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Six Hero Lessons from the Universe

While everybody wants to be a Hero, only a few understand what it takes to be one. What do you look for in a hero? Some people expect heroes to be physically strong people while others use mental strength to qualify one as one. The world has many expectations of heroes. Anyone who meets these expectations automatically becomes one. Nature itself is a hero in so many different ways. It is what guides you to ultimate heroism.

The lifestyle of a hero is exemplary. Your whole life is examined under a microscope by people whom you would think are not qualified to do so. You become a person of interest and the threshold of your actions is raised a little bit higher. As a hero, you are not limited by what limits ordinary people. These are the six hero lessons drawn from the Universe that will help you live a limitless life:

  1.  Heroes are generous.

Generosity is the ultimate measure of heroes. True heroes are less concerned about themselves and more about others. It does not matter that they have less for their use, they will still share the little they have with those that have none. Look at nature. She is the most generous creation ever. She gives life to the birds of the air, fish in the sea, animals in the jungle, and even human beings. The air you breathe is free from the Universe.

It would have otherwise cost you a fortune if you were to buy it in case you are hospitalized (God forbid it happens). All this giving does not take away from the Universe anything. Instead, it earns her respect from everyone. Be generous in your capacity as is the Universe. It does not matter the little or much you have, but having the heart of sharing with those who need it more is what will make you a hero. Heroes are superhuman and so are you.

  1.  Heroes have a moral code.

Heroes are guided by a moral code. Their actions are always backed up by full proof evidence. You are deprived of the right to act as you wish because you are a hero. Nature itself does not do that. You are too important and powerful that if you are left to act as you please then a lot of things would go south. The moral code that guides the universe is called Karma.

Every action is justified under this code. What is your moral code as a hero? Your moral code, like Karma, puts you in check as is in chess. You know where to invest your energy, what not to do for more wealth or fame, and what to continue doing to unleash the genius hero mentality.

  1.  Heroes are helpful.

What is heroism if your impact is not felt by people when they need you the most? All heroes are helpful. They come through for those who need them the most – the vulnerable and needy. There is always someone who needs what you have in surplus more than you do.

It could be a luxury to you but a necessity to them. Do not withhold it. The Universe has made your paths cross for that purpose. Look at how the Universe helps to free you from anxiety and stress even without you asking for it. There is no debate that you need nature’s help to be free from stressful thoughts and anxiety.

Meditation opens a door for you to see the world from a whole new perspective other than how you initially thought. Just as the Universe helps, so should you as a hero. It qualifies you more into heroism.

  1.  Heroes are inspirational.

What is common with all heroes is their ability to inspire others. It feels good being around people who are unbothered by common problems. Heroes create an aura of positive energy. You feel better about yourself and everything you stand for. Going away from heroes makes you feel like you have lost something. This is how powerful they are.

Consider the example of how the systems of the Universe inspire you to outdo yourself. The automatic rising and setting of the sun daily is one case of inspiration. It is unstoppable. Let this make you wake up with renewed energy daily because you are surrounded by evidence of inspiration all through.

  1.  Heroes are geniuses.

Heroes have everything figured out from the beginning, as do geniuses. This is the secret power they hold over ordinary people. The Universe is a master planner and effective accomplisher. Take for example how weather seasons are spread throughout the year – summer, winter, autumn, and spring – all happen in an orderly manner at the appointed time.

Each of them is unique and equally important. The ability of the Universe to plan all of them to occur at different times and in a sequence is master genius. Your heroism needs a genius mentality like the Universe’s.

  1.  Heroes are accommodative.

Heroes accommodate diversity. You should not feel intimidated by other people in any way. They have their part to play and so do you. Consider the example of the Universe. It is so big yet accommodates everything. Everyone feels a part of it. This is how heroes should be. Supportive, not oppressive; bringing together, not scattering; diverse, not selfish.

A candle does not go out when it lights another candle. It continues lighting thereafter. This is the spirit of true heroism. Heroes represent something bigger than themselves. This is why they embrace more people and even help them rise from the ashes. They are like iron that sharpens another iron.

Heroes also have other heroes they look up to. It’s a whole chain of heroes. Be encouraged that you can also be one. Heroism is for everyone who dares to believe beyond the ordinary. You become a superhuman capable of doing what most people would rather not think or do. You can discover how to join the league of heroes here and learn from the best. 

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