perfect to be real.

seed of love

Such perfect coordination is the work of divinity. It means that your prayers have been accepted directly. Therefore, your answers are as straight as your prayers were. Do not see it as a red flag but be thankful for receiving such unmerited favor before the universe.

  1. Abrupt frustration.

Have you experienced last-minute frustrations? Everything seemed to be going on perfectly until at the last minute when they start going wrong. These frustrations are coming your way to test your resilience of whether you can withstand pressure after your prayers are finally answered.

It mostly happens if your prayer item involves one that will attract a lot of external pressure. The universe is testing you for it. Are you prepared for your blessing? You should be because if not, then your answer will be withheld until you can manage it. Your level of preparedness will tell the universe that you are ripe for this blessing and your prayer will finally be answered.

  1. Miracle coincidences.

There are times when we face miracle coincidences. They are just at the perfect timing when you had not even thought about the next step. You had planned to do activity C sometime in the future and you forgot it. Coincidentally, activities A & B also happen next week and thereafter activity C falls in place automatically. What is the universe telling you?

While some coincidences are simply coincidences, some of them are not. Consider them as a divine guide directing you on what to prioritize. Answers to your prayers are around the corner. You have to turn right and left in the manner that they lead you and you will be at the doorstep of the answer to your long-awaited prayer item.

What do you do when you feel that the answers to your prayers are long overdue and you’re getting impatient? You have to watch out for these signals and interpret them accordingly. 

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