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Spiritual Threats to Your Success


Spiritual threats.

Spiritual threats are closely related to obstacles. However, unlike them, they do not pose an immediate danger. They remain a cause for concern because if not addressed on time, they will manifest into obstacles. You won’t want that, will you? Nature ensures that it leaves telltale signs for you to identify these threats on time before things get out of hand. The problem is that we hardly pay attention beyond what we can see. This is not how the spiritual world operates.

I remember before the communications authority migrated us from analog to digital broadcasting services in June 2015. Watching telly was a big deal for most people (myself included) because we had to manually set up our aerials to face in one direction which we believed the communication authority had some sort of substation. Failure to do this will make you have some scrambled signal and you will have a lot of trouble watching your favorite shows. Your connection with the spiritual world is like how our signal was set up in those days of analog broadcasting services. You need to be aligned with the universe’s purpose for you to have an insight into the spiritual world. Here is a whole list of spiritual threats to your success that you must watch out for:

  1. Dishonesty.

It starts in very simple ways – how you choose to hide important information from your friend for your benefit. It could look harmless but over time, it grows into a monstrous habit. Dishonesty will make people extra cautious when dealing with you. News spread fast and bad news even faster. Dishonesty will cut you off from those the universe has prepared to be your destiny connectors. This threatens your success all around. What could have taken a day to accomplish will take weeks or even months.

  1. Envy.

Envy is the mother of all ill intentions. At first, it is as simple as wishing that you were in someone else’s position of advantage. It grows into wishing that you could replace them instead of securing your place beside them. The universe designed success to be complementary and not a monopoly. Everybody’s star can shine brighter without dimming that of the next person. Do not entertain envy because it will cost you your future success. You will be isolated.

  1. Isolation.

Isolation is not a very good place to find yourself in. It does not matter how hurt you are that you would want nothing to do with other people. The universe purposes that we are all interdependent. You will need my help at some point and so will I need yours. Isolation is a threat to your success because it cuts you off from important people and resources without whom you can do nothing much.

  1. Disobedience to authority.

The universe has a hierarchy of authority that everyone is accountable to. It is in social units like family, sports teams, and community groupings. Authority is further found in governments and other lawful bodies. There is a problem when you constantly find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Your disobedience will make you lose nature’s trust. There is a lot that you will be limited to without the blessings of the universe.

  1. Lack of a routine.

Routines are very important in developing healthy success patterns. They are not only physical plans but also spiritual in the sense that they engrave a habit into your spirit to the extent of automatically fulfilling what you ought to at an appointed time. Develop a routine that you will faithfully adhere to if you want to secure your success.

  1. Stress and anxiety.

These two are toxic to your success. Stress will make you less effective in how you work while anxiety will further reduce your productivity. Nature does not want you to worry about everything going on around you. Stress and anxiety stem from your spirit and poison every effort you put anywhere. During stressful times, practice meditation and spiritual mindfulness. These spiritual tools will make all your insecurities vaporize.

  1. Insomnia.

I think the main reason for night and day is for us not to be able to do anything at night because of the darkness. Amazingly, it is like our eyelids are also synced to automatically close at night. However, we have somehow managed to find our way around this by inventing electricity and other sources of light to extend our working period. Long working hours without rest pose a danger to your efficiency and you can cause accidents at your place of work. Learn to have enough rest.

  1. Hopelessness.

The feeling of hopelessness is home to a crushed spirit. You feel defeated with zero incentive to move on with your life. This is bad news for your success. Despair will make you do a lot of things because you have no motivation to do anything. Quickly move away from your corner of self-pity because it will gradually kill your dreams until they are no more.

  1. Doubting the wisdom of the universe.

Beginning to question the reason for existence is a red flag. Your success is anchored in the laws of the universe and any deviant thoughts are a threat to it. Doubting the intentions of the universe is like challenging your maker. Get away from anything that makes you doubtful. Instead, seek ways to grow your faith in nature.

  1. Fear.

Fear threatens everything you have ever stood for. It makes you question your spirituality and rolls back on the progress that you have made. Matter of fact, it is a spiritual weapon that dares you to turn a blind eye to your beliefs because of unspecified consequences. Fear can stop you in your tracks. Do not entertain any threats no matter how subtle they are. Constantly focus on your grand plan for success.

These spiritual threats to your success can be overcome when you put deliberate efforts into it. They could come out as veiled threats or actual ones but your response towards them matters the most. So, what is the best way to fight off these spiritual threats? They require a spiritual solution – spiritual awakening.

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