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Sitting at the Table of Honor

Every wedding ceremony I have ever attended has a high table. It is where the newlyweds dine and only a few people have the privilege of joining them there on that special day. There is a special menu at the high table. It is also the most beautifully decorated table and every good thing finds its way there.

Similarly, the universe has prepared a high table for its guests. There is special treatment at the high table of the universe. This is the reason why you should find your way there as soon as possible. Wealth maximization and expanding your Kingdom of wealth in the universe becomes possible when you sit at the high table of honor. It is where important decisions are made – even concerning unlimited wealth.

The table of honor makes it possible for people from various social classes to be on level ground. The universe grants you a chance for your voice to be heard and your efforts to expand your kingdom of wealth can be realized. Outside of it becomes almost impossible to realize your dreams. There is etiquette to be observed at the high table and the universe is very particular about it.

Etiquette of the New Class

What do you need to know when sitting at the table of honor? This is the platform that the universe has prepared for you to go beyond limits. It is now possible to accumulate unlimited wealth. This is the missing piece of the puzzle.

You can now meet your weekly targets within days. The race to infinity wealth can easily be won when you take your seat at the table of honor. This is the etiquette at the table:

  1. Do not despise humble beginnings.

You will meet different types of people at the table of honor. The universe brings people from diverse areas of life; each with different backgrounds. While you may have bigger dreams, your background and those of your peers are not the same.

The universe uses smaller beginnings to manifest bigger blessings. The famous chain of supermarkets you know was once a simple wholesale shop and before that, a retail one.

Unlimited wealth has a source. The universe has ordained this source to multiply a hundredfold for you. The blessings are for those who have accepted the high calling to sit at the high table.

  1. Do not bite more than you can chew.

Sometimes you may want to stretch yourself out a little bit more. This extra effort can be too much to sustain and you may fall from the grace of the table of honor. The universe appreciates you working within your goals. It has granted you an honorary title that you should not abuse by failing to observe nature’s etiquette. Biting more than you can chew is first-degree selfishness that nature does not condone.

Your kingdom of wealth is built one day at a time. Do not try to do everything all at once. Be honorable as it fits your status at the table and you will cement your legacy in getting unlimited wealth. Honorable members of the high table have controllable ambitions and the universe trusts them more with unlimited wealth because they are selfless. They are in the process of being groomed for future leadership.

  1.  Share items for common use at the table.

You may pass salt or sugar when dining at the high table. Similarly, there are things you should share when at the table of honor. Nature is observing your kindness to strangers and people lower than you in social rank.

A lot of responsibilities come with wealth and the universe rewards a generous heart. It is proof that you will not mistreat other people when you have leverage over them. Are you ready for the mantle of wealth and responsibilities that follow? Start practicing generosity.

  1.  Concentrate on what is on your plate.

The universe gives everyone a fortress. You feel most secure in it and life outside it looks almost impossible to work out. While at the table of honor, you are served your favorite food and drink. Everyone at the table could have different meals and it is perfectly okay. Focus on what is on your plate and do not bother about others.

Nature wants your focus to be on your area of strength and invest there because therein lies your breakthrough. It could be mental, physical, emotional, or intelligence strength. These are the guiding lamps to your feet as you journey to the land of unlimited wealth.

Moving your eyes to other people’s plates at the table of honor will make you wish for abilities that you do not have at the moment. Why not focus on yours in the meantime?

  1.  Be courteous.

Courtesy is the bare minimum at the table of honor. It is the badge of honor that everyone at the table wears. You should get yours.

Improve how you treat the other people present at the table of honor. You will enjoy every minute with them and form deeper connections that determine your next steps to unlimited wealth. Be polite to the gas station or toll attendants, the supermarket cashier, and everyone else you meet. It is the little things like “please” and “thank you” that add up value to you. The universe appreciates gentleness and politeness.

Consider how everything co-exists in the universe. The humblest person you know could live under the same roof as the strictest person. Nature has room for every type of personality. Similarly, be courteous and you shall be rewarded with unlimited wealth.  This is the promise of the universe.

Your bargaining strength is greater at the table of honor.  It is here that you can bargain for everything you desire and you develop a deeper relationship with the universe. For this reason, guard your seat at the table of honor by living an honorable life deserving of the honor granted to you.  

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