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Spiritual Obstacles and How to Overcome Them


What are spiritual obstacles?

They are unseen obstacles standing in the way of your success. Unlike physical blockades that can be easily identified, you need special insight to overcome spiritual obstacles. Most people are not even aware that they are prisoners of spiritual forces. They see their failures as ‘normal’. Man is made up of the physical and spiritual yet the spiritual part is hardly attended to largely because it is invisible. He who figures out spiritual blockades and how to overcome them has won the Holy Grail.

The spiritual versus the physical.

The spiritual and physical are always in conflict. They pull in different directions. This is how the universe operates. The spirit dominates the physical because it connects directly with the universe. Spiritual obstacles manifest when you are not in touch with your spirit. They manifest in the following ways:

  1. The spirit of the roundabout.

You are familiar with roundabouts on roads. This spiritual obstacle operates like them. They make you go around one route without continuing with your journey. Nothing meaningful happens in your life although you can see that you are moving. When this obstacle manifests, only other people can see what is happening but you cannot see it. You have to allow them to guide you to overcome it.


fotgivenessOne major way this spiritual obstacle manifests is through Unforgiveness. You become unable to overcome the past hurt and it blocks your progress. Unforgiveness is succeeded by revenge. At this stage, there is nothing meaningful you can think of except for ‘getting your right’. Matter of fact, nothing can dissuade you from this path you have chosen. You have to allow the voice of reason to prevail. Let go of those who have hurt you because it hurts you more than it hurts them. Except you embrace forgiveness, you will keep on moving on a roundabout – finishing your energy with zero gains. Forgiveness is the path to spiritual healing. You become stronger with every experience.

  1.  The spirit of almost there but not yet there.

Athletes are the most experienced sportspeople who experience this. As they approach the end of the race, they can see the finish line but it looks further than before. They are close to finishing the race but their energy is failing them. This is exactly how it is in the spirit. As you are almost bagging the prize, your energy begins to fail you. You start relaxing because the end is near. You begin having the illusion that you have already made it while you are yet to. Don’t swell with pride because anything can happen.

Be appreciative.

Don’t despise the support you have received until now. Although you are almost crossing the finish line, your support base is as important now as it was before. Nothing changes their position in your life. You still need them now to succeed and even in your post-victory life. Do not demean those who sacrificed their ambitions for your sake. You are not better than them. The universe granted you favor at that time.

  1.     The spirit of mark timing.

Have you ever seen soldiers marching in a parade? The way they beautiful march in military fashion! This is the case even when they mark time – some sort of marching without any horizontal movement. They can do this for a long time. It’s beautiful but not progressive because they remain in one place. The spirit of mark timing operates this way. It makes you stagnate in one place.

Don’t stop working hard.

It is good that you have made significant progress in your life. You may have even done much better than your peers. Be very careful that this spirit does not overtake you because you will mark time in one spot. The fact that you have outdone your peers is not a license to relax. Hard work does NOT replace qualifications. Continuously strive to be better and the spirit of stagnation shall not catch up with you.

  1. The spirit of backwardness.

Sometimes everything seems to be working against you. You try everything possible but still nothing happens. What is even more saddening is the fact that this spirit haunts you wherever you go. In some sort of way, every gain you make is rolled back and you have to return to square one. It is frustrating and except you are strong-willed, you may give up easily. The cause of this misfortune (for lack of a better word) is selfishness.

Be generous.

According to mortal calculations, 2 – 1 = 1. However, this is not true in the spirit world. Sharing is not in any way subtraction. Piling up everything for yourself does not mean that you shall make it. Nature looks at how considerate you are of other people. It operates on the law of giving (I will talk about it soon). There is gaining in giving. Selflessness will make you start progressing. You will reach new heights because the universe will work to reward your generosity.

  1. The spirit of rejection.

What is it with people rejecting you always? You have done nothing to them yet they do not want anything to do with you. Rejection is a spirit. It has nothing to do with the physical. When there is a spiritual disconnect, some things don’t just add up no matter how hard you try. You may see those less deserving being loved by those who are against you. Matter of fact, they are the real enemies of progress yet people don’t see that.


What happens when there is a faulty tap at your home? You call the plumber to come for repair to avoid water wastage. Similarly, when you notice the spirit of rejection creping on you, call the universe (the plumber) to fix the leaking tap (your rejection). We communicate with the spiritual through prayers. Take a step back during times of rejection and reconnect with the universe. Let the Almighty fix the leaking tap for you and things will be back on track.

These five spiritual obstacles are hidden from those who are not in touch with the spirit. What will they do anyway even if they know? As for you, you are now enlightened and you know what to do. 

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