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Speak Your Wish Aloud

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Nature has revealed a well-hidden secret – the secret of speaking aloud. We are now enlightened on the things we can speak aloud. They are your dreams, wishes, and manifestations. While some people would prefer them to be a well-guarded secret, nature advises otherwise.

Reasons for speaking aloud.

  1.  To release the tension building within you.

The difficulties of life tend to be like climbing a steep hill. It is tiresome and we hardly see any progress until we reach the top. It is especially challenging if you have nobody to confide in. Not once or twice, you may have found yourself speaking aloud your wishes or dreams. Someone has to hear you out, right? The best part is that it is not in vain because someone hears what you have to say. When you speak aloud your wishes, you release the tension building inside you for some time. Your mind is decluttered and you have more space to handle other issues. That is an outright win.

  1.  To roll the red carpet.

Do you know the preparations that precede a visit from the president or a high-ranking official? The place he/she is scheduled to visit is first cleaned before the dais is set. Then the red carpet is rolled in his/her honor. Speaking aloud is like rolling the red carpet. It is in preparation for the real manifestation of the wish you have spoken aloud. The air you breathe is aware of your wish. Speaking your wish aloud is intentional so that you can claim your space. You can be certain that the president is coming when the red carpet is spread. Similarly, your wish will eventually come to pass when you speak it aloud.

  1.  To attract a solution.

Angel Number

It could be that your wish has been unfulfilled for a very long time because nobody heard about it. Speak it aloud and you never know if the man/woman next to you is an Angel sent from above. They could be having the solution or connecting you to someone else with the solution. Do not allow the fear of other people harming you to suffocate you. The universe always reassures you that you are in a free world. Speak your wish aloud and attract a solution from the universe.

The formula of speech.

There is a formula to use to speak your wish aloud. This is the ordained way of doing things. It will lead you to speak life to your wishes; not for the sake of it but to make a point – nature is the answer to all your dreams and wishes.  

  1.  Know whom you are speaking to.

As you speak your wishes aloud, who is the intended recipient? Even if other people will hear what your wish is, the wish is originally intended for the ears of nature. I remember fondly the memories I had when it rained. I would quickly run to my parents (whoever was with me) and tell them my wish. I strongly believed that wishes made when it was raining would eventually come to pass. I would wish for biscuits and Daddy will buy me some the following day when he returns from work. I believed my wish has been fulfilled because I pronounced it when it was raining. I knew I was speaking to the universe, not my parent, even if they heard my wish. Today as an adult, I still know whom I am speaking to when I speak my wish aloud. Do you?

  1.     Believe that your wish shall be fulfilled.

You need to develop the absolute belief of a child. Nothing can convince a child that his/her wish will not be fulfilled. They are positive about it even if they have nothing to show. Your relationship with the universe should be like that of a parent and child. In the eyes of their children, the father is Superman. He can fly and carry planes. This is the attitude you should have when you speak your wish aloud – that Superman (the universe) shall fulfill it.

  1.  Do not micromanage the outcome.

It is prudent not to have an already made-up mind when you speak your wish aloud. There is no specific formula that the universe should use to fulfill your wish. The ultimate goal is that your wish is fulfilled. Leave everything to the universe after you have made spoken your wish aloud. The joy of a fulfilled wish overshadows the path nature took to fulfill it. This is a call to have an open mind. It will open many doors of opportunity.

The shape and form of your answer.

How do you expect the universe shall grant your wish? There are several ways that you can keep your head up in anticipation of the universe’s nod. Your wish can be fulfilled in the following ways:

  1.  A popping idea from the blues.

Sometimes an idea strikes your mind out of “nowhere.” This new idea has come from somewhere – the universe. It is an answer to the wish you made. If you were wishing to be wealthy and a business idea came to your mind, then this is a communication from above. Implementing it will fulfill your wish.

  1.     Casual suggestion from a friend.

If in one of your meet-ups with your friend, he/she suggests something compatible with your wish even though you have not told them anything yet, consider this an answer from above. Your friend is just a medium used without his knowledge to bring you an answer to your wish.

  1.     An observation from your environment.

Sometimes the answer to your wish is hidden in your environment. Keenly observe what is happening around and you can draw your conclusions from there. It is a starting point to lead you to find an answer to your wish.

Speaking your wish aloud works. The universe’s ear is never dull. As you take this bold step, be conscious of communication from the spirit and watch all your wishes come true. 

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