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Sowing the Eternal Seed of Love

seed of love

The science of planting and harvesting.

You may think you know everything about planting and harvesting until you learn the science of the universe behind it. The soil is where everything grows from. It supports all life. When you plant the right seed, it multiplies the same for you. Similarly, when you plant a bad seed, it yields the same ten times to you. The question that the Universe is asking you today is, “What seed do you want to plant?”

While most if not all seeds first die before germination, the universe advises you to plant only one type of seed. Unlike others, this one does not die. It is eternal and germinates to full growth. It is the seed of love. The Universe is fertile soil for the growth of any seed that you plant. Once more, what seed do you choose to plant today?

Eternal seeds.

There are many eternal seeds – hatred, envy, procrastination, peace, love, and hard work. Out of all these, one stands out – love. Everything else stems from love or the lack of it. All our actions are inspired by love. We sacrifice for love, defend our beliefs, and go out of our way for its sake. Here are reasons why you should sow this eternal seed:

  1.     You do not have to figure it all out.

Unlike other seeds where you need to have figured out everything as you plant them, the seed of love is different. Nature shall provide water for the seeds and favorable seasons for its growth. As a farmer on your farm, the best choice you can make is to sow this seed that will not tire you. 

Choose to love your neighbors and everyone else in your environment. Show compassion to those who deserve it, do charity in the name of love, and leave a positive testimony on the lips of everybody. My father once told me that people can forget what happened but can never forget how you made them feel.

How true is it? The truth comes to light by the many good memories people have with you whenever you touch their hearts. So without thinking about what is in it for you, choose to love indiscriminately. 

  1.     Love has a return on investment (R.O.I).

Blame it on my career background but one thing I have learned is how closely the money market as we know borrows heavily on how the Universe trades.

Sowing the seed of love could look unprofitable at face value but the interests it accrues in the spiritual realm are worth every effort you are making. Many seedlings grow when you sow the seed of love.

Showing love to people you even do not know will eventually come to ‘pay back’. Consider love like an investment that always has good returns. Love is like shares in a multi-national company that never makes losses. It is always profitable. That multi-national company is the universe. You will forever get dividends even in your old age.

Your future generations shall also benefit from the eternal seed that you sowed. Your name shall be great.

  1.     Love fights for you.

As you are today, how sure are you that someone can fight for you? Can the person you love the most defend you in public against all odds? Love does it for you. Your actions of love will build you an unassailable reputation.

This is the reason why among all the seeds of the universe, love is eternal. It speaks for you even in your absence, both in private and in public. You do not have to make any effort to defend your reputation. You now have a new lawyer (love) who is on the payroll of this multi-national company (the Universe).

When people conspire against you, love them regardless. The Universe will turn your love for them into guilt and judge them. All along, you are elsewhere showing love and living your best life.

  1.     Love is a universal language.

The language barrier is the reason for the failure of many things. When people do not read on the same page on a common issue, what follows is chaos. How do you think a construction site will be when a mason asks his assistant for a hammer and he gives him a chisel instead? Or he is given nails instead of a spade?

Universe is prepping you

The world as we know has universal languages that make communication easier. The United Nations has six! Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish
. As the world has these languages, so does the spiritual realm have its common language. It is love. Love speaks to the minds and hearts of everybody.

When you speak the language of love, you have leverage over those who don’t. Love will win you friends even in the most unlikely places. Love today, love tomorrow and love every other day.

  1.     Love boosts your immunity.

You were certainly not expecting this but yes, indeed love is an immunity booster. How so? When your heart is full of love, you have no room for negativity or bad vibes. Love heals any bitterness you may have and things take a new perspective in your eyes.

In CNN’s edition of The Empowered Patient, Carsten Wrosch, an associate professor of psychology at Concordia University in Montreal, is quoted saying that feeling bitter interferes with the body’s hormonal and immune systems. The report goes on to say that most bitter and angry people have higher blood pressure and heart rate.

Love neutralizes all the bitterness you may have and it gives you a new life. This is a second chance granted by the universe to you through love. Grab it!

It is possible to receive wealth (through a good Return On Investment [ROI] of love), good health (through a boosted immunity), and protection (when love protects your reputation). As a cook seasons his food with salt to taste, season your life with love, and watch a transformation never before seen.

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